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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 378 - A Picturesque Time

Chapter 378: A Picturesque Time

The cool sea breeze blew, and the sound of seagulls could be heard. The sea water splashed against the rocks, creating countless waves.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan, who was focused on feeding him grilled fish, and the smile on his face seemed to bloom.

“Wan Wan, let me feed you too, okay?”

Hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, Su Wan’s long eyelashes flickered. She glanced at Jiang Xuecheng from the corner of her eyes.

“Don’t. Take care of yourself first.”

Su Wan picked out some prawns and scallops from a plate, then took a bowl of fresh and fragrant fish soup, and handed to Jiang Xuecheng.

Jiang Xuecheng took it with a smile. He scooped up a spoonful of fish soup with a spoon and drank it. When he looked up, he saw Su Wan focused on eating the grilled prawns.

Su Wan was always so engrossed in her food, giving people the feeling that she was eating the most delicious food in the world.

She chewed on the freshly grilled prawns and felt that it was extremely crispy. She happily narrowed her eyes, and her beautiful face instantly bloomed with joy.

Su Wan preferred to eat spicy food. The bright red chili oil stained the corners of her lips, and it actually seemed to be somewhat seductive. It aroused Jiang Xuecheng’s urge to kiss her.

Watching how Su Wan was focused on eating and did not even glance at him, Jiang Xuecheng was a little jealous of the deshelled prawns in Su Wan’s hands. He could not help but ask sourly, “Is it really that delicious?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh when she heard his jealous tone. She tilted her head and looked at him. Because she had eaten a lot of spicy sauce, her delicate face was slightly rosy.

“It’s mainly because you grilled it well!”

Su Wan could comfort people easily.

When Jiang Xuecheng heard that, the corners of his lips curved up. His handsome face was stained by the sunlight, and he was so handsome that he didn’t look like a mortal.

“Wan Wan, if you like it, I’ll catch a few more for you later.”

Upon hearing that, Su Wan quickly shook her head and said softly, “No, thank you. There’s no point in eating lobsters all the time. Aren’t there fruits, vegetables, and meat in the cold storage room? Let’s not eat seafood tonight.”

When she thought of how Jiang Xuecheng’s hand had been injured by the lobster earlier, Su Wan subconsciously felt that it was still dangerous to catch such things.

Jiang Xuecheng thought about it and agreed.

After dinner, the two of them enjoyed sunbathing for a while. Su Wan noticed that there were many tall coconut trees on the island. She looked up and saw the fruit hanging on the tree, and could not help but drool.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s look, he knew that she had the intention to drink the coconut water.

“I’ll go and pick the coconut.”

The calm tone came from his thin lips, and it came so naturally.

“You can climb trees?”

Su Wan was stunned. Then, she suddenly remembered that Jiang Xuecheng was very agile, so climbing trees should not be a problem for him.

“Oh, yes, you definitely can, but your hand is injured. Xuecheng, why don’t I try to find long bamboo poles to knock the coconut off?”

With a calm expression, Jiang Xuecheng shook his left hand in front of Su Wan with a smile.

“It’s fine now. Look, I can’t even find the wound.”

It was just a scratch to begin with. To Jiang Xuecheng, whose skin had amazing healing ability, it was nothing.

When Su Wan saw that Jiang Xuecheng’s finger was completely healed, she could not help but feel a little shocked. Although it was a small injury, it had only been more than an hour, and there was not even a trace of it left!

Su Wan walked over and held Jiang Xuecheng’s finger. She skimmed through his finger, wishing that she could stare through it, but there was indeed nothing.

The knuckles of his fingers were distinct, clean and slender, and the color of his skin was slightly fairer than that of an average man.

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head to look at Su Wan. The sun shone its golden light, staining Su Wan’s hair a beautiful golden.

A few strands of her long hair were blown to the corner of Su Wan’s lips by the sea breeze.

Jiang Xuecheng actually felt that he was a little jealous of those strands of hair.

Such jealousy came out of nowhere, but it was difficult for him to restrain himself.

Jiang Xuecheng could not help but hold Su Wan’s head. Su Wan was stunned. When she was about to ask him what he was doing, that handsome face kept enlarging until a pair of thin and cold lips pressed against hers all of a sudden.

In a distance, the white clouds were floating leisurely, and the sea and sky were combined in a line. The bright sunlight shone on the couple, and few seagulls flew around. The scene was so beautiful that it was like an oil painting which was meticulously drawn by a master.

Jiang Xuecheng’s slender fingers brushed past Su Wan’s delicate face. His eyes darkened slightly, and then sparkled.

He had wanted to kiss Su Wan long ago when she was eating the little lobsters. He was moving around with a domineering air that could not be disobeyed, like he was conquering a city.

Su Wan’s lips were very soft. Every time Jiang Xuecheng kissed her, he always felt like he was kissing a rose petal. It was so fragrant and sweet.

Su Wan felt as if she had been electrified. She felt that she could only listen to this man’s instructions and resonate with him.

After kissing for a long time, Su Wan could not stand it anymore. She kept blinking her eyes to signal Jiang Xuecheng to stop. Only then did the man let go of Su Wan.

Jiang Xuecheng’s thin lips moved upward, along Su Wan’s cheeks, her eyes, and all the way to the center of her brows.

Su Wan’s face was slightly red and hot. She weakly lay in Jiang Xuecheng’s arms. Her nostrils were filled with Jiang Xuecheng’s clear masculine scent.

Su Wan lowered her eyes in embarrassment and said in a soft voice, “Don’t do this in the future. At least let me know in advance.”

She wanted to be mentally prepared.

Hearing Su Wan’s naive words, Jiang Xuecheng let out a low laugh. He did not agree or refute. Instead, he directly climbed up the coconut tree beside him.

Su Wan was shocked. She realized that Jiang Xuecheng was far more agile than she had imagined. He was like an agile ape, climbing up the tall treetop in just a while.

Su Wan looked up and saw Jiang Xuecheng holding a branch with one hand and touching the coconuts with the other. She could not help but feel worried. She immediately opened her mouth and shouted.

“Be careful! Be careful.”

It was so high. It would be terrible if he fell down.

Su Wan’s concerned words came from the ground. Jiang Xuecheng smiled slightly. He reached out and plucked the ripe coconuts that looked like they were about to fall. Then, he threw them and they accurately landed beside Su Wan’s feet.

Seeing that Jiang Xuecheng had thrown three coconuts, Su Wan quickly waved at him.

“Xuecheng, come down. There are enough coconuts!”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and climbed down swiftly. When he was near the ground, he jumped down.

Su Wan held the three greenish-gray coconuts. She held a fruit knife and gestured on top of the fruits, trying to figure out how to break them.

In the past, Su Wan had asked the shop owner to prepare the coconuts for her. It was her first time breaking the fruits herself.

Jiang Xuecheng washed his hands and smiled at Su Wan, “Give me the knife. I’ll cut them.”

The man was stronger than her, so it was more convenient for him to cut the coconuts. Su Wan responded softly and immediately handed him the fruit knife in her hand.

Jiang Xuecheng took the knife and first knocked on the back of the coconut. Then, he cut along the fiber of the coconut.

“You’re good!”

Su Wan was shocked by the speed of Jiang Xuecheng cutting the coconuts. Her eyes were burning, and there was admiration in her surprised voice.