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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 276 - Full Of Tenderness For Only One Person

Chapter 276: Full Of Tenderness For Only One Person

After several seconds, Jiang Xuecheng appeared in Sheng An’ning’s vision.

His tall and distinct body came down the stairs, painting a near perfect sight for Sheng An’ning, only ruined by a woman in his arms.

It was Su Wan.

Sheng An’ning bit her lips and saw Su Wan lying quietly in Jiang Xuecheng’s arms. Her eyes were closed and there was slight redness on her cheeks. She looked like she was sleeping.

Although Sheng An’ning didn’t know why Su Wan was in this state, she couldn’t help maliciously hoping that it would be best that Su Wan would never wake up!

“Brother Xuecheng, I didn’t cause Sis-in-Law to be like this. I…”

When Jiang Xuecheng was walking downstairs, she took a step forward and reflexively defended herself.

However, Jiang Xuecheng dodged and avoided Sheng An’ning. His gaze lingered on Su Wan and he had as if not heard what Sheng An’ning said.

Sheng An’ning’s look stiffened. When Jiang Xuecheng looked at her just now, he was cold and indifferent but his gesture of holding Su Wan was so loving, as if the woman in his embrace was his whole world.

Yes, at the moment, Su Wan was the only one in Jiang Xuecheng’s heart and every other person or thing had become scenery or air and none could arouse his interest.

Sheng An’ning saw Jiang Xuecheng leaving and her eyes slacked. There was a slight trance in his look.

If Jiang Xuecheng were to carry her so gently like this, even if she had to die the next second, she would be willing.

Ah Si saw Jiang Xuecheng carrying Su Wan toward his car and quickly understood where he was going.

“Young Master, are you going to Zhao Hua Hospital? Let me drive.”

Jiang Xuecheng silently nodded and then quickly opened the back door and placed Su Wan carefully in the car. After adjusting her to straighten her body, he sat beside her.

Sheng An’ning’s brain was in a muddle, as if someone had poured some glue into it. When she saw Ah Si and Jiang Xuecheng in the car, she regained her senses and quickly followed.

Sheng An’ning tapped on the car window hastily, signalling to Ah Si to listen to her.

Ah Si winded down the window slowly. Sheng An’ning’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at Jiang Xuecheng who was sitting at the back of the car.

The space in the car was limited. Jiang Xuecheng was carrying Su Wan, putting her head in front of him. His usual cold look was now replaced by worry.

Sheng An’ning choked. She had never known that an indifferent person like Jiang Xuecheng could treat someone so gently. Unfortunately, the person who could be the recipient of his gentleness wasn’t her.

Sheng An’ning suppressed the bitterness in the bottom of her heart. She did not look at Ah Si but instead begged Jiang Xuecheng directly.

“Brother Xuecheng, please let me go with you. Although I don’t know why Sis-in-Law is in this state, her situation is more or less related to me. I can also talk to the doctor about the effect of drug.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked up slightly. His eyes swept across Sheng An’ning and there was a slight sneer between his brows.

Sheng An’ning’s heart paused, afraid Jiang Xuecheng would refuse. Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips and said, “Get in.”

Before Jiang Xuecheng’s voice died down, Ah Si opened the co-driver’s door following Jiang Xuecheng’s order.

The heaviness in Sheng An’ning’s heart sank and she quickly got into the car. She did not care about Su Wan. As a matter of fact, Sheng An’ning had wished that Su Wan would disappear from this world earlier.

However, Sheng An’ning took Jiang Xuecheng’s threat to heart.

At least for now, Su Wan couldn’t die or her future would be dim.

Sheng An’ning sat in the car seat. At the thought that Jiang Xuecheng was behind her and he could see her the minute he looked up, she recollected her nervous emotions and started to tidy her hair.

She placed her hands on her thighs elegantly, looking like a noble lady but her eyes couldn’t help looking at the rear-view mirror, peeping at what Jiang Xuecheng was doing.

What made Sheng An’ning disappointed was that Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes never left Su Wan except for the short interaction with her just now.

From the beginning till now, Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan in his arms. Sheng An’ning knew that keeping this position all the time would actually make someone feel numb and uncomfortable but Jiang Xuecheng had no intentions to let go of Su Wan.

Sheng An’ning looked down and covered up the jealousy and hatred in her heart.

What did Su Wan have that Jiang Xuecheng liked? Sheng An’ning assured herself that she was in no way inferior to Su Wan.


Ah Si handled the steering wheel steadily. Due to the emergency, he drove very fast and quickly overtook many cars.

In the closed car, the air was still and no one talked. The awkward atmosphere made Sheng An’ning very uncomfortable. She couldn’t sit still and wanted to get some fresh air.

Sheng An’ning frowned and couldn’t help pressing the button to wind down the car window. The cool breeze from outside blew with raindrops on Sheng An’ning’s face.

Sheng An’ning felt relaxed with that cool feel and she let out a soft sigh.

Just when Sheng An’ning was about to wind down the window further, a cold voice came from behind.

“Close the window or you can choose to get down.”

Sheng An’ning was stunned. She tilted her head and saw Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes with piercing power landing on her.

When Ah Si felt the tensed atmosphere, he couldn’t help examining them from the rear-view mirror.

“Ms. Sheng, it’s raining outside. The rain from the window has splashed onto Young Madam’s body.”

Hearing Ah Si’s explanation, Sheng An’ning’s pretty face turned ghastly pale. She had not expected Jiang Xuecheng to be fierce to her for this reason.

Why did Jiang Xuecheng treat Su Wan so gently and treat her so heartlessly?

Countless grievances appeared in her heart in a flash. She tugged at the corners of her lips and looked as if she was going to cry.

“Brother Xuecheng, I just wanted to open the window to get some fresh air.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes fell on the window which was still open. Without looking at Sheng An’ning, he gave Ah Si his order.

“Ah Si, close the window and stop the car.”

Ah Si nodded silently. He closed the window which Sheng An’ning had opened. Then, he turned on the right turn signal and slowed the car.

The car stopped steadily beside the green belt by the side of the road.

“Ms. Sheng, please get down.”

Upon hearing this, Sheng An’ning widened her eyes. They had brought her midway, how could they leave her here by the side of the road?

Sheng An’ning couldn’t believe them. Her fists clenched tightly together and she turned around to beg Jiang Xuecheng.

“Brother Xuecheng, I won’t fool around again. Please let me stay.”

A layer of thin frost covered Jiang Xuecheng’s handsome face. He shot her a glance and his voice was cold.

“Get down on your own or Ah Si will throw you down. Choose one.”