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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 382 - Not All Conditions Are Right

Chapter 382: Not All Conditions Are Right

Because she had been tormented yesterday, Su Wan did not have any outdoor activities on the island on the second day.

She only got up at noon and spent another afternoon watching television.

Jiang Xuecheng knew that she was tired, so he let her be lazy.

After resting for a day, Su Wan finally regained her energy and lived a life like a paradise on the island with Jiang Xuecheng.

The two of them went fishing together, made summer drinks together, and watched the sunset together. The time was so wonderful that it felt like a dream.

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s hand and strolled on the beach. Neither of them wore shoes and felt the fine sand under their feet.

The two of them walked side by side for a long time. Su Wan faced the sea breeze and listened to the distant sound of the sea with a calm heart. Sometimes it was cheerful and lively, and sometimes it was sad and resentful. It was like a natural song.

Su Wan suddenly became interested. She looked at the handsome side profile of Jiang Xuecheng and said seriously, “Xuecheng, why don’t the two of us play a song together here?”

Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan. He reached out and brushed Su Wan’s hair behind her ear. His voice was gentle.

“Okay, let’s go back and get the instruments now.”

Jiang Xuecheng drove all the way up the mountain road. Su Wan sat comfortably in the passenger seat and winded down the window.

Looking down from a distance, they could see a curve of blue water. It was like a blue diamond in the shape of a crescent. It was extremely beautiful.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng took the Fengqiwu and the white jade vertical flute before they turned back to the beach.

Because Su Wan had not learnt the guqin for a long time, the only song she was good at now was ‘Tune of a Peaceful Night’. Therefore, the two of them chose this song to play together.

Su Wan lowered her head slightly. Her fingertips were gently raised, and her hands swept across the strings of the guqin. As she practiced it more often, she was able to play ‘Tune of a Peaceful Night’ with ease. The rhythm that was slightly sluggish before was now incomparably smooth.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at her with a smile. Su Wan looked extremely beautiful when she played the guqin. Her eyes were calm, and her hands were slender. He was unable to shift his gaze away.

Jiang Xuecheng’s fingers covered the holes of the vertical flute, and he started to play along with the tune of Su Wan.

The ethereal sound of the guqin blended with the clear sound of the vertical flute. It hovered over the beach and drifted away with the sea breeze.

They were leading a happy life together as husband and wife.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng lived in isolation on the island. Although there were only two of them on the island, every day was like a day of the fairies, which was free from worries.


Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were preparing dinner together in the kitchen.

Su Wan wore a plain-colored apron and hummed a tune while washing vegetables on the sink counter.

“Wan Wan, what tune are you humming?”

Although he couldn’t hear the specific lyrics, the tune sounded very comfortable. It made people think of the lotus-picking girl in the poem ‘Lotus Picking in Jiangnan’.

Jiang Xuecheng held a silver kitchen knife and placed the washed beef on the chopping board. He thinned the beef bit by bit. His knife skills were very good, and each piece of beef was evenly sized.

Su Wan’s eyes curved. She put the washed vegetables in the pot and then scooped a spoonful of crushed ginger into it.

“Is it nice?”

Seeing Jiang Xuecheng nod, the corners of Su Wan’s lips curved up even more, “I made it up myself.”

When Jiang Xuecheng heard what she said, he smiled faintly. He opened the lid of the pot and poured in the cut beef. Then, he added a little cooking wine and sesame oil.

The pot bubbled with steam. Su Wan smelled the fragrance coming out of the pot and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s greedy appearance, a faint smile appeared in his dark eyes.

“Wan Wan, we’re almost done here. I can do it alone. You can wait outside.”

Su Wan nodded slightly, then opened the cabinet door and took the dishes out.

Su Wan sat at the long dining table. Feeling bored, she played with her phone.

Suddenly, a piece of news popped up automatically and leapt into Su Wan’s eyes.

Tomorrow morning at 1 am, the Lyrids meteor shower would arrive on earth.

Su Wan had never seen a meteor shower before, so she clicked on it.

“The Lyrids meteor shower will hit at 2 am tomorrow morning! It will peak at around 2:30 am!”

At its peak, one could see dozens or hundreds of meteors flying across the sky. Observers would be able to appreciate the beauty of the meteors with just their eyes, without the aid of astronomical instruments.

“The best position to observe the meteors was in the northeast. Those who had the right conditions were advised to observe the meteors from the mountains in the wild. The brightly lit city would affect the effect of stargazing in the night sky.”

After reading the whole article, Su Wan could not help but feel a little eager. She immediately went to check the suitable longitude and latitude for observation of the Lyrids meteors.

Perhaps it was because the weather was beautiful, this island happened to be within the suitable stargazing range!

It was a perfect time and place!

Su Wan was overjoyed and decided to suggest to Jiang Xuecheng to watch the meteors during dinner.

In addition, it was summer now, and the temperature on the island was on the high side. Su Wan felt that camping in the wild was not a problem, and she could watch the sunrise on the island in the morning. They could really kill two birds with one stone!

“Why are you so happy?”

After Jiang Xuecheng finished cooking the last dish, he entered the living room and saw Su Wan holding her phone and giggling foolishly.

When the man’s deep voice fell into her ears, Su Wan suddenly raised her head to look at him. She saw Jiang Xuecheng walking over with a large porcelain bowl filled with soup.

Jiang Xuecheng still looked tall and handsome with his apron on. He even gave out the feel of a family man, which inexplicably warmed her heart.

Su Wan stood up and pulled out a chair for Jiang Xuecheng. Her eyes were full of pride, “It’s a secret. I’ll tell you after dinner.”

Jiang Xuecheng glanced at Su Wan helplessly and then put down the things in his hands.

Besides the last dish of ginger beef, there were several dishes on the table, a dish of sweet and sour lotus root, a dish of steamed sea crab, and a dish of seaweed and pork rib soup.

Each dish had a rich aroma, which made people drool.

Su Wan giggled and then picked up a small rose bowl to serve Jiang Xuecheng a bowl of rice. She also picked up a few slices of sweet and sour lotus roots for him.

Jiang Xuecheng took the bowl and plate from Su Wan indifferently and said casually, “Wan Wan, you’re so hospitable. I feel that something is wrong.”

Su Wan rolled her eyes speechlessly, he said it in such a way as if she had treated him badly.

In Su Wan’s opinion, staying up late to watch the meteor shower was extremely romantic.

However, Jiang Xuecheng didn’t seem to be very interested in these things. Moreover, he usually worked and slept very regularly. Therefore, Su Wan couldn’t predict Jiang Xuecheng’s state of mind, and so she adopted a circuitous strategy to express her wish and put forward her request.

Su Wan took a light breath and decided not to keep him in suspense. She fixed her eyes on Jiang Xuecheng, and there seemed to be stars shining in her eyes.

“Xuecheng, there will be a Lyrids meteor shower at two o’clock tomorrow morning! Shall we go and watch it together?”

When Jiang Xuecheng heard this, his hand which was holding the chopsticks instantly froze. There was a moment of silence, and several words spilled out of his thin lips.

“It isn’t good to stay up late.”