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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 316 - Sheng An’ning’s Determination

Chapter 316: Sheng An’ning’s Determination

It was Monday again the next day. At about six in the morning, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were cuddling together and were immersed in their sweet dream.

On the other hand, Sheng An’ning, who was in the Jiang family’s old mansion, had awoken.

With clothes in her hands, Sheng An’ning saw Aunty Wu preparing breakfast. Sheng An’ning pursed her lips and gave Aunty Wu a sweet smile.

“Good morning, Aunty Wu.”

Aunty Wu was a simple and honest woman from a rural village. She remembered that Sheng An’ning didn’t usually get up so early and so she was shocked to see her.

“Ms. An’ning, are you having trouble sleeping? It’s dawn and you’re awake.”

Sheng An’ning pointed at the clothes in her hands and explained softly, “It’s the beginning of summer now. I feel a little sticky so I wish to take a bath.”

Aunty Wu didn’t think much of it. She merely smiled and pointed at the fresh ingredients in her hand. “Ms. An’ning, I’m going to prepare breakfast. When it’s ready, I’ll call you for breakfast.”

A smile appeared on Sheng An’ning’s pretty face. She nodded faintly.

“Alright, thank you, Aunty Wu.”

Sheng An’ning walked slowly toward the bathroom. Without removing her clothes, she lay down in the bath tub.

The warm water spread open her black and red dress, like a beautiful and poisonous Datura flower.

Sheng An’ning stared absent-mindedly. She slowly took out a small knife which she had kept.

The small knife was sharp and the metal surface of the knife was sparkling. Although the water was warm, her heart was emitting irresistible coldness.

Suddenly, fear arose in Sheng An’ning’s heart and even the hair on her back stood up.

Sheng An’ning was a person who was afraid of pain.

However, Sheng An’ning knew that she had to give something up in order to gain something else. She consoled herself softly with the fact that it wouldn’t be too painful.

In fact, when Mr. Chen sent her information, she had not thought of using such extreme means but yesterday, when she was at Yun Shuixuan’s bathroom, she realized she hated Su Wan more and more. She didn’t know when Jiang Haoxuan had started to no longer stand firmly on her side.

In the past, Jiang Haoxuan would follow whatever she said and had always defended her no matter what the situation was.

However, yesterday, Jiang Haoxuan had interrupted her and carried her directly to the hospital.

Had Jiang Haoxuan been charmed by the b*tch too?

People were all greedy. The person Sheng An’ning liked was not Jiang Haoxuan. Every time Xu Ziyao talked about their wedding, she would laugh and try to delay it.

However, even so, Sheng An’ning was extremely contradictory with herself. She was not willing to let go of a man who loved her so wholeheartedly.

Even if it meant to bind him to her and let him suffer with her!

Sheng An’ning’s hands seized tightly together. Her eyes were now full of malice and jealousy.

Su Wan clearly didn’t want her to feel good about herself. Su Wan had snatched away Jiang Xuecheng, her spokesmanship, and now refused to let Jiang Haoxuan go?

Sheng An’ning lay in the water for more than twenty minutes and finally held up the knife slowly, bringing it closer to her fair wrist.

She had long been preparing for this. Her cutting her wrist this time would not be fatal.

However, Sheng An’ning couldn’t help feeling disgust when she thought of the blood flowing out of her own body.

She swore that one day, she would personally let Su Wan have a fate worse than death and let her taste hundred times the pain she was going through today.

Sheng An’ning’s hand trembled. She shut her eyes and when she opened her eyes again, aside from hostility which appeared in her eyes, there was calmness.

Sheng An’ning carefully drew the tip of the knife toward her body and took a breath.

The red blood gradually dripped from her fair wrist into the water like a flower blooming.

A fierce smile appeared on Sheng An’ning’s lips. Her beautiful face was enveloped by a layer of fierce breath and it looked horrifying.

It was not actually as painful as she had imagined. Sheng An’ning felt that her heart hurt far more than the pain on her body.

Here, Su Wan, are you ready?

After Aunty Wu prepared breakfast, one by one of the Jiang family members awoke. Aunty Wu looked around but did not see Sheng An’ning. Suspicion arose in her heart.

When Jiang Haoxuan saw Aunty Wu’s uneasiness, he raised his brows as asked, “What’s wrong, Aunty Wu?”

Aunty Wu was an honest person and all her emotions were written on her face. Not only did Jiang Haoxuan see that there was something wrong with her but the others thought so too.

Aunty Wu seized her hands and bit her lips, “Ms. Sheng woke up early to bathe today but I haven’t seen her till now. I wish to look for her.”

Recalling Sheng An’ning’s expression today, the more Aunty Wu thought, the more she felt something was wrong.

Didn’t Ms. An’ning said she would take a quick bath? Why was she not out yet?

Although the bathroom in the Jiang residence was big and there shouldn’t be a lack of oxygen, Aunty Wu couldn’t help feeling worried.

Upon the mention of Sheng An’ning, Jiang Haoxuan’s face changed. He stood up immediately.

Yesterday, when he came back from Yun Shuixuan with Sheng An’ning, she couldn’t lift her spirits. He had thought she was merely showing a little temper and wouldn’t make any big moves.

However, judging by Aunty Wu’s expression, it was not that simple.

Jiang Haoxuan’s heart felt painful as if his heart was seized by someone. “Aunty Wu, I’ll go with you.”

“Alright, Young Master!”

Aunty Wu then walked upstairs together with Jiang Haoxuan.

She knocked the bathroom door as she called out loudly, “Ms. An’ning, are you in there?”

There was no answer for a long time. When Aunty Wu saw Jiang Haoxuan wanting to break in, she frowned, “Young Mater, please wait outside for a while.”

What if Sheng An’ning was naked? Her relationship with Jiang Haoxuan had not been confirmed, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to break in.

Jiang Haoxuan’s brows knitted together. He felt uneasy but he agreed immediately upon hearing Aunty Wu’s suggestion.

“Aunty Wu, you go in and have a look, then.”

Aunty Wu nodded slightly and took out a big bunch of keys. She opened the bathroom door quickly.

Through the glass door, Aunty Wu saw the bloody situation and couldn’t help but scream!

She saw a slender and weak woman lying in the bathtub with one hand on her body and her blood staining the water.

Hearing Aunty Wu’s shriek, Sheng An’ning gave a faint cold smile.

She was unexpectedly conscious at the moment and most of the blood in the bathtub was not hers.

Although Sheng An’ning was crazy, how would she bear to bleed so much as though she didn’t want her life anymore?

However, with such a play, the effect was not only realistic but it would also scare others out of their wits.

Sheng An’ning was very satisfied with Aunty Wu’s reaction. Her pale lips opened slightly, as if trying to say something.

Suddenly, a tall figure dashed in quickly from outside.

“An’ning! How are you, An’ning…”