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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 47 - Red Roses

Chapter 47: Red Roses

Even though he was imagining that scene, he could not ignore the evil flame rising in his heart.

If it wasn’t for Jiang Xuecheng’s good self-control, he might have just helped Su Wan change into lingerie there and then in the car!

Anyway, the Koenigsegg Agera R had one-way vision glass windows where nobody would be able to see the inside of the car from the outside!

However, if he were to do this, Su Wan definitely wouldn’t be able to take it.

Jiang Xuecheng did not wish to cast a phobia on Su Wan because he truly loved her and would respect her wishes.

They arrived at Fontainebleau shortly after. Stepping into this place again, with eyes wide opened, Su Wan was astonished by the look of the place.

The mansion was filled with beautiful blooming red roses and under the gentle light of the chandelier, they looked like clouds in the sky and the brocade in the hands of the woman doing embroidery.

The mansion, which was previously decorated in cool colors, was now filled with the joyful atmosphere of a wedding because of these flowers.

Jiang Xuecheng did not miss the astonishment in Su Wan’s eyes. He smiled. Ah Si had done a good job this time. He would increase his salary.

Jiang Xuecheng wrapped Su Wan’s waist from behind and placed his chin on Su Wan’s hair, smelling the sweet and fragrant scent that only Su Wan had.

“Do you like it?”

Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng’s deep voice and her heart softened. These red roses were specially decorated by Jiang Xuecheng for her, weren’t they?

She relaxed and nestled in Jiang Xuecheng’s embrace and answered in a dignified manner, “Yes.”

Jiang Xuecheng turned to face her and looked directly into Su Wan’s eyes. “You’ll look more beautiful than these red roses in the lingerie.”


Jiang Xuecheng shook the cherry red paper bag while speaking. She recalled its content and wished she could hide herself in a hole.

Why did she agree to change into it herself? If she insisted on not agreeing, Jiang Xuecheng wouldn’t force her, would he?

Now that the arrows were on the bow, there was no way they wouldn’t be shot.

Su Wan’s mood went down and her face was miserable. Jiang Xuecheng brought her to the door of the bathroom. He saw her head down with a dejected look and he held her skinny shoulders.

“Wan Wan, do you want to bathe first or should I go first?”

Him addressing her as Wan Wan gave her a start. She was not used to such an intimate address.

However, these repeated words uttered by Jiang Xuecheng was unexpectedly pleasing to the ears and had an affectionate lingering charm.

“Not answering means you want to bathe with me? I’ll gladly welcome it.”

These words were uttered into Su Wan’s ears. His hot breath made her lose her presence of mind and its contents made her cheeks flush.

God, who could save this man who was smartly dressed but especially beastly within?

How could Jiang Xuecheng say such embarrassing words in a serious manner?

Su Wan quickly shook her head. She indignantly pushed Jiang Xuecheng away and with a heroic frame of mind, she took the thin cherry red lingerie and entered the bathroom.

Because of her nervousness, Su Wan took a long bath. Only when she felt her skin being burnt by the hot water, she knew she couldn’t stay inside any longer.

Whatever should be faced, should be faced.

With an unusual heavy heart, she slowly put on the lingerie.

The huge mirror in the bathroom was covered by a layer of fog and could not clearly reflect Su Wan’s current look. She could only see a blurry outline.

However, Su Wan was still blushing and dared not go out.

“Wan Wan, are you alright? Why did you take such a long time? Do you lack oxygen? Do you want me to go in and take a look?”

In came Jiang Xuecheng’s call from the room. Su Wan frowned and rolled her eyes.

This big rascal!

The bathroom in Jiang Xuecheng’s mansion was huge and it would be quite a challenge to bathe to the point she lacked oxygen.

However, to prevent Jiang Xuecheng from coming straight in, she would rather walk out herself.

After mentally preparing herself, Su Wan reluctantly pushed the door open.

Jiang Xuecheng’s dark eyes were bright but very quickly, they became dark again like the ocean in the dark night. While they looked calm on the surface, waves were surging underneath.

Where did this spirit come from? How did it land itself in the mortal world?

Su Wan in the sexy lingerie was one thousand or even ten thousand times more beautiful than that of his imagination.

Jiang Xuecheng felt the blood in his entire body rushing to one part and that hot temperature was making him crazy!

The cherry red thin organza made her skin appear extraordinarily fair, just like porcelain of the highest grade, arousing one’s urge to grab it.

The fabric of the lingerie was scarce and the texture was light, see-through, thin, and soft. It couldn’t quite cover anything.

The feel of being uncovered coupled with Su Wan’s exquisite but shy face brought up the viewer’s intensity of feeling.

The current Su Wan had just washed and dried her hair but her hair was still wet. Water dripped and flowed down her neck, all the way down till her delicate ankle and finally onto the ground.

D*mn, he should have showered first!

He could hardly control himself!

Jiang Xuecheng kept staring at Su Wan. His eyes contained various emotions and it was too complex to be described.

Being stared at by burning and threatening eyes, Su Wan blushed.

She felt uncomfortable in the lingerie and kept trying to cover her body with her hands. However, she felt the more she tried to cover, the more she was exposed. So, she pretended to be calm.

Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng and chided, “What are you looking at? Go have your bath…”

“Alright, wait for me.”

Jiang Xuecheng narrowed his eyes and looked at her passionately before entering the bathroom with his bath towel.

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice scared Su Wan and she ran into the room blushing.

When she saw the king sized bed in the room, Su Wan’s heart sped up.

Today was her real wedding night. Was she going to give herself to this man tonight?

She was not mentally prepared!

Su Wan curled her lips downward and sat down hugging her knees. She then saw the meaningful pillow cases. On the pillow cases were a pair of mandarin ducks sleeping together. The implied meaning was evident.

When Jiang Xuecheng came out of the bathroom, he saw Su Wan lying on the bed with her back towards him. She was scantily clad and now with her pronounced movement, her good posture had caused him to take in everything at a glance.

This evil spirit!

Jiang Xuecheng’s throat moved slightly and he wasn’t sure of what to say.