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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 328 - Those Who Offended Her Must Be Investigated

Chapter 328: Those Who Offended Her Must Be Investigated

Who was Lu Qingyu?

He was the person in power in Lu Group, the famous playboy who had relationship with countless women, but none of them were his girlfriend by his own admission.

What about Ye Siren?

As one of the most popular female celebrities in showbiz, people had been searching hard for the information of her boyfriend but to no avail.

The combination of a famous celebrity and the playboy was naturally the focus of many.

Wasn’t it just the right time to push them out there now?

As soon as the news of such love relationship came out, it would only take a very short time to appear in the headlines of the major news sources!

The reporters at the stage understood instantly that Jiang Xuecheng was giving them a staircase to step down. Now that they had a new target to report about, they did not need to hold on to Su Wan’s affairs!

Some smart reporters were ready to change the theme of this report. Instead of offending Jiang Xuecheng, they would rather turn to Lu Qingyu and Ye Siren.

The influence of Ye Siren in the entertainment industry in recent years could not be underestimated. In the rising period of her career, she had a love affair with Lu Qingyu. What would her future be…

While holding the microphone, Lu Qingyu held Ye Siren’s shoulders. Both of them looked intimate and they stood there allowing the media to take pictures.

Lu Qingyu smiled and looked charmingly at the reporters.

“I don’t know who is trying to spoil the relationship between me and Su Wan this time. Su Wan and I have known one another since high school. As ex-school mates, we’ve always been friends. I give her my blessing to marry Mr. Jiang. I hope you won’t be blinded.”

When Lu Qingyu did not mention Ye Siren, the reporters couldn’t help standing up.

“Mr. Lu, are you and Miss Ye lovers?”

Lu Qingyu smiled faintly. He looked tenderly at Ye Siren and nodded. “Of course.”

When the people heard what Lu Qingyu said, they couldn’t help but sigh. Very quickly, someone continued asking, “Miss Ye used to say that love depended on fate. Miss Ye, how did fate bring you and Mr. Lu together?”

“Mr. Lu, do you have plans to marry Miss Ye?”

Facing the increasingly acute questions of the media, Ye Siren smiled but only answered briefly.


A cold light flashed through Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. He raised his hand, signaling everyone to keep quiet.

“I hope you are aware of the theme of today’s press conference. If you wish to interview the two of them, you may make another appointment.”

Following Jiang Xuecheng’s low but cold voice, the noisy atmosphere subsided instantly.

Then, Lu Qingyu and Ye Siren turned around to walk to the back of the stage. They soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Jiang Xuecheng darted a look at Ye Siren who had left. Then, his assistant handed him a thick contract.

Jiang Xuecheng held the contract high up and with a calm voice said, “Next, I wish to clarify the issue of the contract signing for the Roses of Mariposa advertisement.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was not high. His cold voice had a special charm like ice breaking on the ground. Every word that entered the ears tightened everyone’s hearts.

Jiang Xuecheng looked around at the reporters with eyes as dark as the night.

“Some people say that my wife, as the planner of the advertising project, wants to take the role of the female lead. This is just nonsense. Last Sunday, the Roses of Mariposa advertising project had signed Ye Siren on as the female lead.”

The news of Sheng An’ning wrist cutting and the other news were announced at 7.30am this morning. So, the contract signed last Sunday was indeed earlier.

However, no one knew if this contract had been forged at the last minute.

A reporter raised his hand and expressed the doubts in his heart.

“Mr. Jiang, since Ye Siren had been assigned as the female lead of the advertisement, why was Miss Sheng An’ning reprimanded by Director Li Shan? Why did Director Li Shan ask Miss Su to demonstrate?”

As soon as this question was asked, everyone nodded.

Jiang Xuecheng’s look was cold. He calmly raised his brows and his voice remained calm as usual.

“There were many alternative female stars for the Roses of Mariposa advertisement. Sheng An’ning was not the only one who came for the audition. There were many popular models and actresses and we finally decided on Ye Siren. You may check these things.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s words covered up the initial contract signing with Sheng An’ning lightly.

Of course, if this matter were to be exposed, Sheng An’ning was the one who had breached the contract first. Hence, Jiang Xuecheng was not afraid.

“As for why Director Li Shan reprimand Sheng An’ning, it was his usual style of speaking. He has set a high demand for Sheng An’ning, hoping that she will improve and did not mean to attack her. He had asked my wife to demonstrate because as the planner of this project, she understands the emotional expression of the character better.”

Everyone looked at one another. They had to admit that there was truth in Jiang Xuecheng’s words.

“Young Master, why did Sheng An’ning cut her wrist then? Please also explain about the incident at Yun Shuixuan.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked up and looked at the reporter who raised that question. His eyes deepened.

“According to the surveillance at the corridor, only my wife and Sheng An’ning were there at that time. Looking at the camera angle for the picture on Weibo, the picture couldn’t have been taken by any of them.”

“Please imagine, which restaurant would allow cameras to be installed in the bathroom?”

This was not just about invading one’s privacy but no doubt an illegal behavior.

Suddenly, there was an uproar. They had previously focused on the sales generated by the scandal of the rich family but had neglected the truth of the incident.

Since the video existed, did it mean the person who did this had been plotting this for a long time?

In other words, was this drama directed and performed by Sheng An’ning? Did Sheng An’ning have a deep scheming mind and was not the fairy in people’s eyes?

Jiang Xuecheng heard people talking in low voice down the stage. From the reporter’s expression, he had guessed their thoughts. When he remembered Xu Ziyao’s words, his eyes turned cold.

“My wife did not push Sheng An’ning and Sheng An’ning had been suffering from persecutory delusion. Coupled with the rejection of spokesmanship, her mental stress was relatively high. That was why she had misjudged the situation at that time and resorted to cutting her wrist.”

Was the young master protecting both women?

The reporters were shocked. Using ‘mental stress’ to describe Sheng An’ning’s condition would at least not ruin her previous image.

If this was true, then wasn’t Sheng An’ning’s mind too fragile?

Just when everyone was sighing, Jiang Xuecheng spoke again.

“I’m a man who holds grudges. It’s okay to offend me but those who offend my wife will be investigated. I have entrusted the lawyers to investigate the legal responsibility and file a lawsuit against media outlets that write false reports.”

The reporters’ breathing slacked. They knew Jiang Xuecheng was not joking. Before they recollected themselves, another heavy news came knocking.

“Another thing is that my wife and I will have our official wedding on the first of June. Those who say that we aren’t in good relationship, please respect yourselves!”