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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: I’ll Wait For You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan dashed to the balcony. She held on to the balcony railing tightly while looking down. True enough, she saw the low profile but luxurious Koenigsegg Agera R.

However, what caught her eye was the man leaning against the Koenigsegg Agera R. He was a man with beautiful brows and eyes, a man with extraordinarily elegance who would easily make heads turn.

As if sensing Su Wan’s stares, Jiang Xuecheng raised his head and fixed his eyes on Su Wan, who was looking down from above.

There was quite a distance between them but Su Wan felt as if Jiang Xuecheng’s vision was a substance imprinted on her skin and it was amazingly hot.

Su Wan looked away, afraid to meet his gaze. She asked softly through her phone, “When did you come?”

She heard Jiang Xuecheng’s voice from the other end and it was so near as if he was whispering directly into her ears.

“I’ve been following you the moment you emerged from Long Teng.”

What? Jiang Xuecheng had been following her all the way from the office…

She imagined that scene and palpitated from nervousness. Then, she calmed down the weird and sincere feeling in her heart and tried to speak in a nonchalant tone.

“Mr. Jiang, you don’t have to do anything because of today’s incident. We’re both adults and it was just a kiss. Nothing else happened between us…”

There was silence on the other end of the line that made Su Wan feel uncomfortable.

“Mr. Jiang?”

Su Wan tried calling out his name but the silence remained. Su Wan was stunned and suddenly, she found the call had been ended.

She looked down from the balcony and saw the black Koenigsegg Agera R was still around but the tall figure had disappeared.

Oh god! Jiang Xuecheng did not come up, did he? If he were to come up, how should she explain to Lin Fei’er?

She didn’t know why she didn’t want to tell anyone about her and Jiang Xuecheng. Since their relationship would not be fruitful, why let others worry?

“Wan, someone is here for you!”

From the living hall came Lin Fei’er’s surprised and joyful voice. Su Wan’s heart skipped a beat. Did Jiang Xuecheng really come up?

She clasped her hands tightly and kept convincing herself before she walked out of the balcony. How should she face Jiang Xuecheng? How should she explain her relationship with Jiang Xuecheng to Lin Fei’er?

They were neither a couple nor friends, but Jiang Xuecheng had come to look for her!

She couldn’t say Jiang Xuecheng was here to discuss work matters with her, could she? How could the influential prince of Di Chen Group have something to discuss with a little newcomer?

Su Wan lowered her head and eventually walked to the living hall reluctantly.

However, the sight that greeted her was not that handsome man but was Lin Fei’er carrying a big bouquet of blue roses instead, smiling at her.

What was this?

Su Wan was puzzled. She looked around the surrounding but did not see Jiang Xuecheng. There was an unknown disappointment in her heart.

Su Wan supressed her perplexity while she asked Lin Fei’er, “Where’s the person you mentioned and what are these flowers?”

Lin Fei’er smiled as she lowered her head to smell the flowers in her hand. “I heard the doorbell. So, I went to open the door. Guess what happened next?”

“What happened next?” Su Wan’s expression did not change but clasped her hands, afraid to reveal her emotions.

Lin Fei’er waved the beautiful and fragrant bouquet of blue roses. “Then I saw this bouquet of flowers at the door but nobody was there. There’s a card with your name on it attached.”

Su Wan let out a sigh of relief upon knowing that Lin Fei’er did not see Jiang Xuecheng. She accepted the blue roses and couldn’t help but smile.

She had always thought that she didn’t like flowers, but when something beautiful was placed in front of her, it brought her joy.

The blue flowers were blooming and were tied into a bunch by a colored ribbon. It was so beautiful it made her disconcerted.

Su Wan took out the exquisite card from the middle of the bouquet and on the card were the words ‘I’ll wait for you’ without the name of the sender.

Although there were only a few words, the strokes revealed his emotions at the time he had written this card.

“Aren’t these flowers beautiful?” Lin Fei’er winked at Su Wan. “Who gave these to you?”

Su Wan was absorbed when she read the card and when she heard Lin Fei’er, she regained her senses. She looked down unnaturally and suggested, “It might be the man I had a blind date with…”

She had no choice but to use him as her shield.

Lin Fei’er did not suspect anything. She regarded Su Wan’s unnatural expression as her dislike for the man. Lin Fei’er continued, “Didn’t you say the man is ill-mannered? I’ll throw the flowers away now so he won’t trouble you…”

Su Wan blurted out uncontrollably, “No…”

“Why?” Lin Fei’er turned, feeling puzzled.

Su Wan added after seeing Lin Fei’er’s puzzled look, “These flowers are beautiful. Let’s keep them for a few days. What if he sends some more if we throw them away? I’ll make him give up.”

Lin Fei’er thought it was true. So, she placed the blue roses in the vase in the living hall. The delicate and gorgeous flower bouquet made the living hall livelier.

That night, Su Wan couldn’t sleep again. Scenes of Jiang Xuecheng kissing her, the blooming blue roses, and the words ‘I’ll wait for you’ on the card kept flashing in her mind.

What was Jiang Xuecheng waiting for?

Was he waiting for her to accept him?

Su Wan’s headache attacked her again and she hugged her pillow. So, she turned and tossed the whole night before she could fall asleep. The next morning when she awoke, she was in low spirits.

As she had woken up slightly later, Su Wan didn’t have time to conceal her dark eye circles. So, she went to the office feeling fatigued.

When the employees in planning department saw her face, which lacked energy, they thought she was worried about the possibility of fired.

They thought Su Wan had pretended to be fearless yesterday. Now, didn’t she have a sleepless night…?

Everyone was waiting to see Su Wan being chased out of the office but it was almost lunch time and no orders had been given from above.

Su Wan didn’t mind the mocking and isolation from her colleagues. She stood up and as she was ready to go for lunch, her mobile phone rang.

Su Wan almost thought it was Jiang Xuecheng. When she looked closer, it was Su Yurou’s number.

How did Su Yurou know her new mobile phone number?

Did her grandfather give her the number?

Su Wan pursed her lips. She hesitated for some time and finally accepted the call.

“Is this Wan? Have you taken your lunch?” The voice on the other end was a gentle and charming female voice.

Su Wan answered coldly, “Su Yurou, what do you want from me? Tell me directly, don’t keep me guessing.”

Su Yurou didn’t quite understand what she meant and uttered lots of nonsense. Just when Su Wan was about to end the call, the voice on the other end was like the devil, controlling her heart.

“Wan, do you wish to know the truth about your parents’ deaths?”