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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Troubles On First Day of Work

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan took the question leisurely. She smiled and gave a nimble answer.

“When I was an intern, I joined a multinational company in Dong Chen Country and have done work related to planning. Compared to beginners, I think I’ll be able to adapt very easily.”

The interviewer nodded seriously. He flipped through Su Wan’s resume and started asking again.

“Miss Su, like you’ve mentioned, you graduated from the famous T University of Dong Chen Country and had a good internship experience in a multinational company. So, why did you choose to come back to Jiuzhou and not stay back in Dong Chen?”

Su Wan was not very comfortable with the question about coming back to her own country. If this had been asked previously, she would have said she came back because her family and fiancé were all in Jiuzhou, but now…

However, very swiftly, Su Wan hid that bit of discomfort and smiled appropriately. “My roots are in Jiuzhou and I have a sense of belonging here.”

The interviewer nodded again and stood up, smiling, “Miss Su, the interview ends here. If everything goes smoothly, we will inform you of the interview result before Sunday.”

Su Wan smiled politely at the interviewer too. Then, she shut the door of the interview room gently.

Sunday was day after tomorrow. Su Wan was apprehensive about the interview result.

However, she felt that this interviewer was quite satisfied with her performance. So, Su Wan decided not to go for the other two companies’ interviews. She wanted to wait for the final notice from Long Teng International first.

Everything went smoothly beyond her expectations. Su Wan didn’t have to wait till Sunday as on Saturday, she was notified of her employment and was told she could start work the following Monday.

To celebrate being employed, Su Wan brought Lin Fei’er to Blue Mountain Café for dinner on Saturday night.

She had been missing the dishes served the other day when she had lunch with Jiang Xuecheng. The tomato steak was extremely delicious and the crispy shrimps were quite good too…

Of course, this time, Su Wan did not meet Jiang Xuecheng and the dinner was a joyful one.

Lin Fei’er ordered a champagne but Su Wan did not dare to drink because of her phobia following her drunkenness in Jiang Xuecheng’s house previously.

After the meal, Lin Fei’er was drunk. It was dark at night and Su Wan was afraid that the two of them, being ladies, would encounter something unpleasant. So, she used Lin Fei’er’s mobile phone to call Li Peng over to send them home.

Li Peng came very quickly. The minute Su Wan dragged Lin Fei’er out of Blue Mountain Café’s door, she saw Li Peng walking towards them.

Compared to three years ago, Li Peng’s appearance had not changed much. He was still the type of handsome guy with lasting beauty and was steady.

When he saw both of them, Li Peng immediately brought Lin Fei’er into his embrace and smiled apologetically at Su Wan. “Sorry, Fei’er gets unconscious every time she drinks. I can’t let her drink anymore.”

Li Peng’s care for the lady in his embrace evoked Su Wan’s admiration. She couldn’t help but tease him.

“You are overly concerned about your wife. I’ve just called you minutes ago and you’re already here. Don’t you think you’re too quick?”

Li Peng was a shy person. Upon hearing Su Wan mentioning ‘your wife’, he blushed and his heart was warm. He knew Su Wan was Lin Fei’er’s good friend and that she had accepted their marriage.

Li Peng smiled warmly, “I was nearby, that’s why I can arrive in such a short time. Hop on, I’ll send both of you home.”

Su Wan returned his smile politely and sat at the back seat. She watched as Li Peng fastened the seat belt for Lin Fei’er carefully and suddenly recalled that day when Jiang Xuecheng had fastened her seat belt. He had the same careful and serious expression as Li Peng.

Su Wan shook her head and threw that figure who had messed up her thoughts out of her mind. She didn’t know when she had started thinking of Jiang Xuecheng unconsciously…

While Su Wan was making blind and disorderly conjectures, the car arrived at Lin Fei’er’s apartment.

Li Peng carried Lin Fei’er into the house and bade goodbye to Su Wan warmly. “Alright, please help me look after Fei’er. Thank you.”

Su Wan nodded. Li Peng looked unwilling to part when he placed Lin Fei’er down. Su Wan caught this look and was touched. Love was marvelous.

During high school, nobody had expected Li Peng to like Lin Fei’er. The difference between their personalities was huge. One was rigorous and earnest and the other was unruly and bold.

However, because of this difference, Su Wan thought that the marriage would work. The meticulous Li Peng would be able to take good care of Lin Fei’er, who wasn’t concerned over details.

Su Wan cleaned Lin Fei’er up and gently covered her with the blanket. She sniggered at her own weird mindset.

Her good friend was about to get married and she had the illusion of her marrying off her daughter. Anyway, she was relieved that Lin Fei’er was marrying a good guy.

The next morning, Su Wan woke up early. Today was the first day of work at Long Teng International and she could not be late.

Su Wan tied her hair into a bun and changed into a plain black suit. She wore high heels that were 7 cm high and looked mature, unlike a fresh graduate.

Su Wan’s role was the assistant planner and her immediate superior was the Director of Planning named Ye Shanshan.

Ye Shanshan was a capable and experienced career woman. She had light gold wavy hair and a pair of charming and sharp eyes.

Su Wan thought that Ye Shanshan would ask her to go through past advertising copies to be familiarized with the company’s operations.

Never had she thought Ye Shanshan would grumpily shoot her a glance while her fingers continued tapping across the keyboard speedily and blurted out an instruction.

“You’re our new employee, Su Wan? Go to the café nearby and get me a cup of iced cappuccino.”

Su Wan was taken aback. She had been loved and treasured from a young age, and no one had given her orders like this. However, she had heard of the status quo of workplaces.

Su Wan controlled her non-adaptability in her heart and ran to the nearest café to buy a cup of iced cappuccino.

However, when she gave the coffee to Ye Shanshan, she looked dissatisfied and threw the coffee into the dustbin.

“Don’t you know that I only drink cappuccino from Blue Mountain Café? Where did you find this inferior coffee?”

Su Wan’s almond eyes widened slightly and she explained patiently, “You did not tell me to get it from Blue Mountain Café.”

Hearing her explanation, Ye Shanshan examined Su Wan carefully and found that Su Wan was quite pretty. She thought in her mind, ‘No wonder Mr. Xu selected her. She has the look of a seductive woman…’

Instantly, Ye Shanshan was jealous of her. She furiously hit the table.

“You’re new here, how dare you answer back?”

Just then, a few girls in the office shouted excitedly, “The people downstairs said Mr. Jiang came to Long Teng for inspection. He’s downstairs now!”

“What? Mr. Jiang is here? I thought he showed no interest after purchasing Long Teng…”

“Mr. Jiang bought Long Teng three months ago, but who has seen him here before? Could they be mistaken?”