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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 340 - How Many Secrets Does He Have?

Chapter 340: How Many Secrets Does He Have?

Jiang Xuecheng had long made reservations and so, all other shooting for television series or tours had been stopped.

Su Wan looked at the ancient palace in front of her and she was slightly stunned.

It was no wonder he had asked her to bring along the Fengqiwu guqin…

Had he remembered till now what she once said about her wish to have a Chinese wedding ceremony?

Although they had finally decided to have their wedding in accordance to Western etiquette, Jiang Xuecheng brought her here today to make up for her dream.

Su Wan’s long eyelashes fluttered and she looked at the tall figure in front of her. Suddenly, she had an urge to cry.

Never had anyone taken each of her words and gestures to heart.

How deep was his love that he could be so meticulous?

Su Wan suppressed her feelings. She grinned at Jiang Xuecheng.

“Are you thinking of imitating ancient imperial weddings and walking the staircase with me?”

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s smile, these few words ‘bright eyes and white teeth’ came to his mind.

After he regained his senses, he couldn’t help stretching out his hand to rub Su Wan’s head.

“You’ve guessed wrongly. Compared to the palace, I like the feeling of roaming here and there in the world.”

The antique palace which they saw now was the first building in the east gate of the movie and television city. The place they were going to was not the palace.


Su Wan darted a look of shock at Jiang Xuecheng. Then, he held her hand as they went back into the car.

After driving for about seven to eight minutes, Jiang Xuecheng stopped the car and brought Su Wan to the dressing room.

When Su Wan saw the female assistant holding a white dress, she was stunned. She had thought she would wear a red or red and black dress!

In the history of Jiuzhou, most of the wedding dresses were mainly red in color or at least red and black or red and gold.

Of course, Su Wan loved to read about this and knew that there was a period of time in history where people were allowed to wear white wedding dresses.

Su Wan took the white dress made of moon white soft organdie fabric. When she touched it, it felt warm and beautiful.

Su Wan lifted the dress. It was indeed a beautiful dress. Like the previous wedding gown, it didn’t have fancy decoration but the faint plum blossom print on the sleeves was very exquisite and it had a simple and elegant beauty.

However, no matter how she looked at it, it didn’t look like a wedding costume.

Su Wan didn’t bother to think about it. Anyway, they had taken their wedding photos in the morning and she would consider the afternoon photos as artistic photos.

Su Wan slowly put on the dress in the fitting room alone but traditional costume was difficult to wear. Su Wan spent more than ten minutes to put on that dress. Then, she put on a pair of white, soft satin shoes.

When Miss Zhou saw Su Wan walking out in a white dress, she praised her once again.

With Su Wan’s exquisite facial features, she looked better in traditional clothing indeed. It was such a waste that she was not an actress.

Some female celebrities were good-looking but lacked classical temperament and when they wore traditional clothing, it had a discordant feel.

The makeup artist completed Su Wan’s makeup in just a while because Su Wan only needed light makeup. There was a slight difference from the morning makeup. Su Wan’s eyebrows were drawn differently with a red bindi on her forehead between her brows.


Su Wan stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She almost couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror.

The woman in the mirror was clad in white and the most distinctive color contrast was her black hair that hung down her waist. The top of her hair was secured with a light-colored crescent ring.

Her brows were like mountain far away and her eyes were like the water in autumn. It was a gentle and pretty face but because of the red bindi, it added some charm to it.

That contradicting aura was soul-stirring.

Jiang Xuecheng who had changed walked in and the sight that welcomed him was Su Wan. He was immediately startled.

When Miss Zhou saw Jiang Xuecheng, she nodded respectfully and nudged Su wan.

Su Wan was shocked. She turned around and saw Jiang Xuecheng standing at the door, examining her. He was like a man in a painting!

She had once imagined how Jiang Xuecheng would look like in broad robe, wide sleeves, and a jade crown on his hair. Today, her dream had come true!

Jiang Xuecheng was also clad in snow-colored clothing. His clothes were embroidered with sea water patterns. With his indifference and dignity, he really looked like a noble child in the turbulent times.

He was cool and graceful with an endless indifference.

He stood there, as if cutting off all the hustle and bustle. Even if one just took a glance at it, one would be shocked. That perfect face imprinted in one’s mind was difficult to forget.

Su Wan blinked and walked quickly toward Jiang Xuecheng. When she was about to hold his hand, she found a jade flute in his hand all of a sudden.

Su Wan was shocked, “You know how to play the flute?”

How many more secrets did this man have which she didn’t know?

“No, I don’t.”

Jiang Xucheng shook his head calmly and looked at Su Wan devotedly. Then, he smiled faintly, “Silly girl, this is a vertical flute, not a flute.”

Su Wan blushed and took a closer look at the hole arrangement of the white jade vertical flute. It was indeed a vertical flute and not a flute.

“You know how to play the vertical flute then?”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled but did not answer. Then, he held Su Wan’s hand as they walked out of the dressing room. When the crew saw them, they couldn’t help but exclaim once again.

They were indeed immortal lovers. They had not seen such a good-looking couple in the traditional TV series.

Director Li Shan held his own wrist as he said, “Both of your appearances are in line with a film I recently did. It’s a pity both of you do not want to step into showbiz.”

Seeing Li Shan feeling upset like a child, Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly. “Alright, let’s begin.”

Only then did Su Wan know that the venue of the official shooting was a green bamboo groove. She could vaguely see an antique pavilion behind the bamboo groove.

At the end of May, the warm wind blew and the green bamboo leaves rustled in the wind, just like in the painting.

What Su Wan did not expect most was that she was going to use a wire harness!

As a girl who was afraid of heights, Su Wan got up her courage to put on the wire harness. Director Li Shan kept consoling her that he was the best at handling wire harnesses and there wouldn’t be any problem.

Su Wan carried the Fengqiwu and sat on the bamboo. She was afraid she would be careless and drop the hundred million guqin.

Then, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng took some flying pictures. Jiang Xuecheng was still okay but Su Wan’s heart was racing. For the sake of beautiful pictures, she gave her best.

After their photo shoot, the crew urged them to play a music piece together.

Su Wan thought Jiang Xuecheng would decline but never had she thought that he would actually accept it.

Upon hearing this, Su Wan wished to cry but could shed no tears. Jiang Xuecheng was definitely good at playing the vertical flute but how long had she learned the guqin?

It would definitely be embarrassing!