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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 282 - Sharp Questions

Chapter 282: Sharp Questions

Seeing Su Wan standing in front of him, Jiang Xuecheng’s anger subsided. He held Su Wan’s hand and said, “Wan Wan, let’s go.”

Su Wan nodded at the girls and went with Jiang Xuecheng to pay the bills.

When the girls saw how Jiang Xuecheng defended Su Wan, they started gossiping again.

“The young master looks intimate with his wife. It doesn’t look like a broken relationship…”

“Are these photographs photoshopped?”


The sky was getting darker and the rain outside had stopped. The ground was still wet and the wind blew away the heat of the summer.

At that moment, a black Koenigsegg Agera R was driving toward Fontainebleau. It was like an arrow leaving the bow, flashing by on the wide road.

Su Wan looked at the street lamps which lit up one by one, then shifted her eyes to Jiang Xuecheng’s hands on the steering wheel.

Although Jiang Xuecheng did not talk, Su Wan could sense that he was angry.

That day in Anzhi Tinglan Hotel, the reason he had instructed them to block the news from spreading was to avoid today’s situation.

Due to many who liked to go after high click rates and attention, the media often only published some eye-catching reports and ignored the nature of things.

The public’s opinion on the Internet was pushing them to the top of the storm.

Was it necessary for them to hold a press conference to clarify the matter?

However, Su Wan was not willing to recall her unhappy experience. This only added insult to injury.

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng and her lips moved. She was just about to say something when her phone vibrated.

After a second, beautiful music began filling the small space in the car.

Su Wan looked at the number on the phone display and her hands were seized tightly.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw her staring at the screen without answering the call, a cold light appeared in his deep eyes.

“Who called?”

Upon hearing, Su Wan explained quickly, “It’s Mother.”

The ‘mother’ Su Wan mentioned meant Jiang Xuecheng’s mother, Xu Ziyao.

Jiang Xuecheng raised his head and sneered. “Their respond is fast.”

Hearing Jiang Xuecheng’s sarcastic tone, Su Wan rolled her eyes secretly. To be honest, Jiang Xuecheng’s relationship with his family was too cold.

When would this ice between them melt?

Su Wan placed her pointer on her lips, signaling Jiang Xuecheng to keep quiet. Then, she quickly answered the call.

The call connected that instant.

“Hello Mother, what can I do for you?”

From the other end of the phone came Xu Ziyao’s cold voice, with an invisible elegance and nobility.

“Wan, are you free this weekend to come home for dinner with Xuecheng?”

Xu Ziyao’s voice was calm and the first thing she said was not about the news on Weibo. Su Wan couldn’t help feeling surprised.

She was indeed Jiang Xuecheng’s mother. Both their temperaments were similar. In the face of such a thing, they could still be calm and talk in a circuitous manner.

If it was another mother-in-law, she would have scolded once the call got through in view of the evidence shown on Weibo.

Sensing that her thoughts had drifted away, Su Wan recollected herself.

“This weekend? I’m free but I’m not sure if Xuecheng has other plans. Mother, please hold on, let me ask him.”

As Su Wan spoke, she looked at Jiang Xuecheng. “Xuecheng, are you free this weekend? Mother is asking us to go over for dinner.”

Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips slightly. Su Wan thought he would give her an answer but he took a right turning and stopped his car by the side of the road instead.

Stunned, Su Wan widened her eyes as she watched as Jiang Xuecheng snatched her phone from her hand.

Jiang Xuecheng looked gloomy. He raised his brows and he had a look of sarcasm.

“Don’t bother to probe about my relationship with Su Wan. We’re fine.”

Hearing Jiang Xuecheng’s words which were far from the mark, Xu Ziyao was silent for a moment. Then, she sighed softly.

“I don’t have other intentions. I just want to care about you and Wan. I’ve seen the post on Weibo but I’m not worried. I know your relationship with Wan is good but be careful not to be affected by others.”

A sharpness flashed through Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. He replied faintly, “All these are trivial matters. Your son is not stupid. I know how to handle this. You don’t have to worry.”

Hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, Xu Ziyao frowned. She knew she couldn’t argue with him further on this matter. So, she changed the topic.

“If you aren’t free this weekend, why don’t you come back to the old mansion to have dinner with us next weekend?”

Jiang Xuecheng listened steadily to Xu Ziyao but did not answer. He ended the call to show his attitude.

Jiang Xuecheng passed the phone back to Su Wan silently. While Su Wan took the phone, she told him softly, “Don’t be so fierce towards your mother in the future and don’t end the call like this. She’s doing this for our sake.

Su Wan felt Xu Ziyao had been very gentle but unfortunately, Jiang Xuecheng was not on good terms with her.

Jiang Xuecheng removed the little irritability in him and caressed Su Wan’s forehead. “Alright, I know.”

Before his voice died down, Jiang Xuecheng started his car engine once again. He held the steering wheel steadily and then stepped on the accelerator. Very quickly, the car merged with the traffic.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng arrived at Fontainebleau after a short while. Unexpectedly, as soon as they got down from the car, reporters swarmed in from all around.

“The young master and Su Wan are back!”

“Block them!”

Which corner did these reporters come from?

Su Wan was dumbfounded. She blinked and felt very uncomfortable with this sort of scene.

They could hear the sound of shutters all around and the reporters were swarming in to ask them questions.

“Ms. Su, are the pictures on Weibo real? Did you go to Anzhi Tinglan Hotel with the CEO of Gu Group?”

“Young Master, what do you think of the news on Weibo? The stock price of Gu Group fell sharply yesterday. Is it related to this incident?”

“Ms. Su, I heard your family and the Gu family are close friends. You and Gu Zihang were engaged earlier on. Why did you choose the young master and why are you returning to Gu Zihang’s embrace now?

“Young Master, you and Miss Su have just been married for three months. Is there any crisis in your marriage? Will you choose to divorce?”


All sorts of questions were thrown at them and most of them seemed to tacitly think that Su Wan committing adultery was real.

Looking at these reporters surrounding them crazily with eyes emitting strong malice, Su Wan turned ghastly pale and suddenly felt like throwing up.