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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 46 - Guilty Conscience

Chapter 46: Guilty Conscience

Although it was not the first time they had been so close to one another, Su Wan’s mouth still felt dry when she felt the man’s cool breath near. She didn’t know where to put her hands.

Su Wan blushed and corrected herself softly, “Xuecheng.”

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s slightly trembling hand with his left hand and Su Wan stared blankly.

Both their hands pressed together and their fingers intertwined.

Su Wan’s palm was much smaller than Jiang Xuecheng’s and being wrapped by his palm felt strange but intriguing, with a sense of secured warmth and ease.

Jiang Xuecheng’s right hand tapped on Su Wan’s nose. “You’ve eaten, haven’t you? Why is your voice so soft?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was sensually pleasing but brought pressure to Su Wan.

He lowered his body and his nearing face had lethality of the highest grade. Su Wan closed her eyes and raised her voice, “Xuecheng.”

“Good, this is your reward.”

What reward?

Before Su Wan could open her eyes, she felt his thin lips coming closer and sealing her lips.

Su Wan felt like she had been shocked by the electricity. When she unconsciously wanted to resist the man’s attack, she suddenly realized she was now his legal wife.

Jiang Xuecheng noticed her short struggle but very quickly, she submitted to it. She had obviously accepted their relationship.

This made Jiang Xuecheng’s brows curl into a joyful arch.

His dark eyes deepened but his heart was not satisfied with this dabbling lip-to-lip kiss.

Caught off guard, Su Wan realized Jiang Xuecheng had parted her lips and his tongue ventured into her mouth, attacking her teeth. He was exploring in her mouth and was tangled in her.

Su Wan was shocked. Jiang Xuecheng had kissed her before, more than once even, but he had never kissed her so deeply before!

Before Su Wan could adapt to this unfamiliar but strange experience, Jiang Xuecheng’s kiss intensified.

Jiang Xuecheng kept venturing between her teeth with deep affection and the feeling of closeness made both their hearts race. They felt their thoughts turning into foam.

Su Wan grabbed Jiang Xuecheng’s clothes tightly with her left hand and sweat broke up in her right hand, which was held tightly by Jiang Xuecheng.

This kiss was really too intense.

The atmosphere in the car was quiet and Su Wan could feel her heart thumping faster.

The sound of the rapid leap made Su Wan forget to think. She could only tremble slightly and felt a slight itch following Jiang Xuecheng’s movement of lips and teeth.

It was as if her body was not within her control. It was turning into a weak and feeble pool of water, blending with Jiang Xuecheng.

Jiang Xuecheng looked passionately at Su Wan. His dark eyes were not calm but had the dreaminess and excitement which were uncontrollable.

That same look!

It looked as if he was going to swallow her into his stomach and eat her up!

Su Wan’s long eyelashes shook like butterfly wings and she didn’t dare meet Jiang Xuecheng’s gaze.

Su Wan felt an impulse to curl up but their lips were still appressed and did not part.

If it continued, Su Wan was afraid something else would happen…

They were now in the car!

Furthermore, she was not prepared to perform her duty as a wife!

Suddenly, clang! Something dropped and the sound cleared the subtle and gentle atmosphere in the car.

Both their misty consciousness was abruptly awakened. Jiang Xuecheng reluctantly parted his lips from hers.

He stood up and stretched out his hand to touch Su Wan’s cheeks. Then, he tried to pick up the item that had fallen from the car cushion.

Su Wan’s eyes swept across the bag that fell and her eyes widened that instant. God, why did that bag fall coincidently?

It was that cherry red paper bag that had fallen, the bag that contained Lin Fei’er’s wedding gift for her!

She awkwardly stopped Jiang Xuecheng and blocked his vision with her body. “Jiang…Xuecheng, I’m nearer to it, let me pick that up.”

When he sensed Su Wan’s unnatural look, his eyes moved and with his deep, pleasing voice, asked, “What’s in that bag? Why are you so nervous?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was charming. Although it was light and faint, there was a strange magical power that seized people’s minds.

Su Wan had a guilty conscience. The moment she picked up the bag and turned around, she heard Jiang Xuecheng’s question and was shocked.

The bag containing ‘hazardous cargo’ flew out from her hand and this time, the item dropped out of the bag!


Following Su Wan’s scream, Jiang Xuecheng’s vision fell onto the item that fell out of the bag.

Jiang Xuecheng bent over and picked up that bright red clothing with his long and jade-like finger.

It was an embarrassing item but Jiang Xuecheng held it upright and in a solemn manner as if what he had picked up wasn’t that piece of embarrassing clothing, but simply a notebook that fell.

A surge of emotions welled up in Jiang Xuecheng. He smiled a charming smile.

“Wan Wan, you’re more open-minded than I’ve imagined. You…”

Facing Jiang Xuecheng’s teasing, Su Wan did not notice Jiang Xuecheng addressing her differently.

That moment, Su Wan wanted to cry but shed no tears. Her face was completely red.

She was ashamed in a situation like this and muttered, “I didn’t buy it. Lin Fei’er gave it to me. I…”

“That’s not important.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s dark eyes stared closely at Su Wan. His eyes were filled with flashing flame. “What’s important is that I want you to wear this for me, and only for me, Wan Wan.”

Su Wan gulped and asked carefully, “Can I say no?”

“Of course,” Jiang Xuecheng shook the bright red thin, see-through lingerie. His smile was devilish. “If you’re not willing to wear it yourself, I can help you.”

Su Wan stared blankly for a while and understood what Jiang Xuecheng meant. Her cheeks flushed red and burnt instantly.

Was he kidding?

If she allowed Jiang Xuecheng to wear this for her, she would rather be killed with a knife.

Their eyes met and invisible sparks weaved in the air. Su Wan reluctantly murmured, “I’ll do it myself.”

Her words sent joy to Jiang Xuecheng. He started the car engine and the Koenigsegg Agera R zoomed speedily toward Fontainebleau Villa!

What a beautiful scene it would be when Su Wan wore that lingerie…

He was looking forward!