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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 295 - Old And Recent Grudges

Chapter 295: Old And Recent Grudges

Sheng An’ning lifted her dress carefully and walked over in a charming manner.

Su Wan frowned. Su Wan hated Sheng An’ning very much since the day Sheng An’ning invited her to Blue Mountain Café.

To Su Wan, this experience had become a nightmare and she didn’t want to disclose this matter to the elders of the Jiang family. Perhaps Sheng An’ning was sure of this and took advantage of it to be daringly arrogant.

Su Wan’s eyes turned cold. She turned around and wanted to leave but a soft female voice came from behind.

“Sis-in-Law, who’s this gentleman beside you?”

Su Wan halted. She turned around and saw Sheng An’ning smiling and looking at her.

“I’ve just returned from abroad and don’t know many people. Sis-in-Law, could you please introduce me to him?”

She asked as if she didn’t know.

Su Wan pursed her lips and a sense of disdain appeared in her eyes. Roses of Mariposa was a premium jewelry brand under the Lu Group. Since Sheng An’ning was the spokesperson for this brand, how could she not know who Lu Qingyu was?

As Sheng An’ning walked to this side, Su Wan felt a large group of people looking at them.

It was not possible for Su Wan to show that she could not get along with Sheng An’ning in public. She looked at Lu Qingyu faintly.

“This is the CEO of Lu Group, Lu Qingyu. Master Lu, you must have heard of Ms. Sheng? I won’t introduce further.”

Lu Qingyu naturally sensed the grudge between Sheng An’ning and Su Wan. He raised his brows and interest arose in his heart.

When two women have conflicts, it was usually emotional entanglement and in between both these women was Jiang Xuecheng. The answer was obvious.

To a playboy like Lu Qingyu, something was wrong if Sheng An’ning could take fancy to an iceberg. It would be better to throw herself into his arms.

Lu Qingyu pushed his hair back and showed Sheng An’ning a natural and unrestrained smile.

“Hello, Ms. An’ning. I was amazed when I heard your song Moonlight Border.”

Before his voice died down, Lu Qingyu stretched out his right hand. It was a passionate gesture. It was said that women who were emotionally frustrated were most likely to be charmed. After Lu Qingyu’s affirmation, it was indeed the truth.

Lu Qingyu had seen all kinds of beauties, whether fat or thin. Sheng An’ning’s type of woman was very rare and it was in line with his aesthetic taste.

Her appearance was as beautiful as a fairy, with a little girl’s innocence. It made people want to conquer her.

The most important was that he had failed once with Su Wan. It would be good if he could get his self-confidence back from Sheng An’ning.

Sheng An’ning stretched out her right hand and shook Lu Qingyu’s hand. Then, very quickly, she withdrew her hand and stood next to Su Wan, as if she did not feel Lu Qingyu flirting with her.

Sheng An’ning’s eyes swept across Su Wan and Lu Qingyu. The smile on her face was like a delicate gardenia flower.

“I’ve heard that Mr. Lu is a ladies’ man. Today, I really believe it when I saw Mr. Lu and Sis-in-Law talking and laughing together.”

Sheng An’ning’s voice was gentle but her volume went up suddenly, attracting the attention of many as they looked toward this side.

The smile on Su Wan’s face faded. She knew what Sheng An’ning was implying.

In the hearts of the people, Lu Qingyu was a playboy and any woman who was related to him would make people’s imagination run wild.

Su Wan glanced at Sheng An’ning indifferently. With a calm voice without ripples, she replied, “Mr. Lu is Xuecheng’s friend and is naturally my friend too.”

When Sheng An’ning heard Su Wan mentioning Jiang Xuecheng’s name, her smile slacked.

Brother Xuecheng was friends with Lu Qingyu?

Sheng An’ning covered her mouth with her hand and a sense of teasing crept onto her exquisite face.

“Really? I’ve always thought Brother Xuecheng liked to be alone and didn’t have many friends.”

Upon hearing this, a sharp light flashed through Su Wan’s eyes. She could not be bothered arguing with such an insinuating villain. She turned around and was ready to leave.

Seeing Su Wan’s intention to leave, Sheng An’ning dashed over immediately and blocked her.

She went near Su Wan’s ear and with watery eyes, said, “Sis-in-Law, or should I call you my junior?”


What a messy address. Su Wan frowned and didn’t know what Sheng An’ning was talking about.

“Ms. Sheng, I don’t remember dealing with you on any academic matters, let alone having the same teacher.”

Just when Su Wan was doubtful, Sheng An’ning took a step backward and drew a distance between them. She was smiling.

“So, Brother Xuecheng has not informed you yet. He found you a guqin teacher by the name of Sun Yue.”

Sun Yue was one of the most famous guqin teachers in Jiuzhou. Although she was from S City, she had to fly around the world to perform.

When Su Wan heard this name, there was a sense of inexplicable familiarity. Stunned for a while, she finally remembered her mother, Xie Lan, liked this teacher and she had even bought her CD.

So, Jiang Xuecheng had found her, her mother’s idol…

This man must have put in lots of thoughts and effort!

Su Wan’s lips curved up and there was a touch of joy in her watery eyes.

Sheng An’ning saw how happy Su Wan was and a trace of hostility appeared in her dark eyes. However, the hostility appeared only for a very short while before disappearing, as if it was an illusion.

She thought of deliberately misleading Su Wan to misunderstand Jiang Xuecheng but Su Wan did not!

Sheng An’ning paused and her hand seized tightly uncontrollably.

“Unfortunately, she’s also my mentor. If it wasn’t for my visit to her house the day before yesterday, I wouldn’t know that the Fengqiwu is in your hands. Sis-in-law, you’re the one who ended my call that day during the Lu family’s cruise ship auction!”

Sheng An’ning almost gnawed her teeth with the last words.

How could she not hate her?

Sheng An’ning was a loyal fan of guqin. She couldn’t walk when she saw a famous guqin but Su Wan was a layperson who couldn’t even play the guqin and she had taken the Fengqiwu away!

That day, after the cruise ship auction, Sheng An’ning had cried to Jiang Haoxuan for a long time, telling him that another competitor was arrogant enough to not take the Jiang family seriously.

Who would have thought that the person was Su Wan?

She had first taken the man she loved and then took the guqin she loved as her own!

Putting old and recent grudges together, Sheng An’ning wished to cut Su Wan’s face several times and see if she could still laugh by then.

Su Wan could see Sheng An’ning’s displeasure. She looked at Sheng An’ning casually.

“Yes, so what if it’s me? I believe you understand that the person with the highest bid would get the item at an auction.”

Su Wan’s voice was calm but to Sheng An’ning, Su Wan was absolutely showing off to her. This woman didn’t know how to play the guqin and it would be a waste to buy the Fengqiwu.

Just when Sheng An’ning’s fire of fury was burning, Su Wan reminded her faintly, “Ms. Sheng, it seems that your staff have come to look for you.”