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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 354 - Give Birth To A Baby Quickly

Chapter 354: Give Birth To A Baby Quickly

Su Wan’s unique mild fragrance lingered in his nostrils.

How nice it was that today, under the witness of his relatives and good friends, she had lawfully become his wife.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan steadily. He locked his gaze on the pretty face in front of him and his eyes sparkled.

Su Wan tilted up her face and met that pair of deep and profound eyes. Su Wan’s heartbeat was out of rhythm uncontrollably.

She suppressed her bashfulness and gladly met his lips. This was a declaration to the entire world that this man was hers and that no one was allowed to fight with her.

When the guests saw the couple, who were immersed in their inseparable kiss, their eyes were filled with envy.

The lovers finally got married. Such beautiful moment was worth remembering forever.

After kissing, Su Wan’s cheeks were slightly hot and the tips of her ears were stained red. Her eyes were misty just like the rain in Jiangnan and it touched people’s heart.

Some younger guests below the stage couldn’t help giving them another applause. “One more kiss!”

It was hard to turn down the request but Su Wan was embarrassed. Jiang Xuecheng knew Su Wan was thin-skinned and out of selfishness, he didn’t want to let others look at the bashful woman in his embrace without restraint. So, he smiled but didn’t say a single word.

Jiang Xuecheng gently held Su Wan’s waist. He looked really possessive, unlike his usual cold appearance.

There was a burst of banter before finally advancing to the last session—the tossing of bridal bouquet.

That moment, all the young girls, be it single or in a relationship, rushed to the front row with the intention of getting a good place so they could catch the bridal bouquet.

Many of these girls were initially not so eager to get married but after witnessing Su Wan’s and Jiang Xuecheng’s wedding ceremony, their desires had been ignited.

Their only problem was that they couldn’t find a perfect person to marry!

Su Wan looked around the girls with faces filled with yearning. Finally, she fixed her vision on a bright face—Lin Fei’er.

Lin Fei’er obviously did not have the intention to catch the bridal bouquet. Hence, she did not stand in front. However, she stood not too far away to see her best friend getting married.

With Su Wan’s strength, she could throw the bouquet to the place her best friend was standing but she didn’t know if she could throw it accurately enough for Lin Fei’er to catch it.

Fei’er, I hope you’ll be happy.

Su Wan prayed in her heart silently. Then, she smiled and with all her might, threw the beautiful Phalaenopsis bridal bouquet toward the direction where Lin Fei’er stood.

Lin Fei’er saw Su Wan staring at her and her eyes widened. Wan wanted to throw the bridal bouquet to her?

She had no intention to catch it!

“I want to grab the bridal bouquet!”

“I want to marry my Mr. Right. The bridal bouquet is mine!”

The young girls surrounding Lin Fei’er couldn’t help looting. Lin Fei’er felt uneasy being squeezed. She subconsciously raised her arm to protect herself when she saw something attacking her.

In a loud scream, Lin Fei’er was hit by the Phalaenopsis bridal bouquet!

Lin Fei’er took a slight breath and picked up the Phalaenopsis bridal bouquet. Feeling embarrassed, she wanted to ask if anyone wanted it.

However, before Lin Fei’er could ask, she heard Su Wan taking the lead in clapping. Then, Jiang Xuecheng started clapping to celebrate too. Although other guests did not know Lin Fei’er, they too clapped to give her their well wishes.

When Su Wan saw Lin Fei’er looking helpless in the middle of the crowd, she took a light breath and took the microphone and with a smile on her face, said, “The person who caught the bridal bouquet is my best friend. Fei’er, I hope the Phalaenopsis will bring you good luck and that happiness comes your way!”

Lin Fei’er looked at Su Wan and a sense of bitterness appeared in her eyes. She held the light purple Phalaenopsis bridal bouquet and tears flowed uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes.

She was very excited to witness her best friend get married today and never had she expected Su Wan to still care about her at such moment.

She didn’t know where she would end up but at least there were still so many people cheering for her.

Lin Fei’er choked. “Thank you, thank you everyone.”

Su Wan walked down from the stage and hugged Lin Fei’er gently. “Today is my big day. Please don’t cry.”

Lin Fei’er wiped off her tears and glared at Su Wan.

“These are tears of joy. I’m happy, don’t you know?”

“I do know it, Your Majesty, but you look prettier when you smile.”

As Su Wan spoke, she pinched Lin Fei’er’s face and there was a sense of teasing on her face.

Lin Fei’er turned tears into laughter and then told Jiang Xuecheng who was standing behind Su Wan, “Young Master, I know you’re a good man. You must take good care of her and not let Wan nurse grievances, okay?”

“I will.”

Jiang Xuecheng nodded indifferently and then pulled Su Wan back to his side.

Only now did he realize that watching his wife hugging and laughing with another woman could make him feel inexplicably uncomfortable too.

When Lin Fei’er saw how protective Jiang Xuecheng was toward Su Wan, she couldn’t help smiling. She was relieved to see such a person taking care of Su Wan.

When the seniors of the Jiang and Xie family saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng coming down from the stage, they all came crowding.

With Su Wan’s and Jiang Xuecheng’s fingers interlocking, Su Wan nodded at each of the seniors.

“Hello, father, mother, grandfather and grandmother, grandfather, grandmother.”

Luo Xiuxiu took a step forward and looked at Su Wan smilingly. She covered Su Wan’s right hand in a friendly manner.

“Wan, you look extremely beautiful today. I’ll be relieved to have you by my grandson’s side from now on.”

Su Wan nodded respectfully. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Xu Ziyao, who was dressed in a cheongsam, walking toward them.

There was a faint light in Xu Ziyao’s eyes and she was as elegant and charming as usual.

“Now that the wedding has been held and the ceremony has been completed, both of you must have a good life. As parents, we won’t request that you have a luxurious life. The most important is family harmony and mutual trust.”

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng nodded. Xu Ziyao examined them and felt satisfied. Then, she gave Su Wan a big red packet.

Su Wan was taken aback. Xu Ziyao had given her one when she had gone to the Jiang family’s old mansion previously. Wasn’t it unacceptable for her to receive one again?

Moreover, she and Jiang Xuecheng had lots of money.

Just when Su Wan was about to decline, Jiang Xuecheng squeezed her palm, signaling to her to accept.

Su Wan was stunned but in the end, did what Jiang Xuecheng wanted her to do. She accepted the big red packet.

When Su Wan’s maternal grandmother, Lin Xuan, saw the little interaction between the husband and wife, she laughed.

Back then, when Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng visited them in A City for the first time, Lin Xuan liked this grandson-in-law of hers. Looking at him now, she was more and more satisfied.

“The most important task for the two of you now is to have a child. Although I’m old, I still wish to carry and play with my great-grandchildren…”