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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 252 - Wear What I Like Next Time

Chapter 252: Wear What I Like Next Time

It rained the whole night and stopped at dawn. The water on the ground was wet and the air was scented with a mixture of soil and vegetation.

Although it was a Sunday, Jiang Xuecheng woke up early in the morning. He saw Su Wan sleeping soundly and did not wake her up. When Su Wan awoke, it was late in the morning.

Su Wan took a glass of warm milk from Jiang Xuecheng and shot him a glance. “Aren’t we going to the hot spring? It’s late now.”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled. “I’ve booked a room. It’s the same even if we go in the afternoon.”

After Su Wan finished her breakfast, Jiang Xuecheng brought her to Beitong’s development zone. The minute they stepped into the hot spring hotel, a staff member greeted them.

“Mr. Jiang, Ms. Su, this way please.”

Su Wan nodded and trailed behind him.

The private room that Jiang Xuecheng arranged was specially reserved for them by the hot spring hotel. It was a hot spring nearest to the mouth of spring. Not only was the service high-end but the construction was very exquisite too.

Su Wan changed into her swimsuit in the changing room and then put on a white bathrobe. When Su Wan came out, she realized Jiang Xuecheng had also put on a white bathrobe. Both of them looked like they were wearing a couple’s set.

Jiang Xuecheng pushed the wooden door and Su Wan caught up to his pace. Only then did she find another world beyond the wooden door.

The sight that welcomed her was a cobblestone paved path. The rockery could be seen faintly. There were numerous flowers and trees. When the wind blew, countless petals scattered all over.

“Do you like it? I asked someone to do it.”

Su Wan took out her shoes and leaped onto the cobblestone path. The smile on her face was bright and she looked like a child who had just eaten candy.

“How beautiful! It’s open air!”

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s surprise and smiled. He took out his shoes like her and stepped on the cobblestone path together with her.

Su Wan half-knelt beside the hot spring and stretched out her hand to touch the water. The burning temperature rose from the hand immediately but it was very comfortable.

This was Su Wan’s first time at a hot spring, so everything felt fresh to her. She gradually soaked her body into the hot spring and felt the pores all over her body opening.

This was an unimaginable experience!

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s happy look and his heart moved. He came near Su Wan slowly and held her hand while giving her a gentle kiss beside the lips.

Su Wan retracted her hand all of a sudden. Her eyes swept across Jiang Xuecheng’s lit up eyes and her beautiful cheeks were stained red.

“Why did you come near me? Let’s each take a spot…”

Most parts of Jiang Xuecheng’s bathrobe were soaked in the hot spring and his hair was messed up. He looked very different from his usual serious self.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan’s bashful appearance and he curved his lips into a charming radian.

“Wan Wan, didn’t you fail to learn swimming last time? Do you want me to continue teaching you?”

Hearing the man’s low and magnetic voice, Su Wan felt strange. She pointed at the hot spring which was steaming hot. “Can we learn swimming in such hot water?”

Jiang Xuecheng couldn’t help laughing. “Not here. I mean I can bring you to a warm pool to learn swimming.”

Su Wan recalled her previous swimming lesson experience and firmly shook her head. “No, thank you.”

Jiang Xuecheng hugged Su Wan from behind and leaned his head on her shoulders. “Wan Wan, let’s do something else then.”

When Jiang Xuecheng’s slightly hoarse voice sounded from behind, Su Wan’s heart pounded and she looked at the sky awkwardly.

Although there were only the two of them here with no one around, Su Wan could see the sky above when she looked up. She felt strange.

Su Wan tied her bathrobe silently and the smile on her face couldn’t hide her nervousness.

“Let’s not.”

As Su Wan spoke, she hastily leaned back. She didn’t think that there was a rockery behind, so her bathrobe got accidentally hooked on the side of the jagged stone.

Su Wan watched as her bathrobe got hooked on the rockery. She was so anxious she almost cried.

Jiang Xuecheng remained calm and composed. He looked at her and raised his brows teasingly, “Do you want me to help you?”

“No, thank you. I can handle it myself!”

Hearing what Jiang Xuecheng said, Su Wan refused almost without thinking.

Sensing her own nervousness, Su Wan darted Jiang Xuecheng a glance and then lowered her head to carefully unhook her bathrobe from the rockery.

The minute she managed to untangled her bathrobe, the weight in her heart lightened. Feeling pleased, she smiled at Jiang Xuecheng, as if telling him ‘you don’t have to worry about this little thing.’.

She let out a sigh of relief and wanted to continue to step aside. As a result, she lost her stability and fell straight into the hot spring.

Jiang Xuecheng took a glance at her helplessly and swam over to help her up quickly.

Su Wan choked and swallowed several gulps of water. Her face was flushed red and somehow her bathrobe was half torn open. Su Wan’s fair skin was now red because she had been soaking in the hot spring and she now looked particularly seductive.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened and he couldn’t help hugging her more tightly in his embrace. He put his lips near Su Wan’s ears and he whispered, “Wan Wan, won’t you grant me this?”

That hot and close breath stirred a shudder on her ear. Su Wan’s body stiffened slightly and unconsciously wanted to push him away.

When she thought Jiang Xuecheng had endured for several days, her heard softened.

Su Wan frowned and murmured shyly, “But this place is open air…”

Jiang Xuecheng laughed softly and knew that Su Wan had indirectly agreed. He carried Su Wan. The wind blew down the flower tree by the rockery and several petals fell.

Su Wan held onto Jiang Xuecheng’s neck and examined the man’s facial features from a close range. Her heart suddenly pounded non-stop.

The feeling of being held in the arms of the one you love was wonderful and beautiful. It was like lying on a cloud, feeling light and comfortable.

Jiang Xuecheng carried Su Wan over the wooden door and placed her gently on the blanket. He took off her bathrobe and saw the conservative one-piece swimsuit. A slight smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Why did you choose this swimsuit?”

He had bought various swimsuits for her and among those were modern ones.

When Jiang Xuecheng spoke, he was very near her. Suddenly, Su Wan felt dizzy. She glared at him and replied, “I like it. You can’t control me.”

“Wan Wan, wear what I like the next time.”

Jiang Xuecheng held her face in his palms and without waiting for Su Wan to answer, he pressed his lips onto hers.

Su Wan froze in the man’s embrace. Her heart beat like a drum and the rose-like color had long been on her cheeks.

The minute Jiang Xuecheng let go of Su Wan, he looked steadily at her. In a moment, just like a huge wave, he submerged her completely.