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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 281 - Much Discussion On Weibo

Chapter 281: Much Discussion On Weibo

Hearing the contents of the discussion clearly, Su Wan’s smile slacked. Her chopsticks were still held in her hands and she froze.

Someone was talking about her and the content was that she had derailed?

In stark contrast to Su Wan’s spacing out, the girls sitting behind them were discussing in full swing.

“Such big news! The young master’s wife has derailed!”

“Is it true? The young master is so handsome and rich. The girl is called Su Wan, isn’t she? Where can one find a better man than the young master?”

“Why do I have to lie to you? There are pictures on Weibo! The third party she looked for is the CEO of Gu Group! Although, he’s inferior to the young master, he’s also very handsome!”

“Goodness, there are really pictures! This is Blue Mountain Café? They look so close to each other.”

“I heard Su Wan and the CEO of Gu Group, Gu Zihang, were ex-boyfriend and girlfriend but Gu Zihang married Su Wan’s cousin, Su Yurou. This family drama is too cold!”

“No wonder Su Yurou cheated on Gu Zihang. It’s because Gu Zihang and her cousin still have a relationship!”

“Look, another new picture is up. It shows them in Anzhi Tinglan Hotel. They went to a hotel to have an affair!”


Hearing the discussion behind her, Su Wan withdrew her chopstick quickly. She looked at a table full of delicious food but her appetite had dropped tremendously for a moment.

She took out her phone silently and logged into her Weibo account. Sure enough, she saw a new hot topic on Weibo which was posted five minutes ago. The title was ‘The Young Master’s Wife Committed Adultery’ and the content was thrilling.

‘Change in young master’s marriage, wife met ex-boyfriend secretly, suspected broken love between husband and wife.’

There had been a war of abuse on Weibo. Most said Su Wan was shameless but there were a few who questioned the authenticity of the incident.

A complicated look appeared in Su Wan’s eyes. She pursed her lips and pulled down the content bar. There it was, the picture the girls were talking about.

She didn’t know where the photographer had lurked but the picture was very clear, especially the picture of Gu Zihang supporting her out of Blue Mountain Café.

In the picture, Gu Zihang’s suit was draped on her and her cheeks were red. Her eyes seemed to be closed and she was leaning against Gu Zihang’s shoulders.

From this angle, it looked like Su Wan was drunk and it seemed like she was going to kiss Gu Zihang.

The latest picture was a picture of Gu Zihang inserting the key into the suite of Anzhi Tinglan Hotel while supporting Su Wan.

Everyone would misunderstand if the pictures were to be combined together.

What’s more, the media also attached a few embellished reports through these two pictures, making it more jaw-dropping.

That moment, Su Wan’s heart felt as if it had fallen into an ice cave…

Su Wan smiled bitterly. She looked up slightly and looked at Jiang Xuecheng. She found that he looked cold and his deep eyes were as if brewing a storm.

“Wan Wan, are you alright? I’m sorry, I thought the news has been blocked but I didn’t expect…”

As Jiang Xuecheng spoke, his hands clenched into fists. He did go in person to destroy the surveillance at Blue Mountain Café but he did not see Gu Zihang and Su Wan in the surveillance of Anzhi Tinglan Hotel.

Where did the person who posted the topic on Weibo get the photographs?

Upon hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, Su Wan was touched. In fact, she didn’t mind these rumors but she didn’t want these to affect her life with Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan shook her head gently. “I’m fine but I don’t know who is trying to get rid of me…”

First of all, it couldn’t be Gu Zihang.

Jiang Xuecheng had not only beaten Gu Zihang up that day but had also criticized him in front of several large enterprises that cooperated with Gu Group after the incident.

Hence, Gu Zihang would be having a hard time cleaning up the mess. How could he have extra energy to slander Su Wan on Weibo?

Besides, if this incident were to spread, Su Wan would not be the only one harmed, for the Gu Group’s reputation would be bruised as well…

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were cold. “I’ve asked Ah Si to investigate. I don’t know the result just yet but the news on Weibo will be deleted right away. Wan Wan, let’s eat.”

Su Wan forced a smile. Now, she regretted ordering so much. Her appetite had basically disappeared.

Looking at Su Wan’s inattentive look, Jiang Xuecheng picked up his chopsticks indifferently and took a piece of pork rib for Su Wan.

“Focus on eating.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice allowed no resistance. Su Wan recollected herself and smiled faintly, “Okay, you eat more too, let’s not waste food.”

Su Wan put that piece of pork rib into her mouth. Mmm, the chef of this restaurant was skilled at cooking and the pork ribs were tasty.

She could probably consider visiting again.

Just when Su Wan was seriously eating, the girls behind them started a new discussion.

“Who removed the topic of the young master’s wife committing adultery? Isn’t this just a cover up?”

“Sigh, although it’s not on Weibo, small websites are still spreading this news.”

“The young master and Su Wan have been married for several months. Previously, when it was reported in the newspaper that they had registered their marriage, I really envied them and I thought I could believe in love again. Who would have expected Su Wan to be so unreliable…”

“Do you think that the young master’s and Su Wan’s marriage is superficial and they each have their own love lives behind each other?”

Before waiting for the girls to finish, Su Wan heard a loud noise. Jiang Xuecheng who was sitting opposite her had stood up. He walked over to the seats of the talkative girls.

When Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng standing up, her eyes widened. What is there to fuss about with little girls?

Su Wan stood up following Jiang Xuecheng. When she was about to block him, he had voiced out coldly, “Have you said enough?”

Jiang Xuecheng looked around the girls sitting together. He looked exceptionally calm. From his look, one could not sense his anger.

However, his look sent chills to people’s back and there was a terrifying feeling.

The few girls were very young and they looked sixteen or seventeen years old. They looked at Jiang Xuecheng and stopped chatting immediately.

A girl with short hair stood up trembling. Her expression was obviously dull.


Su Wan walked past Jiang Xuecheng and smiled at the girls, “Information on the Internet cannot be trusted.”

Looking at the intimacy between Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng, the girls were shocked. Embarrassed, the girl with short hair scratched her hair. She was the leader of the girls.

“I’m sorry, we’ve misunderstood.”

Who would’ve known that the person they were talking about would be sitting behind them?

If they knew, they wouldn’t dare discuss the private affairs of Jiang Xuecheng even if they were given lots of courage!