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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Scumbag and White Lotus

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wan, don’t you want to know how your parents died?

This sentence clung to Su Wan. Her breathing became faster and her smile was cold.

“Su Yurou, what do you want to do?”

“Simple. Wan, if you wish to know the truth, come and see me now.”

The voice on the other end was still gentle and sweet but it seemed to be contaminated with poison. Su Wan felt cold.

“Alright. You decide the venue.”

“Aloes Tea House at North Second Street. Come early. I’ll wait for you.”

She ended the call and took a deep breath. She applied for a two-hour leave and walked out of Long Teng International with her handbag.

Three years had passed. Did Su Yurou really know the culprit responsible for her parents’ deaths?

Su Wan was unsure of this answer but even if there was a one in ten thousand chance and even if this might be a trap, Su Wan would still attend this meet up.

Nobody would wish to find out the truth more than she did. If it were not for that accident, she might have been that bright, beautiful, and naïve little girl who was still doted on by her parents…

The taxi drove away from the heart of the city and arrived at the countryside of S City. Aloes Tea House was a top-notch tea house and it was situated within a serene garden.

The wind brushed past the trees and the place was covered in greenery. Between the shaking dense branches stood an antique wooden building.

Su Wan examined the words ‘Aloes Tea House’ written with firm strokes. Then, she recollected her emotions and marched into the tea house calmly.

A pretty waitress in a green cheongsam welcomed her with a smile, “Hello miss, may I help you?”

Su Wan returned a smile and said softly, “I have an appointment with someone in room 3 on the second floor. Please lead the way.”

The waitress’s eyes lit up and nodded. “The guests of that room have arrived quite some time ago. I’ll bring you there.”

The waitress guided Su Wan to room 3 and she left. Su Wan knocked softly but there was no response.

Just when she was about to push the door, she heard the laughter of a man and a woman.

“Am I better or is Wan better? If you don’t answer, you can’t kiss me.”

“Of course you’re better. When we were courting, she only allowed me to hold her hand and was unwilling to kiss. She’s like a mannequin and absolutely not romantic. Here, call me hubby. Let hubby kiss you.”

“Hubby, you’re naughty! Alright, I’ll let you kiss me. Don’t touch that place! Good hubby. Wan might be arriving soon. If she were to see this scene, she’ll be angry.”

“No worries, so what if Wan see this? I’ve not touched you for several days. Yurou, don’t hide…”

Such obscene words were intolerable to the ear.

Su Wan trembled. She bit her lips and her eyes were red.

She didn’t know Gu Zihang was here too and she didn’t expect Gu Zihang’s impression of her to be such.

In the past, her entire heart and eyes were filled with Gu Zihang. In her heart, Gu Zihang was gentle and handsome just like a big brother but now, this image of him had been destroyed by Gu Zihang himself.

Su Wan forced herself to calm down. She pushed the door and the first thing she saw was a light pink bead curtain, separating the inner tearoom.

Su Wan entered without warning and the couple in the tea room shook in shock. They quickly tidied their clothing.

When Su Wan drew the curtain, she saw Su Yurou sitting on Gu Zihang’s thighs while Gu Zihang turned slightly and tried to hide from Su Wan’s gaze.

Su Wan shifted her vision onto Su Yurou.

Today, Su Yurou had purposely worn a cherry red cheongsam which showed off her ridges and peaks and her small waist. The cheongsam had a long split from her fair thighs till her delicate ankles, inadvertently showing plenty.

Su Yurou stared at Su Wan. Her cheeks were crimson and her lips curved into a smile of triumph. The first button of her cheongsam was opened, as if trying to show off something.

Su Wan seemed not to have noticed Su Yurou’s demonstration. Her voice was cold. “Su Yurou, I only wish to know about my parents. You may tell me now.”

Su Yurou smiled beautifully and slowly stood up from Gu Zihang’s body. She buttoned the topmost button on her cheongsam neither too quickly nor too slowly.

“Wan, don’t be impatient. Zihang is here too. It’s rare that the three of us are together, don’t we want to catch up a little?”

Su Wan’s eyes swept across Su Yurou and Gu Zihang. Her tone of voice sounded distant. “It’s not necessary. I think I have nothing to say to both of you. Please get right into the topic of my parents.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Zihang stood up hastily. He did not expect Su Wan to look at him like a stranger.

In the past, her pretty almond eyes were filled with respect, admiration, and idolization toward him, why had they become like this now?

Gu Zihang’s heart ached for no reason. He muttered, “Wan, I didn’t talk about you on purpose…”

Since Su Wan’s return, Su Yurou had not allowed him to touch her and just a while ago, Su Yurou had sat on him and seduced him for quite some time. She even said that Aloes Tea House was situated in a rural area and that Su Wan would take a long time to arrive.

Both of them had started to make fun of one another and had no qualms. He had never thought Su Wan would hear what they said as he had no intention of hurting Su Wan!

Su Wan turned ghastly pale for a moment but she recovered her calmness very quickly. “Gu Zihang, you have the freedom to say anything you like and it’s none of my business. I’m here to look for Su Yurou today.”

She had called him by his full name!

Gu Zihang’s heart was suddenly attacked by a throbbing pain. His heart felt weird like five flavored bottles had spilled…

When she saw Gu Zihang staring at Su Wan, Su Yurou panicked. She blinked her eyes and squeezed out a few drops of tears.

“Wan, please don’t hate Zihang. Zihang was joking with me, please don’t take it to heart.”

Su Wan laughed coldly. She had not expected Su Yurou to have the skill to cry on command.

Gu Zihang, who saw Su Yurou crying, hugged her and consoled her in his embrace.

Su Yurou pathetically wiped her tears away and broke free from Gu Zihang’s embrace. Her voice was so sad that it would bring heartache to anyone who heard it.

“Wan, are you blaming me for snatching Zihang away? I didn’t do it on purpose. Zihang is outstanding and I couldn’t help myself from liking him. I know I did you wrong. I’ll return him to you now. Can you please forgive me…?”

Gu Zihang was extremely shocked. “Yurou, are you crazy? I only love you!”