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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 330 - Just To Make Her Happy

Chapter 330: Just To Make Her Happy

When the bell rang, Su Wan put down the documents in her hand and switched off the computer. Then, she took the elevator to the CEO’s office.

Su Wan knocked softly at the door. Before she heard his voice, she pushed the door and entered the office.

As soon as she entered, she saw Jiang Xuecheng sitting on the sofa. He was holding some gold-plated pieces of paper with his head down. She didn’t know what he was doing.

A smile appeared on Su Wan’s face. She walked over quickly and asked, “What are you looking at so attentively?”

“I’ve gotten someone to customize our wedding invitation card. Wan Wan, come and take a look. Do you like it?”

When the indifferent male voice landed in her ears, Su Wan couldn’t help feeling stunned. It was a coincidence that Luo Xiuxiu had just talked to her about the wedding and Jiang Xuecheng was looking at the wedding invitations.

Jiang Xuecheng picked up a thin invitation card with his long fingers. The surface was a combination of gold and red and it was imprinted with the words ‘Eternal Union’.

Su Wan took the wedding invitation from Jiang Xuecheng and flipped open. On the internal page of the sparkling invitation was Jiang Xuecheng’s and her name as well as the wedding date.

When Su Wan saw the upright and beautiful handwriting, her eyes widened.

“Is this your handwriting?”

She had said Jiang Xuecheng’s handwriting was nice.

A slight smile appeared on Jiang Xuecheng’s face. He looked attentively at Su Wan with serious eyes. “Do you like it?”

The man’s low and deep voice brought along an awe-inspiring power. These three simple words went deep down Su Wan’s heart.

Meeting Jiang Xuecheng’s deep eyes, Su Wan felt touched. She blushed slightly and nodded honestly.

“I like it very much!” As Su Wan spoke, she couldn’t help but add, “Your handwriting is very nice.”

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan feeling happy beyond words, his lips curved into a radian.

Everything he did was to make her happy.

Su Wan put the red invitation card with a golden stamp down. She concentrated and calmed her mind as she asked, “Xuecheng, have you drafted the wedding guest list? Grandmother called to ask me about our wedding. Everything else is okay but we really need to think about our guests.”

The Jiang family was a famous family while Su Wan’s maternal grandfather, the Xie family, was a family of scholars. It was natural that they couldn’t accept vagueness of guests’ invitation.

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows calmly, as if hinting that she was questioning trivial matters.

“It has been worked out earlier. Let’s not mention about the Jiang family and the people in business world. As for your side of the family, I’ve prepared invitation cards for the Su family and your maternal grandfather. Moreover, you don’t have many friends. As long as we invite Lin Fei’er, our job is done, isn’t it?”

Su Wan didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng to have arranged these trivial matters one-by-one. She marveled at his efficiency.

“I’d like to add another person to the list.”


“My high school class monitor, Shen Lin. She’s a tomboy and very righteous.”

Su Wan paused and she looked melancholy. During high school time, she had several friends whom she could talk to but she had gone abroad early and they had lost touch.

She had initially thought Jiang Xuecheng had very few friends but now, it was merely the pot calling the kettle black. However, friends should be valued by quality rather than by quantity. The most important thing in a friendship was sincerity.

“Alright, I’ll add her to the list.”

“That would be great!”

Su Wan nodded. After a few moments of hesitation, she asked, “Xuecheng, do you mean that all the other invitation cards are ready? Can we go over to Jing Yuan tonight to send the invitation cards? I’ve just called Grandfather several times but he didn’t pick up my call.”

As Su Wan spoke, she sighed and bitterness appeared between her brows. “No matter what, I still wish he and Grandmother would attend our wedding, so…”

If she didn’t personally go, Su Wan was afraid that the wedding invitation card would be torn up and thrown straight into the dustbin.

With Su Heng’s character, it wasn’t impossible for him to do such thing when he was angry.

Jiang Xuecheng knew of Su Wan’s sufferings. He caressed Su Wan’s hair and lowered his head. He then placed a kiss of console on her forehead.

“Alright then, let’s go now.”

Su Wan nodded. If there were to go now, both her grandparents should be at home.

She wasn’t unfilial but her uncle and his family was too ruthless and she had no choice but to break up the relationship regardless of the situation.

She hoped that her grandfather could turn around one day…


A white Koenigsegg Agera R went to the outskirts of S City and very quickly arrived at Cloud Shadow Villa.

Su Wan had taken Jing Yuan under her name after fighting over its ownership with Su Jiankai and his daughter previously. However, the certificate of title still bore her grandfather’s name.

Su Wan had never thought of chasing her grandparents out. She just did not wish to see the enemy who had killed her parents living peacefully in Jing Yuan.

Su Wan knew that her behavior had provoked her grandfather, making him unhappy.

When they drove halfway up the hill, Su Wan saw the Su residence almost immediately. The two words ‘Jing Yuan’ on top of the villa were sparkling, catching one’s attention like a treasure.

Memory of the past came to mind one by one and Su Wan couldn’t help feeling some heat in her eyes. She blinked and suppressed that hot sensation.

The European-style iron gate of the Su residence was opened. Su Wan held Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and entered. Uncle Fu, who was watering the plants, saw them and shock crept into his old eyes.

He had not expected Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan to come.

Uncle Fu gaped and the shock in his eyes turned to pleasant surprise. He put down his watering can and came greeting them quickly as he nodded at Su Wan.

“Young Missy.”

Su Wan nodded slightly as she looked at Uncle Fu who had watched her grow. She felt bitter in her heart as she greeted him, “Hello, Uncle Fu.”

Uncle Fu gave a simple and honest smile. He then looked at the tall and handsome man beside Su Wan. For a moment, he didn’t know how to address him.

Seeing the awkward scene, Su Wan immediately introduced Jiang Xuecheng to Uncle Fu, “Uncle Fu, this is my husband, Jiang Xuecheng.”

Of course, Uncle Fu had heard of Jiang Xuecheng but this was his first time meeting him in person. Hence, he felt unnatural.

People said Jiang Xuecheng was not a man who was easy to get along with, but Uncle Fu could see the gentleness in his eyes when he looked at Su Wan and so, Uncle Fu was suddenly relieved.

Young Missy was married and she had married such an outstanding man. He should feel touched and happy for her.

Hearing Su Wan’s introduction, Uncle Fu nodded respectfully at Jiang Xuecheng. He looked moved.

“Hello, Young Master. You’re really a fine-looking man, Young Master.”

When Uncle Fu praised Jiang Xuecheng, an inexplicable pride arose in Su Wan’s heart.

This fine-looking man was hers. It felt good.