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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 251 - Wan Wan, I’m Here

Chapter 251: Wan Wan, I’m Here

The rain was falling and when Su Wan raised her head and saw the hazy sky, she felt her heart was gloomier than the sky.

The crimson stain on her face gradually faded and her beautiful face was now ghastly pale.

Su Wan’s body jerked twice and she collapsed to the back, as if she had been hit hard by someone.

Looking at Su Wan, unconcealed worry appeared in Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes. He stretched out his hands very quickly and caught Su Wan.

“Wan Wan, are you alright?”

Su Wan’s eyes swept across Jiang Xuecheng by her side. No wonder he didn’t want to tell her earlier on.

Before he found Sun Yiming as a witness, he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to accept that Su Jiankai was the murderer of her parents.

Su Jiankai and her father, Su Jianyan, were biological brothers!

Was Su Jiankai human to kill his own brother?

Vigorous pain spread from her heart to her limbs and bones. She couldn’t calm herself down. She blinked and suddenly felt a burning heat in her eyes.

Suddenly, tears fell. If not for the slightly higher temperature, Su Wan wouldn’t be certain if they were tears or rain.

Su Wan sniffed and shook her head. “I’m fine, Xuecheng.”

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan putting on a brave face, his heart tightened. He could feel how much she was hurt at this moment.

Jiang Xuecheng carefully hugged Su Wan and then stretched out his hands to wipe away the tears on her face.

Then, there was a sudden hug with overbearing posture but filled with love.

“Wan Wan, don’t be afraid, I’m here. Let your tears flow.”

Hearing his gentle consolation, the tears Su Wan had tried hard to hold back ceased to be contained.

How could she not feel the pain?

Although she was disappointed with her uncle’s family, she did not expect that it would stab her in the heart again after the truth was revealed.

Before her parents met with the accident, Su Wan was a naïve girl who was the apple of her parents’ eyes. She had a temper, was willful, and would make mistakes, because Su Wan knew her parents would embrace and protect her.

However, since the day of the car accident, everything had been ruined. Su Wan would always remember the night she sat outside the emergency room with tears flowing non-stop.

The doctor in a white robe pushed opened the door and looked at her with sympathy. “I’m sorry, we’ve tried our best but the patients were sent here too late…”

Su Wan stood up in tears and that instant, choked with sobs.

Her heart felt as if it had been cut by a knife, bleeding and in such pain. It was hard for her to breathe.

Since that day, she was all alone. She was no longer the apple of her parents’ eyes. She knew then that she shouldn’t be self-willed anymore…

With heartache, Jiang Xuecheng supported Su Wan. In the dark curtain of rain, her pretty face was reflected and there was an air of melancholy in her. She looked gloomy.

“Wan Wan, I’m here.”

Su Wan was taken aback. It was a simple sentence but when it was spoken by Jiang Xuecheng, it was full of sympathy and love.

Upon hearing, Su Wan’s slender body trembled. She closed her eyes and reopened them. A dim light flashed through her red eyes.

The gloominess in her heart slowly faded and she looked at Jiang Xuecheng. Her lips curved into a shallow radian. “Thank you, Xuecheng.”

Thank you for your willingness to accompany me so I won’t be alone.

Jiang Xuecheng caressed Su Wan’s head. A very complicated dark light flashed through his eyes and finally, he hugged her tightly in his embrace.

“I’ve said you and I don’t have to say that.”

As he spoke, Jiang Xuecheng tilted his head and shot a cold look at Sun Yiming, who sat on the ground. Then, he ordered Ah Si faintly, “Take this man to court. It’s time for Su Jiankai to pay the price.”

Sun Yiming had been in a daze. When he heard what Jiang Xuecheng said, he went crazy. His lips kept trembling.

“Young Master, I can die without regret but I beg you to let go of my family. Please help my mother…”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes contracted. “What did you say? Save your mother?”

Sun Yiming would certainly pay the price for what he had done but who would want to harm his mother?

Jiang Xuecheng slowly bent down and gaze at Sun Yiming’s distorted face. “Do you know who the man behind Su Jiankai is?”

Sun Yiming shook his head quickly. His face was full of fear and his voice was completely hoarse, “No, no, no, I don’t know, I don’t know anything…”

When Ah Si heard what he said, his heart suddenly tightened. Almost subconsciously, he grabbed Sun Yiming’s arm.

“Who covered your tracks for you back then? You’d better tell us clearly. Tell us who else is behind this, otherwise…”

Sun Yiming was terrified. He could only express his emotions by shaking his head violently.

Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips. A deep light appeared in his dark eyes. He looked at Ah Si indifferently with his thin lips pursed slightly.

“You don’t have to ask him. If he knows, he wouldn’t have lived till now.”

Su Wan didn’t quite get what Jiang Xuecheng said to Ah Si. When she was about to ask him, she saw his cold look and she swallowed her words.

On the highway, the black Koenigsegg Agera R was driving steadily.

Su Wan’s eyes swept across Jiang Xuecheng’s hands on the steering wheel. She slowly shifted her eyes upward and landed on Jiang Xuecheng’s side profile. She could clearly sense the air of seriousness in him.

After a long struggle in her heart, Su Wan finally asked, “Xuecheng, are you suspecting that there is someone else other than my uncle who murdered my parents?”

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head faintly. He sped up his car and his eyes turned more serious. “There’s currently no evidence to point to this. To be more precise, I’m just suspecting.”

Su Wan stared at Jiang Xuecheng and firmness appeared in her beautiful eyes. “No matter what, everything will come to light. Like you said, the fox will show its tail one day.”

Hearing Su Wan’s consoling words, Jiang Xuecheng smiled and he felt lighter.

“Wan Wan, how about we go to Beitong’s development zone tomorrow? The hot spring hotel is open. We said we wanted to experience it last time.”

When the topic suddenly changed, Su Wan couldn’t get used to it.

She hesitantly frowned. As she just got to know about Su Jiankai murdering her parents, she had no mood to go out right now.

Jiang Xuecheng alertly sensed Su Wan’s negative emotions. He took advantage of Su Wan’s silence and said decisively, “Well, that’s settled then.”

“Hey, you…”

Su Wan was amused by this overbearing man. She glared at Jiang Xuecheng and understood he actually planned this for her to relax.

It was the happiest thing in the world to have a person who was willing to devote himself to her wholeheartedly.