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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 391 - A Hedgehog That Could Prick Any Time

Chapter 391: A Hedgehog That Could Prick Any Time

As Lin Fei’er got up to the back seat, Jiang Haoxuan who was standing by the door of the co-driver’s seat with his arm raised, looked a little awkward.

A ray of light appeared in Jiang Haoxuan’s eyes, but he didn’t argue with Lin Fei’er. He closed the door of the co-driver’s seat and returned to the driver’s seat.

Jiang Haoxuan had his own reasons for bringing Lin Fei’er along. If something were to happen to Su Wan later, it would be more convenient to have a female friend to take care of her.

It was almost five o’clock in the morning, and Jiang Haoxuan hadn’t slept the whole night, but he was unusually energetic. The girl behind him seemed to be the same.

Jiang Haoxuan almost wondered if Lin Fei’er frequented places like the Carefree Bar.

As soon as this thought popped up in his mind, Jiang Haoxuan was stunned. What did it have to do with him where Lin Fei’er went?

However, judging from Lin Fei’er’s attire, she didn’t seem to be a person who frequented such places…

Jiang Haoxuan pursed his lips slightly, and his hand that was controlling the steering wheel unconsciously tightened.

At this moment, his elder brother’s situation was extremely urgent, yet he still had the time to think about such nonsense. He must be out of his mind.

It was already five o’clock in the morning, and the sky was about to break. However, the sun did not show any signs of rising, and the drizzle started to fall from the sky.

The misty drizzle was falling, and it even enveloped S City in a layer of greyish smoke.

A silver Aston Martin passed through the streets with not much traffic and headed straight for a residential area.

Coincidentally, there was a red light in front of him. Through the rear-view mirror, Jiang Haoxuan saw Lin Fei’er, who was wearing a sleeveless long dress, hugging her arms slightly in the backseat. The cool night wind blew from outside the window, blowing Lin Fei’er’s short hair into a mess.

She sat in the car with a slight shiver, obviously feeling cold.

“Close the window.”

After he whispered this order, Jiang Haoxuan immediately picked up a white outer coat that was placed on his right and threw it forcefully beside Lin Fei’er.

Lin Fei’er raised her eyelids and glanced at Jiang Haoxuan. She did feel cold, but she didn’t expect Jiang Haoxuan to pay attention to such trivial matters.

Although the act of throwing the jacket wasn’t gentle, such concern from Jiang Haoxuan was rare.

If Lin Fei’er were the kind of girl who was just beginning to fall in love, she might have developed a good impression of Jiang Haoxuan.

Unfortunately, the contact between her and Jiang Haoxuan a few days ago was too unpleasant. Moreover, after Lin Fei’er’s divorce, her heart was like a stagnant lake. Unless someone deliberately stirred up a storm, it would be difficult for ripples to appear.

“Thank you.”

Lin Fei’er pressed the button next to her and closed the window. Then, she calmly took the outer coat and draped it on her body.

She would not torture her own body. It was just a piece of clothing, and it was not a big deal.

Seeing how Lin Fei’er actually accepted his kindness so easily, Jiang Haoxuan was a little surprised.

He thought that Lin Fei’er would reject him or ignore him with her usual attitude.

The load in Jiang Haoxuan’s mind was originally heavy, but because of this small matter, the dark clouds in his heart dispersed a little.

‘I hope brother will be fine…’

The green light ahead lit up. Jiang Haoxuan stepped on the accelerator and sped toward his destination.


Ah Si was a subordinate of Jiang Xuecheng. Jiang Haoxuan didn’t have much contact with him. He only knew Ah Si’s address, but he had never really been here.

The security guards in this neighborhood were still quite responsible. Lin Fei’er and Jiang Haoxuan appeared at five o’clock in the morning. They weren’t familiar faces, so both of them were quickly stopped.

After spending a few minutes explaining his identity, Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er quickly rushed up to the floor where Ah Si was and started ringing the doorbell to disturb people’s dreams.

Jiang Haoxuan was a little jealous of Ah Si to a certain extent. As an outsider, Ah Si’s relationship with his elder brother was much better than his.

For example, Jiang Xuecheng’s vacation this time was kept a secret from the Jiang family. Only Ah Si knew where Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan went.

After a series of persistent knocking and ringing the doorbell, before Ah Si woke up, the neighbors around him were the first to suffer.

If not for the good looks and courtesy of Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er, they might have been beaten up.

Ten minutes later, Ah Si was woken up by Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er. He looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was only five o’clock in the morning. There was already someone coming to disturb him?

This did not make sense. Ever since his young master and young madam went to the island to enjoy their time together, Ah Si felt that he too had immediately taken a long vacation. He was currently leading a leisurely life.

Who would disturb his dreams so early in the morning?

Ah Si covered his ears with his hands. In the end, feeling impatient, he lifted the blanket and put on his slippers to open the door.

“Who is it?”

Ah Si opened his sleepy eyes and dragging his slippers, he began to observe the people outside through the peep hole.

When he saw the appearance of the man and woman outside, Ah Si’s eyes suddenly widened.

It was Lin Fei’er and Jiang Haoxuan?

These two people actually appeared in front of his door together. They weren’t familiar with each other, right? Moreover, what did the two of them have that involved him?

Ah Si’s head was a little muddled. He rubbed his eyes hard. After confirming that he wasn’t hallucinating, he immediately opened the door.

“Did the sun rise from the west today or what? You two actually came to look for me?”

Ah Si’s drowsiness had not subsided yet. He could not help but stretch out his hand and yawn.

Lin Fei’er saw Ah Si’s low spirit and rolled her eyes at him speechlessly.

“It’s raining today. Where is the sun?”

Jiang Haoxuan did not have time to watch their nonsense. He shivered and said solemnly to Ah Si, “Something has happened to my brother. Get changed quickly and come with us to pick him up.”

When he heard Jiang Haoxuan’s words, Ah Si could not help but quiver. His brain, which was originally full of mush, instantly felt as if it had been poured with a basin of ice water, and he immediately woke up.

“Isn’t young master on his honeymoon with young madam? What happened?”

“I don’t have time to explain in detail. My brother seems to have the same symptoms as when he was young. You go and get changed first. We’ll leave immediately. I’ll tell you on the way.”

The same symptoms as when he was young…

When Ah Si heard that, a few fragments appeared in his mind in an instant.

Ah Si had also grown up with Jiang Xuecheng. When he was young, Jiang Xuecheng was as gloomy as a hedgehog that could prick anyone at any time. He was much less likable than his current self.

However, no one could be cheerful after experiencing such a childhood, could they?

When Ah Si thought of those things, his fingers trembled. He glared at Jiang Haoxuan. After confirming that Jiang Haoxuan was not joking, he completely regained his consciousness.

“Okay, I’ll go change now. You guys wait for me downstairs, and then we’ll go to Fontainebleau together.”

Ah Si didn’t waste any more time talking to the two of them. He ran straight to the back room to change his clothes. After thinking for a while, he picked up a bag of whole wheat bread and a few small bags of milk to serve as breakfast.

Ah Si rushed out of the door in a hurry. He saw Jiang Haoxuan and Lin Fei’er already sitting in the car.