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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 467 - Can’t Get A Bad Person To Give Up On Their Own Interest

Chapter 467: Can’t Get A Bad Person To Give Up On Their Own Interest

Mr. Chen spoke as if nothing had happened, but this sentence was no different from thunder exploding in Sheng An’ning’s heart!

What? Jiang Haoxuan proposed to Lin Fei’er!

Sheng An’ning was so shocked by this news that her thoughts were all over the place. Because she was too shocked, her body began to shake uncontrollably.

Sheng An’ning took a few deep breaths before she managed to regain her composure!

Birds of a feather flock together. Lin Fei’er was the friend of that bitch, Su Wan. How could she be any better?!

She had only left the Jiang family for a short while, and Lin Fei’er and Jiang Haoxuan were already like this!

Lin Fei’er must have used some kind of trick to bewitch Jiang Haoxuan. Even if she wasn’t comparing anything else, how could Lin Fei’er compare to her as a divorced woman?

Sheng An’ning gritted her teeth. She really wished she could rush back to S City right now and tear Su Wan and Lin Fei’er into pieces!

First, the one she loved was stolen, and now, the person who loved her was stolen.

Did Su Wan and Lin Fei’er even know how to spell “shameless”?!

Sheng An’ning panted heavily. The anger in her heart was ignited to the extreme. The more she thought about it, the more she hated it. She gripped the cushion tightly. If Mr. Chen was not in the car, she would have thrown the cushion out of the window!

If she did not smash something, Sheng An’ning really did not know how to vent the pent-up anger in her heart.

“Miss Sheng, are you okay?”

A hoarse and unpleasant voice came from the front. It was clearly a concerned voice, but Mr. Chen’s words were neither warm nor cold. It was as if he had continued slapping Sheng An’ning’s face.

Sheng An’ning slowly moved her hands away from the cushion. It was as if she was enveloped by a thick evil aura. Her eyes were bloodshot.

Sheng An’ning lowered her eyelashes and hid the fierce look in her eyes.

“Mr. Chen, I’m fine. Don’t lie to me. Although Lin Fei’er is pregnant with Haoxuan’s child, she’s a divorced woman. How could the Jiang family let her in?”

The Jiang family was a rich and influential family. They valued reputation the most. Lin Fei’er’s identity was awkward. Even if Jiang Haoxuan wanted to marry her, he would definitely be obstructed.

However, Sheng An’ning didn’t want to admit it. She even hoped that Mr. Chen was lying to her. Jiang Haoxuan had never proposed to Lin Fei’er.

Jiang Haoxuan loved her so much and had always been accommodating to her since she was young.

She had only been away for a few days, so how could Jiang Haoxuan fall in love with someone else and even propose to her?!

Sheng An’ning was extremely selfish. She had always known that Jiang Haoxuan liked her, yet refused to respond to Jiang Haoxuan’s feelings. She even tried to keep Jiang Haoxuan from leaving.

But in Sheng An’ning’s eyes, what was wrong with that?

She just wanted more people to love her. People are selfish, aren’t they?!

“Miss Sheng, do you not believe me?”

Mr. Chen chuckled softly. His low and cold laughter was as if he was mocking Sheng An’ning for trying to cover up for herself.

“What if I say that the Jiang family acquiesced to Jiang Haoxuan’s proposal? Miss Sheng, I wonder what you would think?”

Mr. Chen’s voice was still as calm as ever, as if he was talking about something very ordinary.

“No, that’s impossible! I won’t accept it, it’s absolutely impossible!”

Sheng An’ning said these words almost without hesitation when she heard this. Her beautiful eyes locked onto the man who was shrouded in darkness in front of her, and she shook her head fiercely at him.

How could the Jiang family be willing to accept a woman like Lin Fei’er?!

Sheng An’ning admitted that it was fine if she was inferior to Su Wan, but if she was inferior to Lin Fei’er in the eyes of the elders of the Jiang family, Sheng An’ning would feel extremely humiliated!

How could she lose to a woman who had been divorced before, and the reason for the divorce was because of an affair?!

No, no, no, she couldn’t accept it.

Sheng An’ning’s eyes were bloodshot. Her red nails dug into her palm and she didn’t even notice the bloody mark.

Mr. Chen looked up indifferently and observed Sheng An’ning’s expression through the rearview mirror.

As he expected, Sheng An’ning was almost driven mad by the news!

Mr. Chen saw Sheng An’ning’s anger and disbelief. He smiled slightly and a disdainful smile appeared on his face.

However, he did not mind rubbing salt on Sheng An’ning’s wound.

Only by crushing the other party’s will first and making them weak in the midst of a breakdown could he control the situation more freely.

Mr. Chen flicked his finger casually and his indifferent voice spilled out of his thin lips.

“Miss Sheng, why are you deceiving yourself like this? Since it has already happened, it’s not something that you can overturn with just one sentence of not accepting it.”

Sheng An’ning was a proud and conceited person. Mr. Chen’s words earlier had undoubtedly slashed Sheng An’ning’s heart!

In that instant, blood was flowing continuously .

Sheng An’ning only felt that she was in so much pain that she could hardly breathe!

Sheng An’ning panted heavily and her mind was on the verge of collapse.

Could it be that one day, she would have to witness Lin Fei’er marrying into the Jiang family?

However, before Sheng An’ning could think it through, Mr. Chen’s hoarse voice sounded again, making the pain in Sheng An’ning’s heart surge even more wildly.

“Miss Sheng, do you think it’s necessary for me to lie to you?”

Sheng An’ning was in a trance when she heard that. Her face, which had been distorted by anger, suddenly became weak. Sheng An’ning opened her mouth in a daze and said subconsciously.


Sheng An’ning said it with great difficulty. The color on Sheng An’ning’s face slowly faded away as soon as she said it.

Her reason told her that Mr. Chen was telling the truth.

But how could she accept this answer emotionally?!

That one word seemed to have exhausted all of Sheng An’ning’s strength. She sat on the chair, all her anger turned into powerlessness.

She had been banished from the Jiang family. What could she change in her current state?

“Miss Sheng, are you resigned to your fate?”

“Heh, are you resigned to seeing the position of the second young mistress of the Jiang family snatched away from you? Are you resigned to seeing Su Wan and Lin Fei’er treat you as a stepping stone and live such a glorious life?”

Hearing Mr. Chen’s questioning, Sheng An’ning suddenly bounced up from her seat. She sat upright, her scarlet eyes extremely fierce!

That’s right, she would never be satisfied!

How could she be satisfied?!

She wanted nothing more than to tear Su Wan and Lin Fei’e’r into pieces!

Sheng An’ning took a deep breath. She knew very well now that she needed Mr. Chen.

You can’t get a bad person to give up on their own interests. However, Sheng An’ning had no choice but to work with Mr. Chen Now…

Even if she couldn’t marry into the Jiang family, she would never let those two bitches, Su Wan and Lin Fei’er, have a good time!

Everything they were enjoying now should be hers!

Sheng An’ning clenched her fists tightly. A cold smile appeared on her lips as she made a decision in her heart!