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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Furious Jiang Xuecheng

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan trailed behind Jiang Xuecheng anxiously. They were only standing a meter apart.

Finally, when they arrived at the chairman’s office, Jiang Xuecheng looked askance at Su Wan coldly. His whole body was filled with an air that made one lose their nerve.

“Do you think I’ll eat you? Come here!”

The sound of Jiang Xuecheng’s indifferent and sharp voice caused Su Wan’s heart to thump violently. Jiang Xuecheng was really angry…

But why?

She was the one who had been taken advantage of. He didn’t have to be this angry, did he?

Afraid of Jiang Xuecheng’s look, Su Wan didn’t dare approach him. Instead, she unconsciously took a step back.

When he saw Su Wan’s gesture, Jiang Xuecheng thought that Su Wan would rather be touched by that dirty Mr. Xu than to come closer to him.

A surge of emotions welled up in Jiang Xuecheng and suddenly, his lacerated rage flared up. He walked quickly toward Su Wan and carried Su Wan in the manner of an eagle catching a little chick.

“Hey, you…”

Su Wan did not expect Jiang Xuecheng to be this impudent. While in the air, she lost her foothold and could only use her hands to hold on to Jiang Xuecheng’s neck helplessly.

“This is an office. People will be walking around. Aren’t you afraid that someone will see us?”

Su Wan was both angry and afraid. She kept kicking at Jiang Xuecheng’s waist but could not stop this man.

In reality, Su Wan’s worries were unnecessary. Jiang Xuecheng’s exclusive office was situated at the top floor of Long Teng International. As he had not previously visited this office, the whole floor was vacant. Without his orders, nobody could come up to this floor.

Upon hearing Su Wan’s interrogation, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. He glared at Su Wan and his fury had reached its peak.

“What about just now when you and Mr. Xu did such a thing? Were you not afraid that others would see?”

Su Wan was scared by Jiang Xuecheng’s hostile look. Jiang Xuecheng opened his office door and threw Su Wan onto the leather couch.

Although the couch was soft, Jiang Xuecheng did not have pity for Su Wan when he threw her onto the couch.

Su Wan massaged her painful leg. She felt Jiang Xuecheng was currently acting like a mad man who was deaf to all words.

Jiang Xuecheng had never been to this office previously, but the office was spacious and it was well-furnished and decorated.

To allow Jiang Xuecheng to rest easily, the office was equipped with a couch and a bed set.

Jiang Xuecheng shot Su Wan a glance and his lips curved as if ridiculing her.

“Answer me!”

Su Wan stared blankly for a good while before remembering his question. Then, she started to rebut.

“Mr. Xu is my superior. At first, I didn’t think he would have that sort of evil thoughts. When I started sensing something amiss and was about to…”

Before Su Wan could finish her sentence, Jiang Xuecheng came close to her, pressed her lower jaw, and forced Su Wan to swallow all the other words she wanted to say.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were getting colder, his face was gloomy, and his icy voice stabbed into Su Wan’s heart.

“Do you mean to say you won’t resist as long as the person is your superior?”


Su Wan felt innocent but she didn’t even have the opportunity to explain as Jiang Xuecheng sealed her lips with his.


She was caught off guard.

Su Wan’s almond eyes widened and could not accept the reality that she had once again been forced into a kiss by Jiang Xuecheng.

This b*stard! He’s too shameless!

On the other hand, the mind of the furious Jiang Xuecheng was currently filled with jealousy and he ignored Su Wan’s resistance.

He could hardly control his feelings. ‘Then, just let it be!’ A voice kept yelling in the bottom of Jiang Xuecheng’s heart.

The feeling of their lips touching was familiar and intriguing beyond words.

Jiang Xuecheng mercilessly attacked Su Wan’s lips. The insane drowning had swallowed both Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng in seconds.

Su Wan pinched Jiang Xuecheng with her nails, but his suit was thick. Though Su Wan’s nails were painful, Jiang Xuecheng could not feel the pain.

The difference in strength between them was too large!

Su Wan let her hands fall and helplessly held the hand-embroidered cushion cover tightly. All the oxygen in her mouth had all been snatched away by Jiang Xuecheng and she didn’t know how to breathe.

This ferocious and strong kiss was completely guided by Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan was merely following his rhythm.

Su Wan’s heart raced. The man’s cool and pleasant breath kept blending with Su Wan’s breath and she found out a painful truth.

…She was resisting Jiang Xuecheng’s force but she did not detest his kiss.


How could one’s breath be as cold as snow but once near, turn into an explosive flame?

After some time, both their breaths trembled, especially Su Wan’s. Her heart was beating fast and she had almost suspected her heart was crazy.

Jiang Xuecheng suddenly turned and pressed Su Wan on the couch but their lips parted.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes was dark and no one could guess the emotions contained within. However, Jiang Xuecheng knew that the jealousy he had earlier had been replaced by another feeling of wanting more.

The room had quietened down and Su Wan’s heart trembled at the sight of Jiang Xuecheng’s dark, bottomless eyes.

She palpitated nervously but this feeling was strange and wonderful.

Su Wan had wanted to push Jiang Xuecheng away with her trembling hands but Jiang Xuecheng saw her intention and lowered his head. Once again, his thin lips pressed against hers.

The kiss started vicious like a beast but gradually, it turned gentle and deep.

Jiang Xuecheng started to take Su Wan’s feelings into consideration. His kiss was gentle but numb, and it numbed both their hearts very quickly.

Su Wan didn’t know when she could breathe freely. She realized she was drowning in this kiss and her consciousness started to blur…

Su Wan was dizzy. She couldn’t bother about her whereabouts and what she was doing but she knew the person accompanying her was Jiang Xuecheng.

A grand flame was emitting from Jiang Xuecheng’s body and this flame started burning. It was impossible to be put out but rather, it burnt more and more fiercely, corroding his consciousness.

This was not sufficient, far from sufficient…

Although he had no experience, he knew what he wished to do.

His hand brushed Su Wan’s face contour lingeringly. This was definitely not the most pretty face he had seen but it was one that he would never tire of looking at.

Since when did he have this feeling?

He had only seen this woman several times but she had easily occupied his mind.

Jiang Xuecheng sighed lowly. His glimmering eyes stared at Su Wan. If Su Wan was a calamity he could not avoid in his life, he was willing to succumb to his fate.