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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 272 - A Muscle-Tearing Experience

Chapter 272: A Muscle-Tearing Experience

Su Wan had become more and more dazed and the familiar clean breath between her nose made it intolerable for her.


Su Wan’s body trembled uncontrollably. She couldn’t even speak a complete sentence now and could only murmur his name.

It was the first time Jiang Xuecheng had ever seen Su Wan unable to control herself. She seemed to have reached her limit and there wasn’t a way to control the flame burning in her body.

Su Wan’s lips pressed on Jiang Xuecheng’s chin, unable to contain herself from kissing him.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan gnawing at him beyond control, he felt both heartache and amusement, but more so glad that she was doing this to him and not to others.

Luckily, he came in time or the consequences would be disastrous.

“Wan Wan, don’t move. Let me open the door first, okay?”

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head and planted a kiss on Su Wan’s forehead. Then, he shot her a helpless glance. Every time he wanted to get the key to open the door, Su Wan would disturb him.

Su Wan looked at him in a confused way. Her eyes narrowed as if not understanding what he was saying. Her eyes were full of desire and eagerness.

Jiang Xuecheng’s throat moved. He felt he had as if been drugged too, by a drug called Su Wan.

In order to open the door and get in, Jiang Xuecheng had to stop Su Wan’s misbehaving hands. Then, he alertly put the key into the keyhole.

Jiang Xuecheng let out a sigh of relief when the door was finally opened. Just when he wanted to bring Su Wan in, she had firmly held his shoulders back and rushed over towards him directly.

When he tilted his head sideways, he saw Su Wan’s crimson cheeks. Her lips opened and closed slightly, like a silent invitation.

At the sight of this, the strings in his heart seemed to have broken suddenly.

He pursed his lips and closed the door immediately. Then, he carried Su Wan by the waist and walked up to their bedroom upstairs.

After being placed down, Su Wan impatiently stretched out her hands and reached out for Jiang Xuecheng’s belt.

She was obviously not very conscious. Jiang Xuecheng’s belt wasn’t difficult to undo, yet Su Wan tried for a long time but failed to do it.

Why couldn’t it be undone?

In a panic, Su Wan felt a huge grievance. She frowned and glared at Jiang Xuecheng with eyes full of complaints.

Jiang Xuecheng was amused by her unreasonable look. He looked at Su Wan’s weeping eyes and couldn’t help kissing her eyes.

When he saw his own reflection in Su Wan’s eyes, his heartbeat became uncontrollably faster.

Su Wan’s eyes were beautiful, especially now when there was additional mist in them, just like the misty rain in Jiangnan.

He couldn’t help feeling that she only had him in her eyes.

In a flash, Jiang Xuecheng felt his rationality was completely torn apart. He leaned forward and his thin lips landed on Su Wan’s ears, which had been tinged red.

“Wan Wan, take it easy, I’ll teach you how to untie it.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was low and magnetic and in that moment, there was a little inexplicable hoarseness in it.

Puzzled, Su Wan looked at him and a smile appeared on his lips. He caught Su Wan’s hand and taught her how to remove that annoying obstacle.

After removing the obstacle, Jiang Xuecheng pressed the remote control and the silk curtain came down.

At the same time, Jiang Xuecheng threw some clothes to the ground.

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s wrists as gently as he could, afraid that she might hurt him.

Su Wan, who had been drugged, was very different from her usual self. At one time, she had even taken the initiative and was so passionate, it was overwhelming.

He didn’t know how much the dosage was but they had done it three to four times and based on her usual performance, she would have been exhausted and gone to sleep. Now, however, she was energetic, like a cat that would never be satisfied.

She entangled Jiang Xuecheng and wished she could turn into a vine, wrapping tightly around a tree.

Afraid that Su Wan wouldn’t be able to bear it, Jiang Xuecheng had been very careful so as not to hurt her.

In fact, if the drug was not harmful, Jiang Xuecheng felt it was a wonderful experience to let Su Wan take the initiative.

Just when Jiang Xuecheng was lost in his thoughts, Su Wan was not satisfied with him spacing out. Suddenly, she bit his shoulders.

Su Wan bit hard and Jiang Xuecheng felt a burning sensation on his shoulders. He could even smell blood.

Su Wan must had bitten till it bled…

Such experience was indeed muscle-tearing…

Jiang Xuecheng let out a cold snort and a gentle smile appeared in his cold eyes. He stretched out his hands to hold Su Wan’s delicate and tender cheeks as he laughed lowly.

The corner of Su Wan’s mouth was stained with fresh blood and she unconsciously licked it. When she felt blood in her mouth, she didn’t feel good.

This scene, coupled with Su Wan’s bewildered and drunken look, looked surprisingly beautiful. She was just like a fallen angel, leading others to commit a sin.

Su Wan’s brows knitted very quickly, as if complaining that Jiang Xuecheng’s blood wasn’t nice to consume.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw her dissatisfaction, he was speechless. He stretched his hand and tried wiping away the blood stain on the corner of Su Wan’s lips.

“You dare to despise me after biting me?”

As Jiang Xuecheng spoke, his long finger wiped away the blood stain on the corner of her mouth.

He lowered his head and smelt the light fragrance of Su Wan’s black hair. Then, he caught her lips accurately.

His kiss was overbearing, with a little unrestrained boldness. In a daze, Su Wan felt the air around her being stripped away.

She felt as if she had been pushed into the sea and could only passively bear the attack of wind and rain. If she wasn’t careful, she would be annihilated by the wave.

A weird feeling had been ignited by Jiang Xuecheng’s finger and gradually spreading to her limbs and bones.

Su Wan suddenly felt afraid. She hugged Jiang Xuecheng tightly, trying to get a sense of security from him.

Jiang Xuecheng’s deep eyes seemed to have fallen into a sky full of stars. His eyes were emitting light, making her dizzier and dizzier.

The warm light in the bedroom was faint and through the silk curtain, two figures were reflected.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng’s shadows overlapped, as if blending into one.


After quite some time, Su Wan finally felt tired. She slowly closed her eyes and her hands fell feebly.

Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head slightly. He examined Su Wan’s quiet sleeping face and couldn’t help planting a kiss on her hair.

Su Wan went into a deep sleep very quickly probably she was too exhausted and had no idea what Jiang Xuecheng was doing.

Jiang Xuecheng switched on the little night lamp and after looking at her for a long time, he finally carried her up and walked towards the bathroom…