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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 366 - Does She Wish To Go To Jail?

Chapter 366: Does She Wish To Go To Jail?

Breakfast was being served on the first floor of Fenghuangtai Hotel.

Lin Fei’er could only eat a few pieces of Western-style cakes before losing her appetite. She stood up with her handbag and nodded to Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

“Wan, Young Master, I have something to attend to, so I’ll get going. I wish you a happy honeymoon, and remember to share your photos with me when you return.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded slightly.

Lin Fei’er usually had a good appetite and furthermore, the food prepared at the hotel were really much better than outside. Su Wan noticed that she only ate very little and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Su Wan frowned slightly. She looked at Lin Fei’er who had put on light makeup but still looked drained and she became more worried.

“Fei’er, are you really okay? Are you sick?”

Lin Fei’er met Su Wan’s gaze. Facing the concern of her friend, her heart felt tight.

She couldn’t say that she was unfortunate enough to encounter that kind of thing on her best friend’s wedding night, could she?

Lin Fei’er swallowed the bitterness that flowed between her lips and teeth and the smile on her face was still calm.

“Don’t worry Wan, I’m really fine. I probably stayed too late on the observation deck yesterday and my head hurts because of the wind.”

Su Wan’s heavy heart finally lightened a bit. She stood up and poked Lin Fei’er’s forehead.

“You shouldn’t have exposed yourself to the wind. You must have caught a cold. Drink more warm water when you go back and get a good night’s sleep.”

Lin Fei’er smiled and the corner of her lips curled up. She really felt that Su Wan sounded like an old mother.

She finally relaxed a little and Lin Fei’er chuckled while wrapping her arm around Su Wan’s neck.

“Okay, I will remember. Goodbye Wan, Young Master.”

Lin Fei’er spoke as she got off the stool and was about to leave Fenghuangtai Hotel.

Before she could take a step, she suddenly heard a rush of footsteps coming their way.

Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng and Lin Fei’er raised their heads to the sight of Sheng An’ning and Jiang Haoxuan rushing toward them.

Jiang Haoxuan looked okay, but Sheng An’ning’s posture was really aggressive and her expression was sour.

There was a cold light in Su Wan’s almond eyes. She didn’t know what Sheng An’ning was planning to do early in the morning.

Lin Fei’er’s gaze flickered over Jiang Haoxuan behind Sheng An’ning and her hands began trembling uncontrollably.

Lin Fei’er held the chair next to her for support but her calm expression was breaking.

Lin Fei’er felt a pain in her heart and at that moment she couldn’t care about anything else. She took her bag and wanted to leave.

Suddenly, Sheng An’ning ran over quickly and stretched out her arms to block Lin Fei’er.

Lin Fei’er didn’t want to see this woman. Yesterday’s encounter made Lin Fei’er felt even more disgusted with Sheng An’ning.

“Get out of the way.”

Lin Fei’er looked at Sheng An’ning coldly. There was a layer of frost as cold as ice covering her bright and beautiful face.

Sheng An’ning flared with anger and immediately raised her hand with the intention to slap Lin Fei’er.

However, Jiang Xuecheng was also there. So, Sheng An’ning’s hands stopped for a while, not wanting to ruin her gentle image in Jiang Xuecheng’s heart.

Sheng An’ning’s beautiful eyes flashed and she sneered softly.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think I’d want to block you? You run as soon as you see Haoxuan and I coming. Do you have a guilty conscience?”

Seeing Sheng An’ning’s arrogant face, a faint light flashed in Su Wan’s eyes.

She had originally thought that Sheng An’ning rushed over in such a hurry to target her but Sheng An’ning had actually vented her anger at Lin Fei’er!

Su Wan couldn’t stand seeing others bullying her friend, so she stood in front of Lin Fe’ier and her eyes were cold.

“Sheng An’ning, don’t abuse one over the shoulder of another. Tell me if there’s something you want to say. Fei’er was about to leave, don’t accuse her for a guilty conscience!”

Sheng An’ning sneered again. When their eyes met, she smiled a disdainful smile.

“What is this woman if not a thief?! Haoxuan’s million-dollar Patek Philippe watch is lost. I suspect that your good friend has stolen it!”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan was stunned. Subconsciously, she thought that Sheng An’ning was going to frame Lin Fei’er.

For Su Wan, it was not surprising for Sheng An’ning to use any means to deal with her, but she did not expect her to drag her good fried into the mess.

Su Wan looked at Lin Fe’ier and almost automatically rejected Sheng An’ning’s words.

“Fei’er isn’t that kind of person.”

A faint warmth flickered in Lin Fei’er’s heart when Su Wan defended her.

Lin Fei’er frowned and processed what Sheng Anning had said. She had not expected Jiang Haoxuan to run down because of a lost watch.

She thought Jiang Haoxuan had recognized her…

Fortunately, what could a drunkard who was too drunk to recognize anything, do?

Lin Fei’er’s heart loosened in an instant. She took a breath and her expression remained indifferent.

“Miss Sheng, it isn’t a good habit for you to accuse others like this. I would never steal someone’s belongings.”

“Of course you won’t admit it!”

Sheng An’ning snorted coldly. She went back to the room with Jiang Haoxuan to search but she couldn’t find the watch no matter how hard she looked and decided to look for it in the hall.

When they got out of the elevator, they bumped into Lin Fei’er. Lin Fei’er looked as if she had seen ghosts when she saw them. At one glance, it was obvious that something was wrong and she was eager to leave. What could it be other than the fact that she wanted to escape with a guilty conscience?

Sheng An’ning had once done an investigation on Su Wan and got to know about her friends. She knew that Lin Fei’er came from just an ordinary family. It was normal for her greed to arise when she saw the million-dollar watch.

Birds of a feather flocked together. If Lin Fei’er had a bad reputation, how could the character of Su Wan, who was friends with her, be better?

“If you want to prove your innocence, do you dare to let us search your bag?”

Sheng An’ning looked at Lin Fei’er. Her sweet voice laced with provocation.

Su Wan was immediately angry upon hearing this. “How could you search someone’s bag…”

Lin Fei’er stopped Su Wan and said lightly. “Alright, you can search if you want. If the Patek Philippe watch you mentioned isn’t in it, you have to apologize to me.”

Lin Fei’er wanted to leave quickly, so she didn’t want to continue arguing with Sheng An’ning, thinking she could go earlier if she let them search her bag.

Sheng An’ning was confused by Lin Fei’er’s attitude. Had she guessed wrongly?

Sheng An’ning snorted as she snatched Lin Fei’er’s bag. After searching for a while, she touched a cold watchband.

Sheng An’ning took out the watch and her eyes lit up instantly.

She had found it!

“Look, I said you stole it! You had indeed stolen it!”

As Sheng An’ning spoke, she walked past Jiang Haoxuan who had been silent behind her. She raised her chin and her expression was as arrogant as a princess’.

“Sis-in-Law, what else do you have to say now to defend a thief?! This watch is worth millions and your friend had actually done something like this at a wedding banquet. Does she wish to go to jail?”

Lin Fei’er looked at the watch and her expression changed all of a sudden.