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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 459 - The Hole She Dug Herself

Chapter 459: The Hole She Dug Herself

Su Wan listened attentively and memorized old Doctor Xie’s words in her heart.

“Doctor Xie, is there anything else that I need to pay attention to?”

Old Doctor Xie was reminded by Su Wan, and he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, the decocting method of the licorice herb is a little different. When you go to the pharmacy to get the medicine later, there will be specific instructions on it. You must follow the procedures above to decoct the medicine.”

Su Wan smiled brightly. The dimples on her cheeks were shallow. “Thank you, Doctor!”

Old Doctor Xie lowered his head indifferently. He adjusted his glasses and flipped through a medical book on the table that he had not finished reading.

“No need to thank me. I wish you a speedy recovery. Miss Su, you must remember that other than medication, you must always keep warm. For example, it’s summer now. Don’t drink ice water or eat popsicles. Also, it’s important to maintain a happy mood and exercise appropriately.”

Su Wan nodded again. She felt a little sad when she thought about how she could no longer eat ice cream on such a hot day.

In the past, she liked to eat chilled watermelon and ice cream in the winter. It was probably because of these bad habits that her body’s foundation was getting worse.

“Thank you, Doctor. Goodbye.”

Jiang Xue Cheng also nodded at the old Chinese medicine doctor who was busy writing at his desk. Just as he was about to take Su Wan away, Su Wan suddenly thought of another matter.

She suddenly turned around and asked old Doctor Xie expectantly, “Doctor, do you know who wrote the signboard of the Apricot Forest In Sight?”

Old Doctor Xie raised his head when he heard this.

“Why are you suddenly asking this question?”

Su Wan smiled slightly. She glanced at old Doctor Xie’s surprised expression and thought to herself, could it be that old Doctor Xie did not know?

Although it was expected, as someone who admired calligraphy, Su Wan was more or less disappointed.

“Because those words were written very well and had a unique charm. I just want to know who wrote them. Do you not know, Doctor Xie?”

Old Doctor Xie smiled. His kind expression had an indifference that surpassed his age.

“That calligraphy piece was written by me.”

When old Doctor Xie said this, his tone was calm and light. He did not have any intention of being arrogant.

Su Wan was startled. She did not expect that old Doctor Xie was not only good at medicine, but also good at calligraphy!

Su Wan looked at old doctor Xie. Looking at his temperament, she suddenly felt that it was somewhat in line with that calligraphy piece.

Su Wan restrained her expression and a trace of respect appeared in her eyes.

“Doctor Xie’s calligraphy is actually very good! If you participate in the calligraphy competition, you will definitely become famous.”

Old Doctor Xie could not help but smile and shook his head again.” It’s just an amateur’s hobby. If I really participate in the competition, I’m afraid I will be a laughingstock.”

“How is that possible! Doctor Xie, your calligraphy is so good!”

Su Wan did not care whether old Doctor Xie was being modest or not, she could not help but refute.

When old Doctor Xie saw Su Wan’s excited look, he originally wanted to say that if she liked it, he could give one to her. However, he quickly swallowed his words when they reached his lips.

The words “Apricot Forest In Sight” outside were old Doctor Xie’s favorite calligraphy piece in his life. No matter how he wrote it later, it could not surpass the calligraphy piece at that time.

Perhaps it was the wisest to show the best side to others.

His specialty was traditional Chinese medicine, not calligraphy, but he was already very happy that someone liked his calligraphy so much.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng walked out of the Apricot Forest and returned to the place where they picked up the examination report.

There were many technical terms on it that Su Wan could not understand, but at the bottom of the result appraisal, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were both stamped with a “no problem” red stamp.

In other words, there was nothing wrong with the condition of their bodies when it came to getting pregnant!

Su Wan was extremely happy. She flipped through her detailed report and Jiang Xuecheng’s too. Her eyes were curved like crescent moons, and she was indescribably happy.

Jiang Xuecheng was not surprised by the results at all. However, when he saw Su Wan’s happy expression, his forehead could not help but twitch.

“Wan Wan, do you have to be so happy?”

Su Wan’s lips curled up into a beautiful smile. Her eyes were filled with joy. She directly took Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and was about to walk out of The City Hospital of S City.

“Xuecheng, that’s great! Both of us are fine. Then let’s go back.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled when he heard that. He immediately reached out and pulled Su Wan who was taking a step forward.

This silly girl with her forgetfulness…

Jiang Xuecheng glanced at Su Wan helplessly. “Wan Wan, the Chinese medicine that Doctor Xie prescribed for you hasn’t been taken yet.”

When Su Wan heard this, her almond-shaped eyes suddenly widened.

When she met Jiang Xuecheng’s teasing gaze, Su Wan immediately felt a little embarrassed. How could she have forgotten about this!

Although there was nothing wrong with her body, her body was still a little weak, so she still needed to recuperate properly.

Su Wan walked back to the clinic building with Jiang Xuecheng and headed to the pharmacy. After about ten minutes, she received the medicine prescribed by old Doctor Xie.

Su Wan opened it and looked at the fifteen oilcloth paper bags inside. Inside the paper bags were stacks and stacks of small packets of Chinese medicine. All the measurements were distributed according to the day!

Su Wan held the manual and was speechless. According to the contents, she had to drink more than ten kinds of Chinese medicine every day!

Then, she flipped through the details of the prescription. Licorice, Coptis Chinensis, Jujube, dried ginger, scutellaria Baicalensis, Banxia, Forsythia, and so on.

Su Wan suddenly had a feeling that she would become a pot of medicine in the future…

She hated eating Coptis Chinensis the most. When she was young, she had tasted this medicine for some unknown disease. Xie Lan had almost forced her nose into it. In the end, Su Wan would still spit out half of it because it was too bitter!

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s sudden change in expression and the small bag of Coptis Chinensis between her fingers, he understood.

“Why? Do you think the Chinese medicine is bitter before you drink it?”

That reprimanding tone sounded gentle.

As Jiang Xuecheng spoke, he took the medicine bags from Su Wan’s hands and held them in his hands.

Su Wan pouted at Jiang Xuecheng and suggested privately.

“Coptis Chinensis is really bitter. Can we remove it when we boil the medicine?”

Hearing Su Wan’s complaint, Jiang Xuecheng was both amused and speechless.

“How old are you? Don’t you know that ‘good medicine tastes bitter and cures the illness’ ? I will decoct the medicine here for you on time every day. Don’t even think about removing the Coptis Chinensis. We will buy a medicine jar later.”

Su Wan took a deep breath helplessly and could only accept this fact.

She was the one who brought up the idea of seeing a Chinese doctor. Since the medicine was already prescribed, she had to finish the Chinese medicine for this treatment, right?

Otherwise, it would be too wasteful…

Jiang Xuecheng saw the pitiful look in Su Wan’s eyes and could not help but reach out to scratch the bridge of Su Wan’s nose.

“Alright, stop frowning. The doctor said that you have to smile more. After we buy the things and return to Fontainebleau, I will make you a delicious meal. How about that?”