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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 441 - Drunk

Chapter 441: Drunk

With Su Wan’s plan, Lin Fei’er finally felt relieved. She looked at the table full of food and her appetite grew.

When Su Wan saw the smile on Lin Fei’er’s face, another question suddenly popped up in her mind.

“Fei’er, since you’ve found a new house, when are you going to move to B City?”

Lin Fei’er put a piece of beef in her mouth and glanced at Su Wan casually.

“What? You can’t bear to part with me? I only paid the deposit first, I haven’t paid the full amount yet. The owner of the house will have to wait for half a month before he can move out.”

Su Wan looked at her fixedly. She was silent for a moment before she said in a low voice, “Fei’er, after you move out of S City, I feel that it won’t be so easy for the two of us to meet each other in the future.”

Perhaps life was like this. As Su Wan thought about it, her clear almond-shaped eyes flashed with a trace of sadness.

Lin Fei’er saw Su Wan’s somewhat lonely gaze and could not help but be startled. She knew that because Su Wan’s grandmother had just passed away, her feelings were more easily stirred.

Lin Fei’er tried her best to make it sound more relaxed. She raised her eyebrows, and her cheeky smile was full of cheerfulness.

“Don’t worry. S City and B City are not far apart. Although the small town I’m in is a little remote, you can reach it in two hours at most if you get on the highway. I’ll come to visit you on weekends when I’m free. I don’t mind if you come to visit me.”

Hearing Lin Fei’er’s cheeky tone, Su Wan felt a lot more relaxed.

“You’re right. The traffic is so developed now. There’s also a high-speed train between S City and B City.”

Su Wan thought that she and Lin Fei’er wouldn’t be able to finish all the dishes they ordered. She didn’t expect that all of it would be settled in the end!

The two of them ate until their bellies were round. After wandering around the streets for a while, they decided to go to Golden Sand Entertainment City to sing and digest their food.

Su Wan and Lin Fei’er sat side by side in the back seat of the taxi. Suddenly, they received a text message from Jiang Xuecheng.

“I’m home. Where are you? Have you had dinner?”

Su Wan pursed her lips into a smile and quickly typed out a reply. “Yes, I’ve had dinner. I’m outside with Fei’er. We’re going to Golden Sand Entertainment City to play.”

“Have fun. Then, I’ll pick you up tonight.”


After typing the “okay,” Lin Fei’er suddenly leaned her head over. She glanced at Jiang Xuecheng contact name on Su Wan’s phone screen and clicked her tongue.

“I thought you would give your president some special nickname, such as husband. I didn’t expect it to be so simple.”

It was indeed very simple. Jiang Xuecheng’s contact name on Su Wan’s phone only had one word—Cheng, while Su Wan’s contact name on Jiang Xuecheng’s phone only had one word, a simple “Wan.”

“Simplicity is beautiful. Don’t you know…”

Su Wan reached out and patted Lin Fei’er on the head. She was very gentle, but Lin Fei’er made a few strange sounds of pain. That grimace made Su Wan laugh.

When they arrived at the Golden Sand Entertainment City, it was the beginning of the Lantern Festival. Bright neon lights lit up everywhere, and from afar, it looked like a dream.

Su Wan and Lin Fei’er got out of the car and paid the fare. Then, they walked directly to the Golden Sand Entertainment City on the other side of the road.

Su Wan had only been to the Golden Sand Entertainment City twice. The last time she was here, it was when Tang Yifeng held a birthday party.

The hall on the first-floor of the Golden Sand Entertainment City was the liveliest place. Warm music filled the air, and there were many young people burning with youthful vitality on the dance floor.

The lights in the hall were very dark, and a dim purplish-red beam of light shone on the surroundings, giving off a mysterious atmosphere.

The most eye-catching people on the first floor were the couple performing a pole dance on the stage. Many people surrounded them, clapping or whistling from time to time.

“It’s so noisy.”

Lin Fei’er frowned and could not help but complain.

For Su Wan and Lin Fei’er, the first floor was simply a mob dance. The two of them went straight to the bar counter and ordered a VIP room at the corner of the third floor.

The sound insulation in this entertainment city was very good. When the two of them arrived at the room, the noise outside was completely gone.

Lin Fei’er was the first to order an old song from more than ten years ago. The electronic screen flashed with light, showing the music video that was still somewhat rustic from that era.

Lin Fei’er cleared her throat, picked up the microphone, and started singing that sad old song.

Lin Fei’er’s voice was bright and sweet. Although she was a tough girl, she had a special quiet temperament when she sang, which was very different from her usual carefree self.

Su Wan sat on the sofa at the back, slightly curved her lips, and listened attentively to Lin Fei’er’s singing.

Su Wan still remembered that when the first half of the first semester of the first year of high school had just ended, the class monitor, Shen Lin, held a class gathering, and Lin Fei’er’s song amazed all the boys in her class.

Because she had just gotten along with everyone for half a semester, Su Wan was a little shy at that time. She did not know everyone very well, so she was too embarrassed to go.

However, the class monitor had repeatedly begged her to come. In the end, Su Wan had no choice but to drag Lin Fei’er, her external aid, over.

Later, everyone played a game. It seemed to be something like beating drums and passing flowers. Su Wan happened to fall into the trap. She was heckled by a group of people to go onstage to sing. Lin Fei’er sat next to Su Wan and very loyally said, “I’ll sing for her.”

At that time, Lin Fei’er was wearing a red dress and standing on the stage. Su Wan had already forgotten what song she was singing. She only remembered that the applause was like a tidal wave. After that, someone asked her to send Lin Fei’er a love letter.

It was strange. Although Su Wan was known as the School Belle of that school, throughout the entire high school period, no boy had ever written her a love letter. Instead, she had helped someone send one to Lin Fei’er.

However, Lin Fei’er had skipped two grades in a row because of her good grades. She was in the stage of preparing for her exams in her third year of high school. How could she accept the pursuits of these first-year students? In the end, she had probably shattered many of the boys’ hearts?

Su Wan thought about some of the things that had happened in the past. The details were still vivid in her mind, but time could no longer be reversed.

Su Wan felt a little emotional. Coincidentally, Lin Fei’er was at the end of her song. Su Wan immediately stood up and clapped her hands hard.

“Fei’er, you sang so well!”

Lin Fei’er glanced at Su Wan from afar and quickly walked down. She handed the microphone in her hand to Su Wan.

“Wan, you’re too mean. You just sat there and listened to me sing. What’s the point?”

Su Wan smiled and shook her head. However, she could not hold out against Lin Fei’er’s threats and enticements for her to sing. In the end, she had to take a step back and sing a few songs with Lin Fei’er.

The two of them sang like this for more than an hour. Feeling that they had enjoyed themselves to the fullest, Su Wan sent a message to Jiang Xuecheng, asking him to come out and pick her up.

“I’ll be there in about five minutes. Get ready and come out.”

Su Wan saw the message on the screen and smiled slightly. Then, she walked out of the door of the private room with Lin Fei’er.

As soon as the two of them went downstairs, they found that the corridor in front of them was packed with people.

“President Gu, you’re drunk. Let me take you back.”

Su Wan and Lin Fei’er looked towards the source of the voice and saw Gu Zihang’s handsome drunk face.