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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 336 - Curiosity Kills The Cat

Chapter 336: Curiosity Kills The Cat

Sheng An’ning wanted to be the maid of honor?

It was uncomfortable enough to think of that woman attending their wedding ceremony. If she were to become her maid of honor, wouldn’t there be a riot?

To be honest, Su Wan didn’t want Sheng An’ning to attend her wedding ceremony. Her wedding was such a beautiful day of her life.

However, the last time the media interviewed Sheng An’ning at the hospital, a reporter had asked her if she would appear at the wedding on first June.

Sheng An’ning had said that her sister-in-law had long invited her. Even if she was injured, she would not be absent.

Sheng An’ning had used Su Wan’s name, as well as apologized and praised Su Wan for putting the past behind them and inviting her to the wedding ceremony.

The interview was a live broadcast. When Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng knew about it, they were shocked by Sheng An’ning’s thick skin.

Moreover, when Su Wan knew about it, she knew that it had to be this way!

She couldn’t do something that would hurt both Sheng An’ning and herself in front of the media, could she?

Thinking of the events of the past few days, Su Wan was more and more unhappy. She pursed her lips and her clear eyes instantly sank.

The atmosphere became awkward. When Luo Xiuxiu heard silence on the other end of the phone, she couldn’t help but continue to probe.

“Wan, I know how An’ning has caused lots of trouble for both of you recently but she has really figured things out. She didn’t mean to put both of you in a difficult position but her wanting to be the maid-of-honor is to fulfill a wish.

“Moreover, there was a misunderstanding between the two of you several days ago. An’ning wants to use the opportunity of being your maid-of-honor to clear the rumors of your discord with her.”

When Luo Xiuxiu spoke, she felt she was in a dilemma. She had seen Sheng An’ning grow since she was young and it was impossible for her to believe that Sheng An’ning would do such vicious thing.

Moreover, when she went to The City Hospital of S City to see Sheng An’ning, it was her first time seeing Sheng An’ning cry so miserably and that teary look made her heart ache.

Luo Xiuxiu had only casually mentioned that she didn’t know who to choose as the maid-of-honor and Sheng An’ning volunteered. Of course, Luo Xiuxiu knew that the relationship between Sheng An’ning and her grandson and granddaughter-in-law was stiff.

However, seeing Sheng An’ning spending the whole afternoon trying to convince her with teary eyes, Luo Xiuxiu’s heart softened and said she would try.

When Luo Xiuxiu’s words entered Su Wan’s ears, she narrowed her eyes.

Sheng An’ning did not mean to put them in a difficult position but wanted to fulfill a wish?

If Sheng An’ning had not done the things to harm her, Su Wan would probably still have believed her but now, she would definitely not believe a single word Sheng An’ning uttered!

Su Wan looked down and her voice was calm.

“Grandmother, we really don’t want to trouble Ms. Sheng. She has just cut her wrist a few days ago and she’s not in the best health. If she were to accompany us to receive the guests, she might not be able to bear it. It wouldn’t be good if she faints.”

Su Wan had a good idea of what Sheng An’ning could do and fainting on the spot was considered light.

What if Sheng An’ning suddenly teared and snatched the groom during the wedding march? That would make her and Jiang Xuecheng’s wedding the biggest laughing stock in history!

When Luo Xiuxiu heard Su Wan addressing Sheng An’ning as Ms. Sheng, she could hear the hidden tone of distance in Su Wan although her tone was calm.

Luo Xiuxiu was instantly distressed. She had not expected Su Wan to be so firm without any room for negotiation.

Didn’t An’ning say Su Wan had personally invited her to attend their wedding ceremony?

Why did it seem that the relationship between them was still tense?

Luo Xiuxiu felt helpless. “But in this case, there isn’t a candidate for the maid-of-honor.”

Su Wan was silent for a while and suddenly a candidate appeared in her mind.

“Grandmother, I’ve suddenly remembered that I have a cousin named Xie Xuan on my maternal grandfather’s side. She has just turned eighteen this year and she’s pretty. Why don’t we get her to be the maid-of-honor?”

Before Su Wan had gone abroad, she had played with this little cousin of hers. Moreover, the Xie family, being a family of scholars, had always been strict with their daughter’s discipline.

Although Xie Xuan was not good at everything, she was smart.

Seeing that Su Wan had made her choice, Luo Xiuxiu stopped recommending Sheng An’ning. All she could do was to nod and agree.

“Alright then, after I filter the guest list, I’ll send to you again.”


After Su Wan ended the call, the load in her mind had not been put down.

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head slightly and put his head on Su Wan’s shoulder. “What are you thinking about that is making you look so worried?

Su Wan sighed and reached out to touch Jiang Xuecheng’s brows. Jiang Xuecheng’s eyebrows were good-looking. Coupled with his shining eyes, he looked handsome, graceful, and full of righteousness.

“I’ve just declined Sheng An’ning’s request to be the maid-of-honor. I feel that this girl is too restless and I’m afraid she will cause trouble during our wedding ceremony.”

Jiang Xuecheng wrapped his arms around Su Wan’s shoulders and his thin lips came near Su Wan. “If you don’t like it, don’t allow her to attend.”

The low and deep male voice rang in her ears and it was seductive.

Su Wan looked up and shook her head disappointedly.

“She told the media I’ve invited her to attend the wedding and praised me for being liberal and virtuous. If Sheng An’ning doesn’t show up on that day, am I not the evil person?”

“You think too much.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng gave a low laugh.

He tapped Su Wan’s forehead softly and then recollected himself.

“Don’t worry. Since she must attend and she’s injured, I’ll get three female bodyguards to watch over her. If she were to do something bad, we’ll just give her a tube of anesthesia and nothing will happen.”

In fact, Sheng An’ning wouldn’t be able to bear with just one bodyguard but to be safe, it would be better to find a few more to surround her so she wouldn’t stir up trouble.

Su Wan nodded in agreement. She felt it was a good idea.

Su Wan tilted her face slightly and met Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes.

“Where are we going to have our wedding photo shoot?”

The wedding ceremony had not been held and honeymoon seemed so far away. Su Wan could leave these aside for the moment but their wedding photo shoot was on Saturday and Jiang Xuecheng had not informed her of anything. It was not a nice feeling.

Jiang Xuecheng tapped her nose and had an enchanting smile on his face.

“What’s the hurry? You’ll know in two days.”

Su Wan pouted and thought that Jiang Xuecheng really knew how to keep her in the dark.

“Have you not heard that curiosity kills the cat?”

Jiang Xuecheng darted a side glance at Su Wan. “But a cat has nine lives.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan was speechless and admitted defeat silently.


Under Su Wan’s yearning, Saturday was finally here.

Su Wan had specially set an alarm. It was rare that she woke up earlier than Jiang Xuecheng. As soon as she woke up, she quickly got ready.

Su Wan urged Jiang Xuecheng to clean himself quickly and Jiang Xuecheng who was still sleepy saw how much Su Wan looked forward to today’s wedding photo shoot. He saluted her!

After both of them finished their breakfast, Jiang Xuecheng spoke faintly.

“It’s almost time to go out. Bring your Fengqiwu along.”