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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 430 - Don't Be Sad

Chapter 430: Don’t Be Sad

Sheng An’ning and Jiang Haoxuan’s eyes lit up when they saw Jiang Xuecheng and the others coming out of the ward.

Sheng An’ning was the first to greet them. She glanced at Su Wan’s eyes, which were as swollen as walnuts, and was overjoyed.

She couldn’t wait for Su Wan to cry more. It would be even better if she cried until she went blind!

There was a woman who looked like her in this world, and she even took over the position of young madam of the Jiang family. Sheng An’ning hated it every time she thought about it!

“Brother Xuecheng, sis-in-law…”

Sheng An’ning called out softly, but Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng ignored and walked past her without looking at her!

Sheng An’ning bit her moist lips tightly. She couldn’t calm down, but she couldn’t vent her anger.

Soon, she saw Jiang Zhiyuan, Luo Xiuxiu, and the others coming out, so she immediately changed her targets.

“Grandfather, Grandmother…”

Luo Xiuxiu glanced at Sheng An’ning’s pretty face and was a little surprised.”An’ning, why haven’t you gone back with Haoxuan?”

Sheng An’ning and Jiang Haoxuan were not close to the Xie family, so they had nothing to do with Lin Xuan’s accident.

Therefore, Luo Xiuxiu sent these two juniors out, thinking that they must have gone back to the old mansion by now.

Sheng An’ning’s eyes flashed with excitement when she heard that. How could she leave when she had such a good opportunity to make a fool of Su Wan?!

More importantly, the incident this time was pretty much Mr. Chen’s doing…

The reason why Mr. Chen dared to act so boldly was also because she had provided him with the first-hand information…

In other words, the accident at Dynasty hotel and Lin Xuan’s death were indirectly caused by her.

Sheng An’ning didn’t feel any guilt at all, but she felt a faint sense of fear — she was afraid that she would be found out.

Sheng An’ning’s beautiful eyes darkened, and her neck curled up in a weak and innocent arc.

“Haoxuan went downstairs to buy something to eat. Grandmother, this incident was too scary. I’m still scared. Have you found any clues about the culprit?”

Luo Xiuxiu sighed and reached out to stroke Sheng An’ning’s head.

“Not yet. The most important thing now is to bury Wan’s grandmother first. What happened to her at the Jiang family’s birthday party really makes me feel guilty…”

It was almost certain that the culprit this time was targeting the Jiang family.

Lin Xuan was dragged into this by accident, and she lost her life.

How pitiful…

Sheng An’ning heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Luo Xiuxiu say that she had to deal with Lin Xuan’s funeral first. If that was the case, she still had time to destroy evidence!

Furthermore, she had been adopted by the Jiang family since she was a child. Everyone in the Jiang family treated her like a real heiress. No one would have thought that she was the one who caused the mess this time.

Sheng An’ning looked up with a sad expression. “Grandmother, can I go to the funeral?”

She really wanted to see how wonderful Su Wan’s expression would be at the funeral!

The sadder Su Wan was, the happier she would be!

Hearing this, Luo Xiuxiu couldn’t help but frown.”An’ning, you know Wan doesn’t have a good relationship with you. Now is her time to mourn. It’ll be better if you don’t add any trouble, in case something happens again.”

Hearing the expected answer, Sheng An’ning couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. She pursed her lips and looked lonely.

“I got it, grandmother.”

Luo Xiuxiu reached out to stroke Sheng An’ning’s head again. Then, she looked out of the window at the dark night and sighed deeply.

It happened so suddenly, and it was obvious that the other party was targeting the Jiang family. She hoped that they could find the culprit as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they would not be able to sleep peacefully for the following days.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng drove back to Fontainebleau. Throughout the ride, Su Wan did not say a word. She just sat on the passenger seat in a daze, staring at the night sky outside the window.

Her eyes, which had been crying for God knows how many hours, were now aching.

Jiang Xuecheng glanced at Su Wan’s uneasy face. He knew that this girl was usually sentimental. Now that such a thing had happened, she would not be able to get out of it for some time.

After arriving at Fontainebleau, Jiang Xuecheng immediately went to prepare the hot water bath for Su Wan.

Today’s accident was too sudden. Su Wan’s face was covered with blood and tears. Jiang Xuecheng felt bad just looking at it.

“Wan Wan, the water is ready. You go and wash up first.”

Su Wan nodded with a choked voice. She carried her pajamas to the bathroom and immersed herself in the hot water.

The curling mist blurred Su Wan’s eyes.

In a trance, Su Wan seemed to have seen Lin Xuan’s face. The scene in Dynasty Hotel suddenly reappeared. Her grandmother fell to the ground stiffly, and on her abdomen was a shimmering and strange blood-red flower.

Su Wan covered her mouth with her hand, not wanting to let her cry out loud and disturb Jiang Xuecheng downstairs.

Her tears seemed to have dried up, and her eyes turned red again.

Her tears fell slowly into the hot water in the bathtub.


Lin Xuan was the kindest and most gentle person Su Wan had ever known. Such a good person was gone just like that.

The hot water around her was a little hot, but Su Wan felt cold in her heart. It was so cold that her heart was palpitating.

Su Wan could not help but reach out her hand. Entering a protective posture, she slowly used her hand to embrace her body.

Su Wan’s eyes were misty. She just immersed herself in the water in a daze until the hot water became cold. She did not feel anything.

Almost forty minutes had passed, but Su Wan still had not come out. Jiang Xuecheng had been waiting outside and was a little anxious.

It was already so late. Su Wan could not have fallen asleep after taking a shower, right?

It was not impossible for her to be overly sad and mentally and physically exhausted…

Jiang Xuecheng frowned. He quickly ran upstairs and called out Su Wan’s name from outside the door.

“Wan Wan, are you asleep?”

There was no response for a long time. Just as Jiang Xuecheng was about to open the door and enter, he suddenly saw that the door had been opened from the inside.

Su Wan was wearing a loose nightgown. Her face was pale, and her eyes were still wet. She looked frighteningly thin, as if the nightgown had been draped on her.

She felt that the wind could blow her over at any time.

Jiang Xuecheng’s brows furrowed even deeper. His gaze focused on Su Wan’s bloodshot eyes, and the pain in his heart became even more obvious.

Had she cried again?

Too much tears in one day had already caused great damage to her eyes. In addition to the excessive grief, the worst case scenario could result in blindness!

Jiang Xuecheng extended his long arm and pulled Su Wan over, wrapping her messy hair with a towel.

“Wan Wan, a person cannot be resurrected from death. I understand your grief, but I don’t want you to wallow in your grief and be unable to extricate yourself.”

Su Wan nodded while choking on her sobs. Jiang Xuecheng brought her to a chair at the side and sat her down. Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng in surprise and was a little puzzled.

Jiang Xuecheng gave Su Wan a sideways glance and his thin lips overflowed with his voice.

“Your eyes are swollen like walnuts. I’ll go downstairs and get an ice pack for you.”