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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 455 - Beating the crap out of him

Chapter 455: Beating the crap out of him

His child with Lin Fei’er…

Jiang Haoxuan’s expression changed, and a complicated look appeared in his eyes.

In fact, from him knowing Lin Fei’er during this period of time, Jiang Haoxuan had already vaguely realized that he seemed to like that girl.

Lin Fei’er was really very different from the girl that Jiang Haoxuan used to know.

Jiang Haoxuan didn’t know when, but he realized that his attitude toward Lin Fei’er had changed a little subtly…

However, Lin Fei’er’s attitude toward him was very distant. A hint of disappointment flashed across Jiang Haoxuan’s eyes. He looked at Xu Ziyao and said with his thin lips.

“Mother, Lin Fei’er and I have decided to keep this child…”

Xu Ziyao was stunned. She stared at Jiang Haoxuan’s face without blinking and said to him seriously, “Haoxuan, so you’ve decided to be responsible for Miss Lin?”

Jiang Haoxuan pursed his lips. He wanted to say something, but he hesitated for a long time before he finally said something.

“I… I haven’t decided.”

Lin Fei’er had asked someone to give him the agreement to sever the relationship between parent and child, but Jiang Haoxuan hadn’t signed it yet.

Every time he raised the pen, he felt a little unwilling.

Jiang Haoxuan couldn’t explain why he was unwilling.

“You want to keep this child, but you’re not willing to take responsibility. Haoxuan, our Jiang family can not tolerate children who don’t know what’s going on. Are you trying to anger grandfather to death by being so capricious?!”

Jiang Zhiyuan smacked the table with a frown. It was obvious that he was really angry.

The Jiang family had always had a clean record. If it was revealed in the future that Jiang Haoxuan had an illegitimate child, it would be no different from leaving a huge stain on the Jiang family’s name.

Jiang Haoxuan didn’t expect Jiang Zhiyuan to be so agitated. He couldn’t help but tremble, and his thin lips trembled.

“Grandfather, I…”

Jiang Haoxuan opened his mouth. He really didn’t know how to explain it to Jiang Zhiyuan, Xu Ziyao, and the others.

Him and Lin Fei’er, that child, was an accident. He wasn’t prepared at all!

Moreover, Lin Fei’er’s physical condition was rather special. It would be dangerous to abort or preserve her pregnancy, which made this problem even more troublesome…

The silent Jiang Xuecheng finally spoke up at this moment.

He looked around at the elders around him and raised his eyebrows indifferently.

“Grandfather, don’t be angry. Haoxuan and Miss Lin have their own reasons for making this choice.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was neither high nor low, but it was like a cold jade knocking on the heart, instantly waking everyone up.

Jiang Zhiyuan woke up, and his old and gloomy voice sounded again.

“What reason could there be?”

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng looked at each other, then she took a step forward and briefly described Lin Fei’er’s situation.

Rather than letting the elders of the Jiang family later understand Lin Fei’er’s experience, it was better to take precautions now and let them be mentally prepared.

After listening to Lin Fei’er’s story, Luo Xiuxiu could not help but sigh.

“Wan, that friend of yours is really unfortunate…”

Su Wan saw that Luo Xiuxiu made such a comment, and Xu Ziyao and the others did not say anything, so she nodded nervously.

Although the current situation was not good, it was not too bad either. At least, it had won Luo Xiuxiu’s sympathy.

Xu Ziyao’s cold gaze suddenly glanced at Su Wan’s side, with a faint sharpness.

“Wan, you mean that your friend is preparing to leave S City and raise this child alone from now on?”

Facing Xu Ziyao’s question, Su Wan stood there neither servile nor overbearing. She smiled indifferently.

“Yes, mother. My friend wants to keep this child only to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. She has no other intentions.”

“Haoxuan thinks so too? But how can you guarantee that if she doesn’t say it now, she will come and try to make connections with the Jiang family after the child is born!”

Xu Ziyao’s voice became colder and harsher. Jiang Haoxuan’s heart skipped a beat when he was suddenly called out!

Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes shrank. She understood Xu Ziyao’s feelings, but Su Wan and Lin Fei’er had known each other for many years. Naturally, she would do her best to protect Lin Fei’er.

“Mother, I believe in my friend’s character!”

It was just a short sentence, but it sounded so imposing. Xu Ziyao frowned slightly. She was about to retort, but to her surprise, Jiang Xuecheng, who was standing beside Su Wan, also nodded!

Jiang Xuecheng rarely affirmed a single person, but this support was on Su Wan’s side after all. Xu Ziyao did not believe it.

Jiang Haoxuan gritted his teeth. He met Xu Ziyao’s cold gaze and suddenly broke the silence in the hall with a loud voice!

“Mother, I also don’t think Lin Fei’er is that kind of person… and… Actually, your son likes her a little…”

A little? How much?

Jiang Haoxuan himself wasn’t sure.

Perhaps, he could no longer put himself in the dust and be infatuated with a person like he used to be with Sheng An’ning. But now, in his current state, Jiang Haoxuan enjoyed it.

There was a little sweetness, a little bitterness, a little disappointment, but also full of anticipation.

A few days ago, Jiang Haoxuan went to Lin Fei’er’s building to talk to her. It just so happened that Lin Fei’er went to B City. He went downstairs in a daze and happened to meet Lin Fei’er’s ex-husband, Li Peng.

It was the first time Jiang Haoxuan saw Li Peng in person, but when he was looking for Lin Fei’er’s information, he already knew about this man. When Jiang Haoxuan first saw Li Peng, he recognized who he was!

At that time, Jiang Haoxuan didn’t know what came over him, but he carefully picked up the empty rice bag that someone had placed on the stairs.

At a corner, he suddenly put the empty rice bag on Li Peng’s head and gave him a good beating!

Seeing Li Peng being beaten until his teeth were all over the ground, Jiang Haoxuan felt extremely relieved.

It was as if doing this could help Lin Fei’er vent her anger…

When that thought appeared, Jiang Haoxuan suddenly realized that he might have liked Lin Fei’er a little.

Jiang Haoxuan had always thought that he preferred gentle girls, but every time he thought of Lin Fei’er, he could not help but want to laugh.

Even though she was not a cute and gentle girl and could suddenly say a few dirty words, in Jiang Haoxuan’s eyes, there was also a hint of cuteness.

There were many different types of girls in this world, and they did not have to be gentle like water to be called a beauty.

As soon as Jiang Haoxuan’s words left his mouth, the entire room was instantly shocked!

Jiang Zhiyuan glanced at Jiang Haoxuan with some hesitation. “Haoxuan, are you sure?”

Jiang Zhiyuan himself did not discriminate against people who had been divorced. He had lived for so long and had experienced ups and downs. Many of his close relatives and friends had married again after they divorced.

Whether the two of them could go far still depended on whether they were suitable for each other.

Jiang Haoxuan nodded solemnly.

Xu Ziyao’s gaze lingered on Jiang Haoxuan. She was silent for a long time before she muttered, “Haoxuan, how long have you known Miss Lin…”

Before Xu Ziyao could finish her sentence, Jiang Haoxuan interrupted her.

Jiang Haoxuan looked bitter, but his expression became determined.” Mother, sometimes you may not be able to see a person clearly even after knowing them for a long time.”

Everyone present knew who he was referring to.