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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 434 - Lived Under The Same Roof And Buried In The Same Grave.

Chapter 434: Lived Under The Same Roof And Buried In The Same Grave.

Looking at the towering flame, Xie Changfeng’s face turned even paler. He staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Jiang Xue Cheng stood beside Xie Changfeng. Seeing the old man like this, he stretched out his hand to support him.

“Grandfather, are you okay?”

Su Wan looked at Xie Changfeng worriedly, her red almond-shaped eyes were filled with concern.

Ever since his wife left, Xie Changfeng’s usually high spirits had been low. His entire being was shrouded in gloom, like a withered tree that was about to collapse.

Hearing Su Wan’s concern, Xie Changfeng turned around and shook his head slightly, indicating that Su Wan did not need to worry.

“I’m fine…”

How was this look fine…

Su Wan’s heart ached, and her voice was slightly nasally. “Grandfather, you have to take care of yourself.”

Hearing this, Xie Changfeng smiled weakly at her and did not say anything.

Not long after, Lin Xuan’s body was burned to ashes and put into an exquisite urn.

Xie Changfeng took the urn from the staff. His eyes felt hot, and he finally could not hold back his tears.

This was his Lin Xuan…

The kind-hearted Lin Xuan, the Buddhist Lin Xuan, the Lin Xuan who believed that good people would be rewarded…

In the end, she turned into such a small pile of dust…

Xie Changfeng’s heart was in extreme pain. He held the urn tightly in his arms, like a priceless treasure.

When the juniors saw Xie Changfeng like this, they couldn’t help but shed tears. Their expressions were so painful that they couldn’t contain themselves. They could only tell Xie Changfeng to take care of himself.

Lin Xuan had already left, and they definitely did not want to see Xie Changfeng in such pain.

For those who were still alive, it was completely meaningless if they were just immersed in sorrow and pain.

“Grandfather, grandmother is already resting in peace. Don’t be too sad. We will be with you from now on.”

Su Wan held Xie Changfeng’s hand, her red eyes were fixed on the urn in Xie Changfeng’s hand.

She hoped that in heaven, her grandmother would be happy and find true peace.

No matter how glorious and rich her life was, in the end, she would only be burned into ashes and buried in a small urn in the ground.

There were too many things a person wanted in life. Wealth, glory, and fame. But in the end, what could they take away?

When a person turned into a pile of ashes, the only people who could remember them were their family and close friends.

The next day was Lin Xuan’s official funeral. However, there was a violent storm in S City.

Su Wan saw the gloomy weather outside and originally planned to ask Xie Changfeng if he wanted to delay the funeral by one day. However, Xie Changfeng was stubborn, so in the end, he still chose this day.

Lin Xuan’s memorial service was even more lively than Su Wan had imagined. There was a large crowd of people both inside and outside the mourning hall.

Not only were there people from the Lin and Xie families, but there were also many unfamiliar citizens who Su Wan wasn’t familiar with.

Lin Xuan liked children very much when she was alive. She used to be a kindergarten teacher in S City. She had even been the principal of a kindergarten for a period of time. However, when her health started to decline, she quit her job.

She did not expect that after so many years, there would be many people who still remembered that kind-hearted teacher Lin!

The citizens of S City who had been taught by Lin Xuan’s back then heard about the shooting tragedy the day before yesterday. After hearing the news, they came together to pay their respects to Lin Xuan and send this old woman off on her final journey.

There were many white wreaths placed in the mourning hall. At the center of the wreath, there was a rectangular Chinese word “dian” written on it. It looked solemn and grand. (TL: “dian” means libation, to place sacrifices to worship the deceased)

Xie Changfeng stood at the front in white mourning clothes. His old eyes were filled with pain. He held Lin Xuan’s portrait carefully in his hands.

Lin Xuan was smiling in the portrait. Although it was only in black and white, the old woman in the photo still looked incredibly kind.

Her relatives and friends walked up in order and bowed to Lin Xuan’s black and white portrait. Some expressed their condolences for Xie Changfeng after they presented the white flowers.

“Teacher Lin was a good person. She will definitely ascend to bliss as soon as possible!”

“Professor Xie, a dead person cannot be resurrected. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Professor Xie, I’m sorry for your loss. Please take care of your health.”

“Thank you, thank you for your concern.”

Xie Changfeng nodded. When he saw so many citizens of S City coming to the mourning hall to mourn Lin Xuan, other than feeling emotional, he felt more gratified.

Perhaps choosing to be a teacher had its ups and downs, but in the end, there were no regrets.

After those S City citizens finished paying their respects, they left one after another.

As for the Xie family and the Lin family’s relatives and friends, they all drove towards the Beiling cemetery. It was the place Lin Xuan would eventually sleep.

The sky was getting darker and darker. Although it was noon, dark clouds had invaded the entire sky, causing people to subconsciously feel depressed.

There was not much light in the surroundings. The entire S City seemed to be under special effects, like in the twilight of the apocalypse.

Raindrops fell drop by drop. The dense raindrops hit the car window and finally rolled down the car window to the bottom of the wheels, splashing heavily.

Su Wan’s long black hair had long been tied up. She was dressed in a plain-colored mourning dress. The black and white contrast was particularly bright.

She blinked and stared blankly at the pouring rain outside the car window. Her eyes were filled with grief.

The rain was really heavy, the endless raindrops…

Su Wan subconsciously felt that God was also sad about her grandmother’s death, which was why it was raining so heavily…

After arriving at their destination, Jiang Xuecheng got out of the car first. He opened Su Wan’s car door and used a big black umbrella to shield her from the rain.

Raindrops flew in with the wind. Soon, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng’s clothes were still wet from the rain.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng followed behind Xie Changfeng and slowly walked up the steps.

The heavy rain washed the long stone steps. The sky was dark, making the cemetery quiet and cold. It made the atmosphere more sorrowful.

The place where Lin Xuan was buried was arranged many years ago. It was next to Su Wan’s parents. In a hundred years, Xie Changfeng would be buried together with Lin Xuan in the Beiling cemetery.

They lived under the same roof and will be buried in the same grave.

Could this be considered the most undying romance between husband and wife?

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng stood in front of Lin Xuan’s tombstone and silently began to pay their respects.

Su Wan looked at the black and white photo in front of the tombstone. Lin Xuan’s face was in it, and she was still as warm as ever.

Su Wan’s pale lips moved, and her dry eyes were slightly red again.

Grandmother had really left her just like that, forever and ever…

“Wan Wan, here.”

Jiang Xuecheng called Su Wan’s name softly, then reached out his hand and handed her a bouquet of white daisies.

Su Wan took a deep breath and took the bouquet of daisies. Then, she slowly bent down and placed the daisies in front of Lin Xuan’s tombstone.

I hope grandmother’s soul can rest in heaven…