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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 292 - Such A Low-Level Mistake

Chapter 292: Such A Low-Level Mistake

After returning to Fontainebleau, Su Wan immediately put down her handbag and put on an apron. Then, she valiantly walked into the kitchen.

What should she do?

In order not to get fat, Su Wan decided to change the former two meat dishes and one vegetable dish into one meat dish and two vegetable dishes.

After all, all revolutions started with small efforts!

As a meat lover, Su Wan felt that if she were to remove meat from her options, then eating had no meaning.

Su Wan opened her refrigerator and found plenty of vegetables and meat in it. She looked at the ingredients and finally decided to cook a dish of soft deep-fried pork fillet, a dish of bean curd with vegetables, and a dish of sweet and sour lotus root slices.

Through the glass panel Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s serious look, as if facing a great enemy and felt it was interesting.

He shook his head smilingly and quickly followed her into the kitchen.

Su Wan was standing beside the kitchen counter. She put the little green vegetables in her palm and washed them with water.

When she heard the footsteps behind her, she darted a glance at Jiang Xuecheng. Then, she spoke with dissatisfaction.

“I’ve said the kitchen is my battlefield today. Why did you come in? Go out, go out.”

While Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly, he stretched out his hands, trying to get some green vegetables. “I can help you wash the vegetables.”

Su Wan snatched the vegetables from him and shook her head seriously.

“I really don’t need your help. You can read a book or something. Just wait for twenty minutes and dinner will be served.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and couldn’t help hugging Su Wan’s waist from behind. He lowered his head slowly and put his head on Su Wan’s shoulder.

“Smells good.”

Su Wan rolled her eyes speechlessly and then glanced at the stove where fire had not been started.

“I haven’t even cooked; how does it smell good?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s smile widened. He tilted his head slightly and his lips brushed across Su Wan’s neck.

Jiang Xuecheng was very near and his clean breath kept coming over. Su Wan was stunned and suddenly felt goosebumps on her skin.

“Wan Wan, I meant you smell good.”


The magnetic and deep voice was beside her ears and he said it in a serious manner but Su Wan blushed.

This man was not here to help her. Su Wan believed he was here to disturb her!

“Go, go, you’ll be doing me a great favour if you’d sit outside obediently for twenty minutes and not disturb me as I cook!”

As she spoke, she placed the vegetables in her hand down and pushed Jiang Xuecheng. With great effort, she chased the man out to the living hall.

Su Wan let out a sigh of relief and immediately closed the glass door.

However, when she was preparing the ingredients, the heat on her face still lingered, as if a person was still standing beside her…

Su Wan heard the sound of bubbling oil in the pan and her eyes widened. Hastily, she put the fresh vegetables into the pan.

Back when she was in Dong Chen Country, she could cook in an orderly manner, so why was she getting rusty all of a sudden?

This man had probably spoiled her.

Aware of this, Su Wan’s lips curved. Life like this was really good. She could be with the person she loved and even with just basic necessities, they could be happy.

After about half an hour, Su Wan finally cooked the soft deep-fried pork fillet, bean curd with vegetables, and sweet and sour lotus root slices.

Looking at the food in the plates, she couldn’t help lowering her head to sniff. Mmm, it smelled good. It should not taste too bad either.

She had been so anxious cooking just now and had forgotten to taste it.

Su Wan took up a pair of chopsticks and when she was just about to have a taste of the food, she heard Jiang Xuecheng’s shouts from outside.

“Wan Wan, you’ve overrun your time. You said to let me wait twenty minutes but it has been half an hour. Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Su Wan raised her brows and quickly brought two plates of dishes and went to the living room, “You have to be patient to taste my skill.”

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan coming out of the kitchen in her apron, he was attracted by the dishes in her hands.

They actually looked good and the smell increased his appetite but weren’t these too plain?

Bean curd with vegetables looked green and white and although the sweet and sour lotus root slices were richer in color, there wasn’t any meat in these dishes.

Jiang Xuecheng stood up suddenly and took the dishes from Su Wan, assisting her to place them on the Ebony Gold Nan table.

“Wan Wan, are you sure you want to become a vegetarian?”

Su Wan was surprised why Jiang Xuecheng would ask her this question. She explained, “Of course not, I’ve cook a dish of soft deep-fried pork fillet but have not served it in time.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng let out a sigh of relief. He smiled slightly, “I’ll go and get it. You sit down.”

Su Wan was firmly seated by Jiang Xuecheng. Her face was slightly red but she did not refuse his good intention. She watched as he turned around and walked toward the kitchen.

After all the dished were served, Su Wan took a piece of soft deep-fried pork fillet for Jiang Xuecheng. “Try it. How’s my cooking?”

Jiang Xuecheng placed the piece of pork fillet into his mouth. It tasted quite good, at least better than what he had imagined.

“Not bad. You’re quite good at cooking but compared to me, you’re far behind.”

As he spoke, there was laughter in his dark eyes.

When Su Wan heard the first half of his sentence, she was pleased with herself but then when he uttered the second half of the sentence, it hit her confidence.

However, although Jiang Xuecheng was exaggerating, he could indeed cook better than her and Su Wan had no chance to argue.

“Okay, don’t take pleasure in belittling me. Let’s eat.”

Su Wan glared at Jiang Xuecheng and then took some sweet and sour lotus root slices for Jiang Xuecheng. “This should taste good.”

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s praise-seeking look, he couldn’t help laughing as he put the slice of lotus root into his mouth.

The minute he chewed, his brows knitted.

It was so salty!

How could sweet and sour lotus root turn out like this?

Could she have mistaken salt for sugar?

How could she make such a low-level mistake? She was stupid…

When Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng’s frown, her heart thumped hard. “What’s wrong, Xuecheng? Isn’t it delicious?”

To avoid hitting her self-confidence again, Jiang Xuecheng immediately swallowed the piece of sweet and sour lotus root.

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head and lied very naturally. “Nothing, it tastes good.”

Su Wan finally felt at ease. She smilingly stretched out her chopsticks and was about to take a slice of lotus root when Jiang Xuecheng snatched the entire plate and placed it in front of him.

Realizing that he did that in a hurry, a calm smile appeared on his face as he explained faintly, “I like this dish very much. Let me have it all, okay?”