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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 305 - Meeting One’s Enemy

Chapter 305: Meeting One’s Enemy

Hearing that familiar voice, Su Wan’s eyes lit up. She quickly turned around and looked.

For a moment, Su Wan did not see Lin Fei’er!

“Silly, I’ve cut my hair short and you couldn’t recognize me.”

Across the crowd, Su Wan followed the voice and looked. She then noticed a girl in a denim shirt and short hair that just hung over her shoulder. That was Lin Fei’er!

Surprise arose in Su Wan’s delicate face. She walked toward Lin Fei’er immediately and help her with her luggage.

“Fei’er, why did you cut your hair short? I remember that you liked long hair…”

Lin Fei’er had said back then that even if she was carefree like a boy, she could still look like a gentle girl as long as she wore a dress and had long hair.

Lin Fei’er laughed and twirled around for Su Wan to see. “Don’t you think I look more handsome like this?”

Lin Fei’er was much thinner now. She was slim before this but now, Su Wan felt Lin Fei’er was skinny.

The dark colored denim shirt made her skin look pale.

Su Wan examined Lin Fei’er from head to toe and replied seriously, “No, I didn’t feel so.”

“You’re not giving me face. We can’t be friends happily anymore.”

Lin Fei’er rolled her eyes and put down the luggage she was holding. Then, she poked Su Wan on the forehead with her finger.

Seeing Lin Fei’er’s cheerful smile, Su Wan smiled too.

Su Wan tugged Lin Fei’er and when she saw that Lin Fei’er’s arms were so skinny she could almost see the bones, her smile faded.

Su Wan looked up and asked Lin Fei’er seriously, “Don’t tell me you haven’t been eating well in Dong Chen?”

Su Wan was really angry, Lin Fei’er was an adult but she didn’t know how to cherish her own body.

How long had it been? She had made herself so skinny like this. Would she be able to face her parents who had been caring and worrying about her?

Lin Fei’er was afraid to see Su Wan showing a teacher’s face. She smiled and confessed at once.

“Don’t be angry, Wan. The food over at Dong Chen doesn’t suit my appetite and so, I eat less sometimes.”

Su Wan was both amused and vexed by what Lin Fei’er had said. She had guessed that it wasn’t only because Lin Fei’er had no appetite that she looked like this but more so because the load on her mind was too heavy.

Su Wan retracted her blaming look and said sulkily, “Then, you must promise me to eat well from now on. Please take your body seriously.”

“Sure! I’ll definitely eat on time from today onwards.”

Lin Fei’er nodded her head solemnly and smiled at Su Wan, “Are we going to eat now? I feel hungry just thinking of the big feast you promised me.”

Su Wan tapped Lin Fei’er’s shoulders helplessly. “Let’s go, your seafood feast is waiting for you.”

Su Wan and Lin Fei’er walked out of S City International Airport and hailed a taxi. Both of them sat behind and chatted about the recent happenings.

Su Wan nudged Lin Fei’er’s shoulders and asked her curiously, “Fei’er, did you meet any handsome men with golden hair and blue eyes when you were in Dong Chen?”

Lin Fei’er was a person who placed importance in appearances. Back then, before she was with Li Peng, she would start a conversation with handsome men whenever she saw one.

However, ever since she began dating Li Peng, her habit had faded.

A faint smile appeared on Lin Fei’er’s lips. She took out her mobile phone to show Su Wan. “No handsome guys, only pictures of scenery. Take a look yourself.”

Su Wan sighed regretfully. She had thought it would be nice if Lin Fei’er could develop a long-distance relationship with someone.

Moreover, the people in Dong Chen were more open to the idea of love and children to them were not as important compared to people in Jiuzhou.

Lin Fei’er knew what Su Wan was thinking. She lowered her head and leaned against Su Wan’s shoulder. Her voice was light and quiet.

“Wan, don’t worry about this. I actually think it’s a lot easier to lead my own life compared to a life with another person.”

At least, there was no need to guess the other party’s thoughts or if their mind was as sincere as their words.

Su Wan looked down and brushed against Lin Fei’er’s shoulder as she tapped several times.

In fact, ever since Lin Fei’er and Li Peng divorced, Su Wan had been looking for some suitable marriage partners for her.

However, till now, she was not satisfied with the information of the people she had seen.

If the man was of a suitable match for Lin Fei’er, Su Wan was afraid the man would dislike Lin Fei’er for her disability to bear children.

If there were men who didn’t find fault with her disability to get pregnant, Su Wan thought they might not be good enough for Lin Fei’er in other aspects.

Hence, the more she looked at this matter, the more troubled she got…

Perhaps fate should not be rushed. Back then, Su Wan had not expected herself to marry Jiang Xuecheng too.

She just hoped Lin Fei’er would not be lonely and could find someone who loved her.

Of course, Su Wan thought her current situation was much better than to make do with a scumbag.

If one were to make do in one’s life, one would fall into darkness. When he or she wanted to break free by then, it would be hard to get a chance.


Yun Shuixuan Revolving Restaurant stood in the middle of S City Business Hub.

After a little more than an hour, Su Wan and Lin Fei’er finally arrived at their destination.

Su Wan and Lin Fei’er took a sightseeing elevator all the way up. A panoramic view of Changjiang River in S City was taken in at a glance.

Su Wan couldn’t help being reminded of Du Fu’s poem which goes, “Climbing to the top of Mount Tai, the mountains look small from above.” She felt her heroic momentum soaring high into the sky and even her horizon had been expanded.

Lin Fei’er and Su Wan walked out of the elevator. She looked out of the glass window and saw all kinds of skyscrapers, streets and bridge of S City were all under their feet.

Lin Fei’er blinked at Su Wan and suddenly sighed, “The night view would definitely be more beautiful. We should have come at night. There will be neon lights everywhere and they’ll enhance the atmosphere.”

Su Wan tapped her shoulders smilingly. “If you like it, we can continue and eat here tonight.”

Lin Fei’er was stupefied and only then did she realize that something was not right.

“Won’t your CEO be jealous of you accompanying me the whole day?”

Su Wan couldn’t help laughing. She shook her head and said, “He’s gone on a business trip to B City. He might come home tonight or on Monday.”

Lin Fei’er nodded slightly and did not continue asking about Jiang Xuecheng. She tugged Su Wan directly toward the service counter.

However, as soon as she took a few steps, she suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Shocked, Su Wan darted a look at Lin Fei’er. Suddenly, she saw that Lin Fei’er had turned ghastly pale and her hands began to tremble.

Su Wan pursed her lips and followed Lin Fei’er’s eyes. She saw a man and a woman standing in front of the service counter.

They were Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing.