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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 393 - A Resounding Slap

Chapter 393: A Resounding Slap

Jiang Haoxuan, Ah Si, and Lin Fei’er had arrived outside the castle and were waiting in the courtyard at the entrance.

The fresh sea breeze passed through the forest and floated in the air, bringing with it the faint scent of plants and trees.

Beside the swimming pool in the courtyard, there was a tall flower tree that was shining brightly under the sunlight. A few unknown birds were jumping on the flower tree, chirping a few times and feeling at ease.

To be honest, if something had not happened to Jiang Xuecheng, the three of them might have enjoyed the structure of the castle or the beautiful natural scenery of the island.

Unfortunately, at this moment, everyone was not in the mood. They just stood there silently.


Su Wan sat in her bedroom on the first floor. Her phone on the table rang suddenly. Her eyes flashed. She took the phone and took a look. A text message from Ah Si quickly popped up in her eyes.

‘Young madam, we have arrived. We are in the courtyard now.’

Su Wan pursed her lips. She reached out and gently stroked the temples of Jiang Xuecheng.

“Xuecheng, everyone has come to see you. Can you not sleep anymore?”

The man lying under the blanket naturally did not respond. He was like a sculpture carved by a master. His brows were firm and he was silent.

Su Wan sighed silently in her heart. Then, she quickly stood up and walked toward the door.

The moment Su Wan opened the castle door, she saw that Ah Si and Jiang Haoxuan were not the only two people. Lin Fei’er was there too.

Su Wan raised her eyebrows in surprise. Just as she was about to speak, Lin Fei’er took the lead and walked over. She grabbed Su Wan’s hand forcefully.

“Wan, why did you do this to yourself?”

In just a short day, Su Wan’s entire face was covered with an obvious layer of melancholy. She looked extremely haggard.

Her eyes were especially red and swollen. It was obvious that she had cried and did not have a good rest.

Su Wan tugged the corner of her lips and shook her head lightly, “Fei’er, I’m fine. Let’s talk later. Let’s bring Xuecheng out first.”

The state of Jiang Xuecheng was too worrisome. If they sent him back to S City, at least he would be able to keep up with the daily nutrient supply.

Lin Fei’er saw the anxiety in Su Wan’s eyes, and her heart ached. She swallowed all the questions in her heart.

When Lin Fei’er saw Jiang Xuecheng in the bedroom, she was truly stunned.

It looked like Jiang Xuecheng was only asleep, but who would not breathe when they were asleep?

However, he didn’t breathe, and his heart was still beating. His complexion was no different from a normal person’s, and his other bodily functions were normal too.

As a half-proficient writer, Lin Fei’er had quite a good imagination. However, seeing such a case in front of her eyes now, her heart was still greatly jarred!

Heavens, what kind of creature was Jiang Xuecheng?

How could someone live without breathing?

Jiang Haoxuan and Ah Si were people who knew the story, so they were not surprised. There was only a heavy frown on their faces.

The two men carefully lifted Jiang Xuecheng and carried him into his car. Then, they carried him into the helicopter.

Su Wan fastened the seat belt for Jiang Xuecheng. She was still holding his hand. Her haggard face was full of worry. Anyone could see the concern and anxiety on her face.

Lin Fei’er sat behind Su Wan. She looked at Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng from time to time. Her gaze was fixed on their hands, and she wanted to say something but was hesitant.

Putting aside the question of what strange creature Jiang Xuecheng was, the most important thing was that Jiang Xuecheng actually had such symptoms…

Wouldn’t Su Wan have to be on tenterhooks in the future? She would worry that Jiang Xuecheng would suddenly…

Lin Fei’er was shocked when that thought popped up in her mind. She shivered and couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Haoxuan beside her.

Jiang Haoxuan and Jiang Xuecheng were biological brothers after all. Moreover, if Jiang Xuecheng had this kind of illness, Jiang Haoxuan might also have it…

That gaze was extremely strange.

Jiang Haoxuan felt a little uncomfortable when he was swept by Lin Fei’er’s strange gaze.

Jiang Haoxuan coughed softly and fixed his eyes on Lin Fei’er. The grave expression on his face faded away and became full of seriousness and solemnity.

“Miss Lin, I brought you here because you’re sis-in-law’s good friend. You must keep my brother’s matter a secret no matter what. Don’t tell anyone about it.”

His brother’s illness was too shocking. If it were to spread, who knew how the outside world would react.

People were actually filled with fear of the unknown. In order to extinguish this fear, there might be people would treat Jiang Xuecheng as an experimental subject.

The doctors and nurses who had been hired to treat Jiang Xuecheng when he was young had all kept their mouths shut. Of course, because of the Jiang family’s influence, they didn’t dare to utter nonsense outside.

Hearing Jiang Haoxuan’s serious words, Lin Fei’er was stunned for a moment, but she quickly nodded.

“Don’t worry. For Wan’s sake, I won’t talk about this behind people’s backs.”

After Lin Fei’er finished speaking, she couldn’t help looking at Su Wan’s expression. However, she saw that Su Wan, who was sitting in the front row, seemed to have turned a deaf ear to their conversation. She only looked at Jiang Xuecheng with an infatuated look in her eyes.

Seeing her good friend’s worried look, Lin Fei’er’s heart felt stifled, and her nose suddenly felt a little sensation.

The heaven was heartless enough to Su Wan. Everyone had deserted her. If Jiang Xuecheng were to also abandon Su Wan so easily, what would happen to Su Wan?

Lin Fei’er prayed silently in her heart. She hoped that Jiang Xuecheng would recover soon so Su Wan would not be so worried.


After returning to S City, Su Wan and the others immediately sent Jiang Xuecheng to Zhao Hua Hospital.

The doctors had already been contacted. They were all elites in the medical industry. At the same time, they had signed a confidentiality agreement before they came in. They were not allowed to reveal the patient’s condition to anyone.

A doctor in his sixties was the attending doctor. When he saw Jiang Xuecheng’s condition, he was so shocked that he couldn’t breathe properly. It was with great difficulty that he finally calmed down.

However, although Jiang Xuecheng could not breathe, his blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and other bodily functions were all normal after being tested by the equipment.

The doctors found it unbelievable and no one dared to come to a conclusion. They had no choice but to administer nutrient fluids to ensure Jiang Xuecheng’s bodily functions.

After such a big accident, the Jiang family naturally could not be kept in the dark. Moreover, Su Wan had no intention of keeping it a secret. She just did not know how to explain the current situation.

Half an hour later, the Jiang family heard the news and rushed over. Old Master Jiang and Jiang Wei, the father and son, were both busy. They were out on a business trip and were not in S City currently.

Only Luo Xiuxiu, Xu Ziyao, and Sheng An’ning came.

Su Wan was sitting beside Jiang Xuecheng. Her expression was silent. When she heard the sound of high heels approaching from afar, her eyes darkened.

The door of the intensive care unit suddenly opened. Xu Ziyao, who was dressed in a green Cheongsam, walked in front. Her long hair was tied up high and she looked elegant.


Su Wan stood up. Before she could finish her words, a heavy slap landed on her face all of a sudden.

“Slap!” A crisp sound instantly woke everyone up.