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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 423 - The Suffocating Pain

Chapter 423: The Suffocating Pain

In an instant, two bullets pierced through like sharp arrows with a delay of only a second or two.

Obviously, the waitress’ gun had been silenced. From the beginning to the end, not a single sound could be heard.

Jiang Xuecheng’s shot was extremely accurate, and it still hit the center of her brows.

Scarlet red seeped out from between the waitress’ brows. Su Wan felt that the waitress who was holding her hand helplessly letting go.

The blood that seeped out from between the waitress’ eyebrows also splashed onto Su Wan’s body. Her cheeks and collar were stained with specks of red.

With a loud bang, the waitress’ body fell straight backwards!

Before Su Wan could rejoice that she had escaped death, she suddenly saw another elderly figure fall at her feet!


Su Wan’s eyes instantly widened. She had only felt someone pouncing on the waitress from behind, but she really did not expect it to be Lin Xuan!

How could a frail body like grandmother be able to shake that waitress?!

Su Wan’s heart felt as if someone had stabbed it with a blunt knife. It was a suffocating pain.

Su Wan’s lips turned pale in an instant. Her hands could not stop trembling as she subconsciously went to support Lin Xuan.

However, when she helped Lin Xuan up, she realized that Lin Xuan’s stomach had turned into a flash of red, which turned Lin Xuan’s light blue shirt into the color of maple leaves.

The female waiter had shot Lin Xuan in the back. Although the shot did not hit her vital point, it still hit Lin Xuan’s stomach.

Lin Xuan was so old, and her body was not in good shape. She had been taking medicine to cure her illness, so how could she withstand such a shot?!

Su Wan stared at the red color on Lin Xuan’s clothes in horror. Her eyes widened, and her clear almond-shaped eyes soon became hazy like the autumn rain in Jiangnan.

Su Wan could not help but shake her shoulders. The color on her face faded bit by bit, and she seemed to have become a mechanical puppet. Her rationality was overwhelmed by the fear in her heart.

“Grandmother! Don’t scare me!”

“Grandmother! The ambulance will be here soon!”

Lin Xuan opened her eyes weakly. She tried hard to raise her hand to touch Su Wan’s face.

“Wan… It’s good that you’re okay… grandmother… don’t worry…”

Hearing Lin Xuan’s broken sentence, Su Wan felt her vision darken. A sharp pain came from her heart, making it difficult for Su Wan to breathe.

“Grandmother, you’ll be fine! Don’t be afraid, hold on for a little longer!”

Earlier, Lin Xuan clearly felt that she did not have much strength in her body, but for some reason, she managed to run over and pounce on the waitress.

She had already lost her youngest daughter, she could not watch her granddaughter be killed.

When the bullet came, her first feeling was not pain, but she wanted to know if Su Wan was safe.

Now that Su Wan was safe, all that was left in Lin Xuan’s heart was relief.

She looked at Su Wan lovingly. Her hazy vision reflected Su Wan’s blood-stained face, but Lin Xuan felt extremely satisfied.

Lin Xuan’s vision started to become unfocused. She stared at the ceiling blankly and subconsciously muttered.

“Is it getting dark? Grandmother is tired, I really want to sleep a little longer.”

Hearing Lin Xuan’s mumbling, Su Wan was shocked and scared.

“Grandmother, you can’t sleep! It’s not dark yet! Grandmother, please hold on for a while more, okay?”

As she spoke, Su Wan’s eyes, which were already red, could not help but tear up.

Dread, panic, fear, anxiety, a myriad of feelings assailed her heart. Su Wan really did not know how to hold on to her rationality.

At this moment, the door of Dynasty hotel was suddenly opened.

Ah Si rushed in with a group of special police in uniform. When he saw the scene in the hall, he was instantly stunned.

More than twenty people filed in. All of them had cold faces and held weapons in their hands.

From their appearances, it could be seen that they had just gone through a fierce battle with someone. There were more or less traces of blood on their faces.

“Young master, are we too late?”

When Su Wan heard Ah Si’s voice, she immediately stopped crying and waved him over forcefully.

“Grandmother is injured! Send her to the hospital, quick!”

Jiang Xuecheng quickly walked toward Su Wan. He swept his gaze across Su Wan’s bloody face. Although he knew that it was the blood of the waitress from before, he still felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Jiang Xuecheng swept his gaze across Lin Xuan’s miserable state and immediately picked her up carefully. He quickly walked outside.

He did not know how to comfort people. At a time like this, he did not know how to comfort Su Wan.

He hoped that Lin Xuan would be fine…

Otherwise, with Su Wan’s personality, she might be burdened with this shadow for the rest of her life…

Su Wan wiped her tears. Her hands were filled with blood and tears. She looked extremely wretched. She quickly followed Jiang Xuecheng’s footsteps.

Ah Si swept his gaze across Su Wan’s blood-stained face and her collar that was stained with blood. He immediately asked, “Young madam, are you hurt?”

Su Wan held back her tears and quickly shook her head. Then, she followed Jiang Xuecheng out of the main door without saying a word.

If grandmother died because of her…

Su Wan dared not think about it anymore.

Grandmother was such a kind person, and she still believed in Buddhism. Didn’t they say that good people would be rewarded? However, the heavens were so unfair!

Because of such a big incident, the ambulance and police car were already waiting outside the door,

A few nurses saw Lin Xuan’s scarlet shirt and immediately went forward to take out the first aid kit. They started to perform simple bleeding control on Lin Xuan.

Soon, the doctor placed Lin Xuan on a stretcher and carried her into the ambulance.

As family members, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng sat at the back of the ambulance. Su Wan’s eyes were lowered, and the blood on her face had not been wiped away. She looked miserable and pitiful.

Su Wan raised her head in a daze and glanced at Lin Xuan, who was unconscious in front of her.


They had agreed to stay in Fontainebleau for a period of time today, but how did it become a hospital?

Cold tears slid down Su Wan’s cheeks.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan quietly. He knew that Su Wan must be extremely sad.

Su Wan had always been very attached to Lin Xuan, and now Lin Xuan had taken a bullet for her!

Jiang Xuecheng reached out and put his arm around Su Wan’s shoulder. Su Wan did not resist, she just leaned on his body like a soulless puppet and did not say a word.

Her big, beautiful eyes, which were usually bright and beautiful, were now just empty and open. Jiang Xuecheng’s heart ached when he saw it.

Jiang Xuecheng reached out his hand and slowly wiped the blood on Su Wan’s face with his sleeve.

Su Wan didn’t move, and she let Jiang Xuecheng help her wipe her face.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. How could he feel good when he saw Su Wan like this?

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s hand lovingly. He looked into Su Wan’s eyes and said with his thin lips, “Wan Wan, grandmother did this to save you, not to make you sad.”

The deep male voice was like a calm river flowing.

Su Wan’s body trembled, and a tear fell on the back of Jiang Xuecheng’s hand.