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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Come With Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes emitted thick hostility as if waiting for Su Wan’s refutation to fire Mr. Xu immediately.

Everyone standing behind Jiang Xuecheng kept quiet. As Jiang Xuecheng was the first person to enter, those behind him did not see what had happened in the office.

The older employees naturally knew Mr. Xu was cunning and was probably teasing the new female employee.

The planning department of Long Teng International was directly under the management of Mr. Xu. All employee he chose were young and pretty girls, and none of these girls had not been molested by Mr. Xu.

Mr. Xu was rich, powerful, and the top leader at Long Teng International. If these girls wished to continue working at Long Teng International, they had to endure this.

Furthermore, Mr. Xu always gave them quite a substantial amount after they had fun and they could easily get promotions and salary increments. Hence, they had tacitly agreed to Mr. Xu’s behavior. Nobody wanted to break this protective layer.

However, who would have expected Jiang Xuecheng to detest the behavior of male superiors harassing female subordinates? Everyone heard that he didn’t like to be in close contact with ladies, but who knew he wanted to handle this case?

Jiang Xuecheng was known for his weird personality, efficiency, and effectiveness in handling things. Mr. Xu was probably getting himself into trouble.

Sensing that Jiang Xuecheng didn’t believe in him, Mr. Xu’s palms started sweating.

Mr. Xu gulped and looked at Su Wan as if pleading her to help him.

“Su Wan, please explain to Mr. Jiang that I was greeting you and wanted to promote you…”

Mr. Xu kept blinking at Su Wan, hinting to her that if she were to speak for him, she could ask for anything.

Su Wan ignored his hint. Her lips opened slightly and her calm voice echoed in the air, awakening everyone in the office.

“Mr. Jiang, today is my first day of work at Long Teng International. I don’t have any qualifications but Mr. Xu keeps saying he wants to promote me. Don’t you think this is too fishy?”

Su Wan’s words made Mr. Xu tremble. He had reached the peak of fear!

The bystanders didn’t expect Su Wan to be so direct. She didn’t only ignore Mr. Xu’s friendly offer but each of her words were convincing and easily aroused people’s imagination…

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng’s face darkened. He shot a sharp look at Mr. Xu but did not utter a single word.

Mr. Xu was frightened by Jiang Xuecheng’s dismembering look. His lips were trembling and his voice was hoarse and breaking.

“Mr. Jiang, don’t believe what she’s said. She has wronged me. I’ve been working at Long Teng International for many years, how could I harass female subordinates?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were so deep no one could guess what he was thinking. He held Mr. Xu by his necktie and ask him in a quick and forceful manner.

“Do you mean to say she seduced you?”

Mr. Xu saw this as the last opportunity to save his life. He thought Jiang Xuecheng was trying to save his face and so he nodded.

“Yes, yes, she tried to flatter me on purpose. I thought of hiding this since she’s still young, but I’ve caused Mr. Jiang to misunderstand me…”

The other people let out a sigh of relief. Some pitied Su Wan but some looked at her in detest and thought that Su Wan was going to be in trouble. Why did she argue with her superior…?

Su Wan laughed sarcastically and then pursed her lips.

That moment, she understood why Lin Fei’er liked to be a freelancer and did not wish to deal with complicated interpersonal relationships.

So, was this what her grandfather mentioned about workplaces?

This workplace was full of great bloodshed. Anyone could sling mud at you at any time. The malevolence of human nature could easily bring calamity.

Su Wan took a deep breath and refrained herself from rashly slapping Mr. Xu.

“Mr. Jiang, I can only say that what I said is true. My taste isn’t that bad that I’d take a fancy to Mr. Xu.”

Mr. Xu saw Su Wan’s contemptuous look and his anger within almost flared up.

“You b*tch…”

However, beyond everyone’s expectation, before Mr. Xu could even finish scolding, Jiang Xuecheng punched him in the face.

Mr. Xu’s strong build flew to the wall, just like a light, fallen leaf!

Nobody knew why a murderous look appeared in Jiang Xuecheng’s cold eyes. His sharp emotions caused nervousness in many…

However, in the blink of an eye, Jiang Xuecheng had recollected his emotions and returned to his usual indifferent and calm self.

“From today onwards, Xu Lei is no longer the deputy general manager of Long Teng International and all enterprises related to Di Chen will never employ him!”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was light but cold. The people standing behind Jiang Xuecheng were shocked at this order and took a few steps backward.

Mr. Jiang, who was visiting Long Teng International for the first time, had put on an air right at the beginning.

That was such a deterrence!

No one dared to question Jiang Xuecheng’s decision!

Jiang Xuecheng narrowed his eyes and looked at the people behind him. “What are all of you doing here? Get this eyesore out of this office.”

Several people knew who he meant and quickly dragged Mr. Xu who was on the ground and bruised, out of the door, so as not to affect Jiang Xuecheng’s mood.

A few girls who had received special favors from Mr. Xu covered their mouth. Jiang Xuecheng was ruthless!

Di Chen Group possessed supremacy in Jiuzhou. With the orders given by Jiang Xuecheng today, who in the business world would dare employ Mr. Xu?

However, although he was ruthless, Mr. Jiang was too handsome!

If not for his imposing manner, coupled with the rumor of him detesting women, the women who were present today would have screamed for him!

After Mr. Xu was dragged out of the office, Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan for a good while before he instructed coldly, “Su Wan, follow me.”

Su Wan was still in a state of shock with Jiang Xuecheng’s dictatorial manner. She did not expect him to call her for a private talk…

A sense of panic arose in Su Wan’s heart. Could she decline? She felt Jiang Xuecheng was not in a good mood now and the consequence would be serious…

Many pairs of eyes were looking. Su Wan’s throat tightened as she caught up to Jiang Xuecheng’s pace with her head down.

Jiang Xuecheng dragged Su Wan into the elevaotr. When the girls could no longer see the handsome man, their hearts were upset.

“How did Mr. Jiang know that woman’s name? Isn’t she new here?”

“Mr. Xu mentioned her name just now. Mr. Jiang probably has good memory!”

“I envy her. She gets a chance to be alone with Mr. Jiang!”

“Is Mr. Jiang going to interrogate her on the details of the incident? Mr. Jiang’s look is scary. I wouldn’t dare to be alone with him…”