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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 257 - Driven Into A Corner

Chapter 257: Driven Into A Corner

Su Yurou’s pretty face was currently cold to its peak. Her eyes were flashing and she dashed forward very quickly.

Su Wan thought Su Yurou would remember the lesson after she was slapped by Ah Si but never had she expected the woman to be bolder. Su Wan couldn’t dodge in time and she had to raise her hand to protect herself.

For a moment, Su Wan felt a coldness on the back of her hand. She took a painful step back and when she looked carefully, she found that her hand had been scratched by Su Yurou’s red fingernails.

When Su Yurou saw Su Wan in pain, a sense of success and an arrogant smile appeared on her red and swollen face, as if her evil plan had succeeded and she was extremely happy.

“Su Wan, you b*tch. Aren’t you relying on the young master’s protection? To me, which man would want a vicious woman with an evil heart who forces her own uncle to a dead end like you?”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan’s eyes turned cold. She took out a piece of tissue paper to wipe the blood on her hand. Then, she struck back.

“Su Yurou, since you’re so free to scold me here, why don’t you worry about yourself and your father who would be imprisoned soon?”

Su Yurou was furious. Green veins appeared on her forehead and only sarcastic ridicule was left on her pretty face.

“If not for you, how would I come to this state? I’m going to kill you!”

Just when Su Yurou wanted to dash forward once again, Ah Si caught her by the collar and threw her violently to the wall by the side.

“Mad woman!”

Ah Si thought Su Yurou was extremely unreasonable. She had a pretty face with a heart no one could compliment.

Su Yurou staggered and stood up. She brushed away the dirt on her dress and her melancholic eyes were fixed on Su Wan’s face.

“Su Wan, don’t be complacent. Sooner or later, you’ll be abandoned like me!”

Su Wan looked steadily at Su Yurou who had gone completely insane. Her eyes were filled with coldness.

“You don’t have to worry about me. Remember to buy a few more boxes of medicine. He might not have a chance to take them in the future!”

After throwing this sentence, Su Wan turned around indifferently and signaled for Ah Si to follow.

Ah Si immediately and respectfully walked with her toward their car parked opposite the road.

Su Yurou watched as the car went out of her sight. She bit her lips and her eyes showed hatred and helplessness which could not be concealed.

Now that the situation was such, what was she to do?

If Su Jiankai was convicted, even if he was not executed, she was afraid he would end up being imprisoned for life without parole. By then, would she have to live in this world under the name of a criminal’s daughter?

No, no, no, she could not accept such an ending…

Su Yurou kept trembling. Her fists were clenched very tightly. She had not seen the disgrace of that woman. How could she give up like this?

She couldn’t take this!

Su Yurou’s eyes were filled with tears. Things were not entirely hopeless now. Didn’t she still have Master Lei?

Master Lei had lots of properties. If he were to help her, there might be a turning point on this matter!

Su Yurou sniffed. A dim light flashed through her eyes. Suddenly, a gorgeous smile appeared in the corner of her lips. However, under close observation, this smile was weird and ferocious, sending chills down people’s spine.

“Mr. Wang, can you please help me to take care of my father? When he’s conscious and asks where I am, please tell him I’ve gone to seek help.”

Mr. Wang who was supporting Su Jiankai at the moment had seen the scene where Su Yurou scratched Su Wan. Now, when he saw Su Yurou’s gentle smile, his heart felt nervous.

However, he was taking their salary and he ought to perform his duty. His smile trembled slightly but he agreed very quickly.

Su Yurou could read his mind. She snorted coldly but did not expose him. Very quickly, she hired a car to Pearl Garden where Master Lei stayed.

However, the minute she arrived at Pearl Garden, before even entering, she saw a group of people wearing the police uniform walking in and out of the house. From time to time, they escorted several people out of the house.

Wasn’t the one who had just been escorted Master Lei’s butler?

Su Yurou’s smile slacked. She had long known that Master Lei didn’t have a clean background. If he was really convicted for all the big and small crimes, she was afraid he would have died eight hundred years ago.

However, Master Lei had survived all these years and his assets had been continuously cleaned. How could his family be surrounded by the police all of a sudden?

Su Yurou stiffened. She took a deep breath and immediately asked a man who was looking.

“What’s happening here? Why are the police here?”

The man with square face darted a glance at Su Yurou and was amazed. He felt he had seen this woman before but he couldn’t recall.

“Miss, you don’t know. A powerful man called Master Lei used to live in this Pearl Garden! He’s a person who has committed various evil crimes. I heard he has recently committed another crime of drug smuggling and trafficking. They have been caught with the loot and they are under arrest!”

The man seemed to know a lot. After telling Su Yurou the story of Master Lei, he lit a cigarette and kept probing about Su Yurou.

Su Yurou had no mood to start a conversation with him. Her mind turned blank at the words ‘drug smuggling and trafficking’. For a moment, she found it difficult to breathe.

Did the heavens want her dead?

Su Yurou’s body turned weak and her chest was tight. When she was about to faint, the man with square face caught her immediately.

“Miss, are you alright, miss?”

The sky was filled with dark clouds and the rain, which had not fallen for a long time, seemed to have received an order to pour down that minute.

Su Yurou brushed the man’s hand away. She wiped away the tears in her eyes and dashed forward frantically.

The man saw Su Yurou’s staggering figure in the rain and suddenly remembered who she was. Wasn’t she the hot Su Yurou who appeared on Weibo several days ago?

The one who betrayed Mr. Gu to have an affair outside?

No wonder she looked so beautiful.

The man with square face snuffed out his cigarette. A plan appeared in his eyes as he chased after Su Yurou immediately.

Su Yurou was flustered. She cried as she ran to a corner and sobbed holding on to the wall.

However, just when Su Yurou was immersed in sadness and indignation, a hand appeared from behind. Before she could react, she was thrown beside the garbage bin.

Smelling the stinky breath, Su Yurou’s eyes widened. She looked at the square-faced man pressing against her and she became more and more nervous.

“Don’t touch me! I’m the elder young missy of Sheng Yuan Group. How dare you!”

Su Yurou felt the rain fall along her cheeks and it was extremely cold, just like the heaven’s tears of despair.