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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Heart As Cold As Ice

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Jiankai did not expect a little girl like Su Wan, who had gone to Dong Chen Country for three years, to be so alert on financial matters.

He was thinking of his rebuttal but saw Su Wan frown and she beat him to it.

“Even if it was like what you said, Sheng Ran was in debt, but the market value of Sheng Ran at that time was far greater than that of Heng Yuan. How could Heng Yuan have saved Sheng Ran, which had a capital ten times more than itself?

Heng Yuan was only a small company two to three years ago and its achievement was incomparable to Sheng Ran…

Su Wan’s words were overbearing, but they weren’t utterly unjustifiable. Su Heng couldn’t help but marvel at her improvement.

Su Heng hesitated, wondering if he should allow Su Wan to continue her argument. Beyond his expectations, Su Wan threw out a shocking guess.

“Uncle, was Heng Yuan the one getting into a financial deficit and you…?”

Just then, the sound of broken ceramic pieces added flames to the originally dreary atmosphere.

Su Jiankai was thinking of grabbing the coffee from the table but his fingers trembled upon hearing Su Wan’s words and he broke the white delicate ceramic mug.

This young girl was close to figuring out the truth.

However, how could Su Jiankai admit to this? How could he?

Now that Sheng Yuan Group was prospering with each passing day with huge benefits in front of him, he would definitely not hand it over to Su Wan!

Su Jiankai speedily put on an air of an elder. With his serious and upright look, he assured, “Wan, it’s not what you think it is. Even if you do not believe me, would you not believe your most beloved grandfather?”

Su Wan pursed her lips. Since the day before yesterday, her grandfather didn’t feel the same as before…

At least, the grandfather she had known previously would not side with people who distorted the truth or watch her being bullied, and would definitely not reprimand her for creating trouble…

Su Heng held his chest and let out a few coughs. Then, he started chiming in, “Wan, don’t stir up more trouble. Matters concerning the adults are matters you don’t understand.”

Facing the two most authoritative decision makers of Sheng Yuan, Su Wan knew that in their eyes, she was at a low position and her words carried little weight.

She decided to uncover the truth.

“Grandfather, I’m no longer a kid, I’m an adult now. Please don’t forget that I own 50% of Sheng Ran’s shares. Now that the company is Sheng Yuan, I would at least still have 25%, wouldn’t I?”

When key interests were involved, Su Heng’s face froze while the fire in Su Jiankai’s eyes flared up as he wished to chase Su Wan out in that instant.

Twenty-five percent of Sheng Yuan’s share was a huge amount and he was well aware of that. How could he give them to Su Wan just like that?

In that moment, Su Jiankai had totally forgotten that if not for the amalgamation with Sheng Ran, Heng Yuan would have gone into bankruptcy and that the value of 50% of Sheng Ran’s shares far surpassed 25% of Sheng Yuan’s shares.

Su Jiankai’s face darkened instantly. He shouted fiercely, “Don’t you ever think about it! You’re a girl, why do you want so much shares?”

Su Wan didn’t expect Su Jiankai to ignore surface formality. She looked at her grandfather, seeking for help but her grandfather remained quiet. That moment, her heart was filled with coldness.

These were her relatives! The so-called brotherhood could simply be ignored in the face of interest. If her parents were to know about this, how sad would they be?

Su Wan closed her eyes, feeling a coldness in her heart. When she reopened them, they were filled with alienation, “Uncle, Su Yurou is a girl too. Don’t you plan to give her your property in future?”

“Yurou is different!”

Su Jiankai shot a glance at Su Wan and added very quickly, “Yurou has parents and a fiancé. We will help her manage the company but you are an orphaned girl. You won’t be able to manage with such shares!’

These words had undoubtedly frozen Su Wan’s heart completely…

She had once thought that her relatives were her strongest support but now, they were stabbing her in her heart, knife after knife. Su Wan could imagine the bleeding wounds.

The most fatal of all was the sight of Su Heng nodding, obviously agreeing with her elder uncle’s words.

Su Wan was speechless but she smiled bitterly. Was this why her grandfather had given up on her and had chosen her elder uncle’s family instead? Because she was an orphaned girl?

Seeing Su Wan and Su Jiankai almost getting into a quarrel, Su Heng quickly explained.

“Wan, your uncle is doing this for your sake. The business world is like a battlefield. People completely destroy one another. You are still young and do not know how deep the water is.”

Su Wan try to refrain herself from laughing but hearing this shameless theory, she couldn’t help but hold her stomach and laugh.

“Grandfather, I know that the business world is dangerous, but I didn’t expect my family to stab me in the back.”

Pride was still important to Su Jiankai. He was furious and with fierce look, pointed at Su Wan. “Su Wan! How could you say such words?”

Su Heng was speechless for a moment but persisted to convince Su Wan, “Wan, you have misunderstood us. Please give up on the company shares. Jing Yuan belongs to you and I can increase your credit card limit to five million dollars. It’s sufficient to last you your entire lifetime.”

The more Su Heng talked, the heavier Su Wan’s heart felt. Today, she finally realized her position in this family. Her grandfather who cared for her the most had abandoned her.

“Grandfather, you don’t have to be uncle’s persuasive talker. Jing Yuan was bought by my parents, so it’s mine. As for the five million dollars, I don’t wish to have it.”

Su Wan’s voice was not loud but was as cold as the ice beads that fell to the ground.

“However, Grandfather, Uncle, please listen carefully.”

Su Wan spat every word slowly and firmly with a frightening strength, “I’ll get back the shares that my parents left me and I will not compromise.”

Su Jiankai laughed. “You want to get your shares back? Huh, don’t say we’ve not agreed. According to the agreement, you can only take it back when you are married. However, Gu Zihang is already engaged to Yurou!”

Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh loudly. Her voice was firm and decisive. “Who says that I have to marry Gu Zihang?”

Su Hang was shocked. He disagreed with Su Wan. “Wan! Don’t act impulsively. Don’t make fun of your marriage…”

When she saw Su Heng’s worried face, Su Wan muttered wearily, “Grandfather, I wouldn’t have come to this point had you all not forced me to.”

If Su Heng was really worried about her, how could he bear to see her take this path?

This current situation had been materialized by her grandfather, elder uncle, Gu Zihang, and Su Yurou…

What had she done wrong?

Was her engagement with Gu Zihang or the loss of her parents that had become the reason for their attacks towards her?

“Well, go and find yourself a person to marry. Let’s see who you can find. Even if you can find someone, I’m sure he’ll hold you back.” Su Jiankai was pleased, “Not everyone is as outstanding as Zihang!”

He was very satisfied with this future son-in-law of his…

“Just wait and see!”

Su Wan didn’t want to see her uncle’s disgusting face and was afraid that she would be sad if she were to see her grandfather’s indifference. So, after speaking, she left!