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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 254 - Since You Don’t Acknowledge Me

Chapter 254: Since You Don’t Acknowledge Me

Hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, the smile on Master Lei’s face stiffened. Jiang Xuecheng dared say not to let things dirty their eyes!

Was he comparing him and Su Yurou to garbage?

Su Yurou felt the increased pressure of Master Lei’s hand on her shoulder. She was afraid he would vent his anger on her. So, she quickly showed a gentle smile.

“Master Lei, don’t get angry. Let’s not argue with the younger generation.”

After Jiang Xuecheng said that, he did not take another look at Su Yurou and Master Lei.

Perhaps it was because of yesterday’s rainy day that tonight’s air was exceptionally fresh. Although the moonlight wasn’ bright, there were a few stars in the night sky in a charming full bloom.

Su Wan held Jiang Xuecheng’s hand. When she thought of the scene at the restaurant, she wasn’t happy.

“Who was that person whom Su Yurou called Master Lei?”

Jiang Xuecheng paused. He tidied the messy strands of hair on Su Wan’s forehead and slowly spoke.

“He’s a businessman without a clean background. My grandfather had once checked on him. This man has committed lots of crime but someone always came out to take his place. Wan Wan, don’t worry, this man has done evil and sooner or later, he’ll be punished.”

Su Wan nodded her head heavily. Suddenly, the smell of roasted corns wafted from down the street. Su Wan’s eyes lit up.

“Xuecheng, someone’s selling roasted corns over there. Let’s go and have roasted corns!”

They had been disturbed just now and it had made her loose her appetite. Now, when she smelt the fragrance, it aroused the greed in her.

Jiang Xuecheng had always been skeptical about this kind of roadside food but when he sensed Su Wan’s interest, he couldn’t bear to say no.

Su Wan walked toward the old woman selling roasted corns. With a smile, she requested, “Two cobs of roasted corn, please.”

Jiang Xuecheng frowned and was about to say he didn’t want one when Su Wan passed him one cob of corn.

Seeing the hot roasted corn in his hand, Jiang Xuecheng swallowed his words. However, he didn’t have the intention to eat the corn.

Su Wan raised her brows the minute she saw Jiang Xuecheng treating the corn coldly.

“It’s quite sweet. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s look stiffened slightly. Finally, he slowly brought the roasted corn to his mouth and ate it in a graceful manner.

After they finished eating the corns, they decided to go home. Su Wan sat in the car and spaced out as she saw the traffic flow through the night.

At the crossroad just before returning to Fontainebleau, the traffic light turned red. Jiang Xuecheng stepped on the brake and the car stopped steadily.

Suddenly, Su Wan noticed a little girl who was carrying a basket and selling flowers at the crossroad.

She saw big blue roses in the basket. Su Wan recalled the first time Jiang Xuecheng had given her flowers, they had been blue roses.

Su Wan’s heart fluttered. She got Jiang Xuecheng to stop the car by the side of the road. She opened the car door and walked quickly towards the little girl selling flowers.

Su Wan smiled at the little girl and then her eyes landed on the blooming flowers in the basket.

“Little girl, please tie up all the blue roses in this basket for me.”


The little girl was pleasantly surprised. She quickly tied the bouquet carefully and tied a delicate bow with a light purple ribbon.

“Here, pretty sister.”

Su Wan smiled shyly and then said to the little girl softly, “The night breeze is cold. Do go home earlier.”

As she spoke, she gave the little girl some bank notes. The little girl was overwhelmed when she accepted the money and nodded.

“Thank you, sister.”

Su Wan smiled faintly and waved at her, “Remember to go home earlier.”

Then, Su Wan turned around and walked toward the car. Jiang Xuecheng saw the big bouquet of flowers in her arms and he looked surprised.

“Wan Wan, do all ladies like flowers?”

Su Wan rolled her eyes.

“Aren’t blue roses the flowers you gave me the first time? I don’t know what you like so I bought these for you as a gift in return.”

Jiang Xuecheng was taken aback. Suddenly, he remembered he had given blue roses to Su Wan once but at that time, they weren’t lovers. Jiang Xuecheng had asked Ah Si what to give to a girl he liked.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at the fragrant blue roses in Su Wan’s arms, then at Su Wan. Teasing appeared in his eyes.

“Wan Wan, actually, there’s nothing I really like. If I must answer, you’re one I like.”

Hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, Su Wan glared at him. “Am I a thing?”

Jiang Xuecheng controlled his laughter and shook his head seriously. “No.”

Su Wan sensed something amiss because no matter how Jiang Xuecheng replied, she would definitely fall into the pit.

Su Wan’s eyes widened. She glared at Jiang Xuecheng, “How dare you say I’m not a thing?”

Jiang Xuecheng shrugged. Banter leapt up to his eyes, unconcealed. “You said it yourself. I didn’t say anything.”


Su Wan was slightly annoyed. Just when she wanted to rebut, her phone in her handbag vibrated at the wrong time.

Who was calling her at this hour at night?

Since Lin Fei’er went to Dong Chen, the time Su Wan spent on the phone had decreased.

Su Wan doubtfully took out the phone from her handbag. When she saw the number on the screen, she froze.

It was her grandfather, Su Heng. She was afraid he was going to say something she didn’t like to hear in view of him calling her at this hour.

Su Wan frowned slightly and finally answered the call. “Hello, Grandfather? This is Wan. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

However, unexpectedly, he gave her a scolding.

“Wan, how could you make such a rumor about your uncle? Uncle is now the Su family’s only son. Do you know what people are saying about him on the Internet? They’re saying he murdered his own brother! Do you want him dead?”

Initially, Su Wan didn’t quite understand but toward the end, her face turned cold.

Because Su Heng’s roar was loud and Jiang Xuecheng’s ears were sharp, he could hear what Su Heng said clearly.

Before Su Wan could respond, Jiang Xuecheng snatched the phone from her.

“Grandfather, for Wan Wan’s sake, I’ll call you Grandfather. I was the one who asked people to spread the pictures and videos. This has nothing to do with Wan Wan, but let me tell you, all these evidence is real and it’s not a rumor.”

When Su Heng heard the sudden male voice, he guessed Jiang Xuecheng had snatched Su Wan’s phone.

He snorted coldly and replied, “Ask Wan to listen. Also, don’t claim kinship randomly.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan and said directly, “Since you don’t see me as your grandson-in-law, there’s nothing else to say. Goodbye.”

After spitting out that sentence, Jiang Xuecheng ended the call.