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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 298 - Won’t Pay For Others’ Mistakes

Chapter 298: Won’t Pay For Others’ Mistakes

Director Li Shan’s face flashed with anger. He looked around the surrounding and suddenly pulled Su Wan in front of him.

“Ms. Sheng, thank you for withdrawing. I think Ms. Su is more suitable for this advertisement than you are!”

Su Wan was taken aback for a moment. When she regained her senses, she understood she had been used by Li Shan as a shield!

The plot was not developing properly…

Sheng An’ning seized her hands tightly. She stared at Su Wan with eyes full of hostility and hatred.

“Good, very good!”

If someone were to say that Su Wan and Li Shan didn’t stand here today to humiliate her on purpose, Sheng An’ning wouldn’t believe them!

Sheng An’ning ran into the changing room without looking back and took off the white wedding gown. Then, she threw it to her assistant.

Her eyes swept across Su Wan and Li Shan coldly while gnashing her teeth.

“Congratulations, Director Li! You’ve found a suitable candidate! I’ll take my leave first.”

Hearing Sheng An’ning’s words, her assistant stood in a trance with the gorgeous gown in her arms.

“Ms. An’ning, Director Li is too quick with his words. Don’t be angry, we can discuss this slowly.”

Sheng An’ning snorted coldly. Then, she left her assistant and headed for the coastal highway.

People who stood behind vaguely knew that there was a dispute between Sheng An’ning and Li Shan but didn’t quite know what had happened.

Were they really thinking of changing the spokesperson?

Everyone looked at one another and couldn’t help shifting their gaze onto Sheng An’ning who was lowering her head.

She walked forward with tears in her eyes and her slender back seemed so weak and pitiful.

Wasn’t it ridiculous to have such a hasty decision?

The onlookers began to whisper but no one dared to stop Sheng An’ning. After all, she was of no ordinary status and they were afraid they would provoke either side.

Sheng An’ning’s assistant who was holding the white bridal gown choked. The agent had ordered her to take good care of Sheng An’ning but it turned out this way.

Su Wan pursed her lips and passed a piece of tissue paper to the assistant. “Here.”

The assistant nodded shyly and took it from Su Wan. Then, she wiped her tears but her voice was still a little strained.

“Thank you, Ms. Su.”

Lu Qingyu, who was standing behind, came forward and sighed as he spoke to Su Wan, “Su Wan, I’ve only just learned that you have the potential to be tender towards women.”

Su Wan chuckled and replied haughtily, “If I were a man, I don’t think any girl in S City would give themselves to you.”

Lu Qingyu was once again attacked by Su Wan. He couldn’t help shaking his head gloomily.

“You…can’t you say something nice?”

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng both had vicious tongues but Lu Qingyu did not find it annoying. He had heard a lot of flattering words from others and this kind of equal treatment was very valuable.

Just when Lu Qingyu was sighing, Su Wan looked at the coastal highway not far away. A pretty figure was drifting farther and farther away and slowly disappeared from sight.

Su Wan watched as Sheng An’ning left. Her emotions were complicated. Su Wan had always thought that Sheng An’ning was a cooperative person but today, she threw a tantrum like a spoiled princess.

Even if she looked classical and elegant, the arrogance within could not be concealed. Did she have such character because she had been spoilt by the Jiang family?

Su Wan didn’t know that the Jiang family’s mode of education was like this. They were strict with boys but doted on girls.

Although Sheng An’ning was not biologically a daughter of the Jiang family, she had been raised as their beloved daughter and was never treated as an outsider.

Su Wan recollected herself from her thoughts that had drifted away and spoke to Lu Qingyu faintly.

“Master Lu, Sheng An’ning has left. Now, you should be worried about your brand’s spokesperson.”

Lu Qingyu raised his brows and smiled faintly.

“A new brand spokesperson? Isn’t she seemingly far but actually close at hand?”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan was slightly stunned. She pointed at herself in shock. “You’re not talking about me, are you?”

Lu Qingyu shrugged and his amorous eyes were filled with tease, “Who else if not for you? Even Director Li personally praised you and said that you’re suitable for this advertisement.”

Before Lu Qingyu’s voice died down, Director Li Shan also looked at them. He smiled at Su Wan.

“Ms. Su, Roses Of Mariposa is a collaborative project between Di Chen Group and Lu Group and you’re the main planner anyway. You wouldn’t mind such small sacrifice on your part, would you?”

Su Wan did not expect Li Shan to genuinely want to use her. She touched her forehead awkwardly and she had an apologetic look.

“Director Li Shan, I’m not suitable and if my husband were to know about it, he’d be angry.”

Su Wan didn’t like to show her sense of presence in public. If she were to really accept this and if Jiang Xuecheng heard about this, Su Wan thought it would make him unhappy.

Hearing what Su Wan said, Lu Qingyu smiled mischievously and couldn’t help provoking.

“Su Wan, the young master wouldn’t mind trivial matters like this, would he?

Why should she pay for another person’s mistakes?

Su Wan rolled her eyes and then looked at the white bridal gown on the assistant’s hands.

Although this bridal gown was beautiful…

It would really be a surprise if Jiang Xuecheng didn’t mind!

Back then, when she attended the charity dinner of the Beitong bidding, Jiang Xuecheng disliked the off-shoulder design of her evening gown and added a shawl for her!

Even if she were to put aside this obstacle for a moment, Su Wan had not forgotten that there was a kiss scene between the male lead and female lead at the back of the advertisement!

If Jiang Xuecheng were to see her hugging and kissing another man on television, he would definitely kill her!

As a person who cherished her life, Su Wan would definitely not think her life was too long.

Even if Jiang Xuecheng were to approve, Su Wan would see her face every time she changed a channel on television. That kind of feeling was inexplicably strange.

Su Wan did not have the desire to be famous. Compared to being known by the whole world, she would rather stay quietly in a corner.

Su Wan smiled and firmly declined.

“Master Lu, it looks like you don’t know my husband well. He’s not as open-minded as you are.”

As she spoke, she turned to look at Li Shan and genuinely gave her suggestion.

“Director Li Shan, I think I saw Ye Siren in the list of spokesperson candidates. I think Ms. Ye is a very suitable candidate for this.”

Hearing Su Wan’s suggestion, Li Shan’s eyes lit up. In fact, when he saw the list of candidates, he preferred Ye Siren too.

So, they were back to their original plan?