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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 314 - Showing Temper Like A Child

Chapter 314: Showing Temper Like A Child

The nurse took a glance at Su Wan and her eyes couldn’t help but fall on Jiang Xuecheng who was standing behind her.

This man was very handsome and between his gesture, there was an extraordinary aura…

Sensing her obsession, the nurse coughed softly to cover up her discomfort.

“This patient has a good foundation. Although he is seriously injured, his condition has begun to improve. As long as he takes his medicine on time, rests on time, avoids certain food, and doesn’t let his injuries come in contact with water, he’ll recover in a few days.”

Hearing the nurse’s careful answer, Su Wan felt relieved. She looked at the bandage on Ah Si’s head and worry appeared in her eyes again.

“Nurse, have you checked the patient’s head? His forehead has been scratched by glass. Will it cause a concussion or produce a blood clot?”

When Su Wan came in a while ago, the nurse had said that a driver had been hit hard by the steering wheel in the accident and his condition was not good. That was why Su Wan was worried.

The nurse frowned. She examined Ah Si carefully and then explained, “I doubt. When we examined him just now, he had no symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting, but if you’re still worried, we can do a brain examination for the patient.”

Su Wan’s eyes lit up. She replied without hesitation, “Then, let’s do a brain examination. Oh, and do a thorough full body examination as well.”

The nurse smiled and nodded. Then, she carried the medical chart and some medical equipment. She turned around and walked out silently, giving the three of them space to talk.

When Ah Si heard Su Wan’s order, he felt uneasy as he said, “Young Madam, it’s not necessary. I feel there’s nothing wrong with me.”

Su Wan shook her head and replied seriously, “Ah Si, no one can be sure of such a thing. It’s better to take precautions.”

If something were to happen to Ah Si, Su Wan felt she and Jiang Xuecheng would not be at ease in the future.

Seeing that he couldn’t persuade Su Wan, he wanted to plead to Jiang Xuecheng. “Young Master…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, Jiang Xuecheng stopped him.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan and told Ah Si faintly, “Young Madam is doing this for your own good. We’ll cover all medical fees. You don’t have to worry.”

Ah Si pouted helplessly. He was not actually worried about the medical fees but rather, he didn’t like to stay too long in the hospital because he found the procedures very troublesome.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Ah Si looking down silently, he smiled.

“Don’t be so depressed. Treat it as your time off. Take good care of yourself these few days. I’ll get someone else to do your work.”

Ah Si nodded. He looked at Jiang Xuecheng slowly and asked hesitantly, “Young Master, do you think it was an accident?’

Although the rainy night would have a certain impact on the driving standard of the drivers, there was something wrong with today’s incident.

When Ah Si was driving, he could clearly feel that both the front and back cars were against him.

If not for his fast reaction to turn the steering wheel toward the isolation zone, he and his young master might have gone to heaven.

“You take care of yourself, I’ll handle this. You don’t have to worry.”

Ah Si nodded slightly and reminded softly that both of them should leave.

“Young Master, you and Young Madam should go home now. Young Madam was caught in the rain and she might catch a cold. Moreover, there are lots of germs in the hospital, it’s not good for both of you to stay in the hospital for so long.”

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng nodded and went out of the ward together.

Before Su Wan left, she couldn’t help looking at Ah Si once more. Jiang Xuecheng knew she was still worried about Ah Si’s conditions.

“Don’t worry, Wan Wan. I’ve asked the hospital to find a senior special care nurse for Ah Si. I predict that Ah Si will be able to be discharged in one week.”

Su Wan replied softly and then together with Jiang Xuecheng, they hailed a taxi back to Fontainebleau.

Before Jiang Xuecheng opened the door, he heard voices from the house.

Was there a thief at home or did someone come to visit?

“There are voices inside. Don’t go in first.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were cold. He put down the keys and stood in front of Su Wan to protect her.

When Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng on guard, she lowered her head and explained softly, “When I went out just now, I had forgotten to switch off the TV.”

Jiang Xuecheng laughed helplessly as he pinched Su Wan’s nose.

“Don’t scare yourself like this next time. I’m afraid you’ll fall sick first before I get into trouble.”

Su Wan smiled embarrassingly. Then, she opened the door and changed into her house slippers.

“I’ll go up first to get a set of pajamas and take a shower. My clothes are wet and it feels uncomfortable.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly. “Alright, go quickly.”

Su Wan spent a long time in the bathroom. She didn’t know why but she felt her head aching terribly. Her nose was blocked and she couldn’t breathe properly. Furthermore, she felt weak and was unable to exert any strength.

Had she been in the rain for too long and caught a cold?

It had been quite some time since the last time she caught a cold. This feeling was not comfortable.

Su Wan’s brows knitted. She changed into a comfortable set of pajamas before walking slowly to the living hall.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wans red face and looked as if she was in a daze, he came forward and put his hand on Su Wan’s forehead.

That instant, Jiang Xuecheng felt the hot temperature under his palm!

Su Wan was having a fever!

“I told you to take good care of yourself. You didn’t bring an umbrella out today and now you’ve fallen sick.”

It was obviously a low reproach but coming out of his mouth, Su Wan caught some tenderness.

Su Wan smiled bashfully. “It doesn’t matter. It should just be a mild fever. I’ll be fine when I wake up tomorrow.”

Jiang Xuecheng didn’t agree with Su Wan. He carried Su Wan and placed her on the sofa. Then, he covered her with a velvet blanket.

“Wait for me here. I’ll get you fever medicine.”

Before Su Wan could reply, Jiang Xuecheng had walked forward. Su Wan blinked vaguely like a lazy cat curling up in the blanket.

After two minutes, Jiang Xuecheng found some fever medicine from the first aid kit. After reading the description of the medicine, he took out three pills for Su Wan.

When Su Wan saw the three pills without film coating, she showed her temper like a child.

“There’s no sugar coating. It’ll be bitter. I want another type.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng felt Su Wan looked cute at this moment. He couldn’t help rubbing her head.

“Be a good girl. It only takes one minute to swallow this. It won’t be bitter.”

As he spoke, he passed Su Wan a cup of warm water with a look no one could resist.

Su Wan frowned. When she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s serious look, she swallowed the medicine unwillingly.

After taking the three pills, Su Wan felt more unconscious.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw her eyes closing, he took out the towel and wiped her hair which was not completely dry carefully.