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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 386 - Sick Enough To Vomit

Chapter 386: Sick Enough To Vomit

Late at night, on an island in the middle of the sea, other than the castle that was faintly lit up, the surrounding was pitch black, shrouded in incomparable gloom.

“The number you are calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Hearing the electronic female voice on the phone, Su Wan’s heart sank. She glanced at the message sent to Ah Si, but there was still no reply.

Most people would probably be asleep in the middle of the night…

Su Wan held back the darkness in her eyes. She walked to Jiang Xuecheng and stared at his still silent face.

His black hair was fine, and his expression was silent. He lay quietly under the blanket, as if he was asleep.

Su Wan looked at him quietly. Her beautiful face was now pale and worried.

The carefree days that she had spent on the island were too wonderful. They were drifting away just like fine sand in her hands.

Su Wan’s heart felt like it had been punched by someone. She reached out and caressed the face of Jiang Xuecheng. Her expression became more and more serious.

No matter what, he would not die…

Su Wan could not imagine the days without this man.

“Please wake up quickly, I really can’t bear this…”

She had never said that she loved him, but Su Wan had long realized that the person who stood in the deepest part of her heart was him and him alone…

A thin layer of tears appeared in Su Wan’s eyes. She stared at Jiang Xuecheng without moving, and her expression was so sorrowful that it made one’s heart ache.

She remembered that the first time she went to the Jiang family’s old mansion, Jiang Xuecheng told her about his childhood. He had even said that he was born without a heartbeat, so could this be a repetition of history?

Back then, the doctors had not found any problems with him. However, didn’t Jiang Xuecheng live well for so many years?

There would definitely be nothing wrong with Xuecheng, would there?

Su Wan sniffed. She wiped her tears with her hand and started to pull down the list of contacts on her phone. She decided to try to call them one by one.

A person’s life was at stake. At a time like this, she was not afraid of disturbing people’s dreams.

It was so late now. Generally speaking, young people would leave their phones on more often.

Su Wan pulled down the contacts and suddenly saw Jiang Haoxuan’s phone number.

Su Wan was not sure about Jiang Haoxuan’s work and rest habits. However, she wanted to try. So, she called Jiang Haoxuan’s phone number.


S City was brightly lit. Flashing neon lights decorated the bustling city.

Although it was past four o’clock in the morning, ‘Carefree Bar’ was much livelier than during the day.

Warm music filled the entire bar. It was a bustling scene filled with indulgence. All kinds of wine tables were filled with fresh fruits, tea and alcohol. The lights were extremely dazzling and it moved irregularly along the centre of the dance floor.

Lin Fei’er sat in a corner. This was the first time she had come to such a place. She ordered a cocktail and then began to taste it alone.

She was very unlucky today. Who would have thought that she would run into Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing, that scumbag couple, when she went to the supermarket at night?

Yang Xiaobing’s pregnancy was becoming more and more obvious, but her face was not fat. She still looked delicate and weak.

Li Peng was dressed in casual clothes. He pushed the supermarket shopping cart and stood beside Yang Xiaobing like a bodyguard.

Lin Fei’er didn’t see them at that time, but Yang Xiaobing shrieked. Then, Li Peng looked up and saw Lin Fei’er, who was picking up yogurt.

Lin Fei’er was extremely disgusted when she saw the couple. She turned around on the spot and wanted to leave, but the passageway in the supermarket was very narrow. There were people pushing the shopping cart in front of her, and Li Peng was behind her. She couldn’t hide even if she wanted to.

When Li Peng caught up, the first thing he said to Lin Fei’er was, “Fei’er, you’ve lost weight again.”

That look of a Casanova really made Lin Fei’er want to throw up the meal she took last night.

However, Lin Fei’er really underestimated the disgusting abilities of Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing. Li Peng even affectionately asked Lin Fei’er if she had changed her mind. He said that her room at home had been preserved in its original state.

Yang Xiaobing held Li Peng’s hand timidly. With tears in her eyes, she called Lin Fei’er ‘sister’. She said that Li Peng missed Lin Fei’er every day because of guilt. He did not register with her and only organized a wedding banquet.

After that, Lin Fei’er did not know if Yang Xiaobing was really generous or if she was pretending to care. She said that she wanted Lin Fei’er to go back and live with them!

She even said that it was not convenient for her to serve Li Peng with her pregnancy. She was willing to give Lin Fei’er a place to take good care of Li Peng.

After Lin Fei’er heard Yang Xiaobing’s sobbing words, she was shocked and felt a wave of discomfort in her stomach.

Heavens, it turned out that the two of them were in such a state. They only held a banquet and didn’t even get a marriage certificate?

Moreover, Yang Xiaobing actually urged Li Peng to let Lin Fei’er go back! She said that she was willing to be his second wife!

Although Li Peng listened silently, his eyes lit up repeatedly. He looked at Lin Fei’er with a pleading and an ‘as long as you come back’ kind of look.

What era was this? Could Li Peng still be dreaming of having two wives serving one husband?

Did he think that he was an ancient emperor who had three palaces, six courtyards, and seventy-two concubines and enjoyed the blessings of all?

Then he should slit his throat and reincarnate first!

Lin Fei’er was disgusted by these two people. She immediately wished the two of them an everlasting love. Then, she forced her way out of the path in front of her. Many passers-by who did not know the truth even rolled their eyes at her.

When she came out, Lin Fei’er really felt uncomfortable all over and almost retched on the lawn.

This scumbag couple in front of her had really refreshed Lin Fei’er’s views on the world, like and values once again!

She was now deeply grateful that she had listened to Su Wan’s advice and escaped from the sea of bitterness.

Now, Lin Fei’er did not even know if she should say that Li Peng was a good scumbag, or that he had brainwashed Yang Xiaobing successfully, or that Yang Xiaobing’s disguise was too good.

Li Peng had thought of registering marriage with one woman and have a banquet with another, with one being the first wife, and the other being the second wife. The two of them must have eaten too many brain-damaged pills to be able to think of such a thing.

After Lin Fei’er came out of the supermarket, she wandered around the streets. She was like a ghost, not knowing where to go.

Then, she saw the sign of Carefree Bar. Carefree, how could she be carefree?

Lin Fei’er sighed and walked in. It was said that alcohol could take away one’s sorrows and that one could forget their sorrows when drunk. She did not know if such theory was true.

Lin Fei’er held a goblet. The violet-colored cocktail shone through the bottle.

Lin Fei’er shook the glass and looked at the center of the dance floor in a daze.

The colorful lights were shining brightly. The dance floor was filled with people with perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair. The men and women inside were dancing crazily like water snakes. Every posture was so unrestrained.

There were all kinds of people in Carefree Bar. Many men couldn’t help but approach Lin Fei’er when they saw her sitting alone in the corner.

Although Lin Fei’er was sitting in a secluded and dark place, she didn’t fit in with the style of the bar. Soon, someone noticed her.

“Miss, what’s the point of drinking here in the middle of the night? Do you have something on your mind? Do you want to tell uncle about it?”