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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 294 - She Was The Spokesperson

Chapter 294: She Was The Spokesperson

Su Wan’s physical strength was not enough for her to cope with her current nightlife with Jiang Xuecheng.

The next morning, Su Wan sat in the office and felt a pain in her back.

She couldn’t help spacing out when she was looking at the computer screen. If she were pregnant, she would be freed!

Unfortunately, this mission had not been accomplished and they still needed to work hard.

Just when Su Wan was thinking, Xiao Ye from the planning department came in. “Director, we’re shooting the advertisement of Roses of Mariposa today. Would you like to go and watch?”

Roses of Mariposa was a premium jewelry brand by Lu Group. Since the cruise ship auction, the cooperation between Lu Group and Di Chen Group had increased.

Su Wan was in charge of this project. She like the brand name a lot and felt a feeling of lingering sentiment.

What’s more, the advertising cost of Roses of Mariposa was high and the director in charge of shooting the advertisement was Li Shan. She had only met Director Li Shan once during the Beitong celebration banquet and had a good impression of him.

After some thoughts, Su Wan put down the plan in her hand and smiled at Xiao Ye. “Alright, I’ll go and take a look.”


Today’s shooting venue was by the seaside. According to the plan, a girl in white bridal gown would run by the seaside smilingly, then look back and smile, raising her hand to show the diamond ring.

“Take me away if you love me as brightly as I love you.”

In fact, the line of advertisement was a like a tongue twister but Su Wan was not worried because there would be professional dubbing later on.

When Su Wan arrived at her destination, she discovered that the place had been closed so that the shooting would not be disturbed.

Su Wan showed the bodyguard her employee card and then walked quickly toward the seaside. The cool sea breeze blew on the face, making one feel extraordinarily comfortable. It had dispersed lots of heat of the summer.

There were a few girls in long dresses on by the sea. When their dresses were blown and fluttered, they looked very elegant.

At the sight of this scene, she was moved. She and Jiang Xuecheng had not taken their wedding photos yet and the seaside would be an excellent shooting venue.

With the blue sea and sky as background, she and Jiang Xuecheng holding hands and walking on the shore together, barefooted. The thought of this was romantic!

Su Wan was immersing in her own imagination when she heard a lazy voice not far away.

“Su Wan, I thought that you wouldn’t come to watch the shooting!”

The minute Su Wan appeared, Lu Qingyu spotted her. Su Wan was wearing a white blouse and a pair of black trousers. It was an ordinary dressing of a white-collar employee but when she stood in the crowd, she could always be a scenic spot of its own.

Su Wan had not expected Lu Qingyu to be here but her impression of Lu Qingyu now was not too bad. So, she greeted him smilingly.

“Master Lu, you’re here too.”

People like Lu Qingyu could be friends. At least he was loyal, but anything more than friends would not work. Once you put your heart into the relationship, you would find that there was an abyss ahead of you and that this path was blocked.

Of course, there would be women who couldn’t think rationally who wanted to rush forward occasionally. They ended up falling into pieces and were badly injured.

Lu Qingyu’s amorous eyes smiled faintly. He examined Su Wan’s energetic face and teasingly commented, “I was worried you’d be overwhelmed by the comments on Weibo. It looks like you’re quite okay.”

Several days ago, Su Wan had been scolded really badly not only on Weibo but in real life. Lu Qingyu could hear several people saying that Su Wan was shameless.

When Lu Qingyu heard these comments, he defended Su Wan almost without thinking. What a joke! If Su Wan was a woman of loose morals, he would not be rejected again and again.

He had expressed his intention to court Su Wan several times but was snubbed each time. He had almost doubted his own charm.

Now, Lu Qingyu had completely given up.

Lu Qingyu was a man of principle. He would not touch his friend’s wife. Su Wan was Jiang Xuecheng’s wife, whom he could only watch from afar and be friends with in the future.

Su Wan smiled faintly. “Thanks to you, I’m good.”

Lu Qingyu knew Su Wan’s implication. In fact, he had not expected that the photographs he took of Su Yurou in the past could still be used in this manner.

If Su Yurou were to know about it, she might strangle him. Of course, at that time, she would most probably be in prison with no chance of strangling him.

Lu Qingyu knew that Jiang Xuecheng could definitely deal with Su Yurou even without his help.

However, he had merely made use of this opportunity to help Jiang Xuecheng now just so Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan would owe him another favor. From every perspective, it was a good deal!

Money was easy to get but kindness was hard to repay. If one were to be in the business world, the most important thing was to have a wide network. This was the fact Lu Qingyu’s father taught him.

It turned out that this fact was useful. Although Lu Qingyu was not well-developed in business sense, he was popular in every circle. Just by relying on his contacts, Lu Group could firmly occupy a place in the business world.

Lu Qingyu looked at Su Wan and suddenly thought of something.

“Hey, I’ve just seen the female lead shooting for the advertisement. She looks like you. Are both of you really not long-lost sisters?”

Su Wan was taken aback. She looked like her…

Could the spokesman of Roses of Mariposa be Sheng An’ning?

Su Wan couldn’t remember seeing Sheng An’ning’s name in the audition list for the female lead for the advertisement. In the audition list were names of international super models and some female stars who had been popular for many years!

After the shooting of the advertisement of Roses of Mariposa jewelry, the advertisement would be displayed on various advertising platforms and it would be an excellent opportunity to show one’s face.

Even ordinary celebrities couldn’t get this kind of resources, not to mention the newbies in the entertainment industry.

Su Wan pursed her lips and asked softly, “Is Sheng An’ning the female lead?”

Although Su Wan’s voice was calm, Lu Qingyu could still alertly sense her change of mood.

Su Wan seemed to dislike the girl named Sheng An’ning.

Lu Qingyu had a few guesses in his heart. Just when he was about to speak, he suddenly saw a slender figure coming their way.

Lu Qingyu’s amorous eyes curved up slightly, signaling to Su Wan to look behind her.

Su Wan was slightly stunned. Following his eyes, she looked and a pretty girl came into view.

It was indeed Sheng An’ning.

The long black hair of Sheng An’ning was tied into a bun. Her lips were pink and plump, her eyes were like water, and her bright and attractive face was covered in light makeup, making her facial features look more beautiful.

Sheng An’ning was wearing a pure white off-shoulder wedding gown. The train was fluffy but the cut above the hem was slim, outlining the graceful posture of Sheng An’ning.

Sheng An’ning was all dressed up because she was going on camera. She was so pretty, it made it difficult for people to shift their eyes away from her.

Even Su Wan was dazzled. After she regained her senses, she started to guess why Sheng An’ning had come here.

Lu Qingyu and Sheng An’ning had no connections. So, Sheng An’ning must have come to look for her.