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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 240 - Provoking One Who Should Remain Unprovoked

Chapter 240: Provoking One Who Should Remain Unprovoked

At the thought of her casual gesture morphing into her having to pay millions or even tens of millions of dollars, Su Yurou gulped and felt her heart falling into an ice cavern.

Her father had told her how they were in financial distress recently. Since the day Gu Zihang divorced her, she had been unable to lead a luxurious life, what more to fork out money so easily?

If she couldn’t get enough money, would Jiang Xuecheng want her hand?

Su Yurou did not doubt the extent Jiang Xuecheng would go to because he was indeed a man who could do such thing.

As she thought, the image of a bloody arm appeared in Su Yurou’s mind. Her slender body shook like a fallen leaf.

Such a horrifying scene immediately scared Su Yurou and she turned pale. She hugged her arms tightly and in her eyes were unconcealed fear.

What should she do? It was now Friday afternoon. Where could she get so much money before Sunday?

Should she look for Gu Zihang?

As the saying went, ‘a day together as husband and wife means endless devotion for the rest of your life’—surely Gu Zihang would not see her approach her tomb, would he?

Su Yurou bit her lips. She raised her head, still crying, trying to search for a bit of hope.

Because Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan had left and the auction was about to start, the crowd on the bottom deck had dispersed, leaving behind a few waiters.

In a trance, Su Yurou seemed to have seen the man she kept thinking about.

Gu Zihang was indeed here! He was at the railing by the corner!

Su Yurou stood up. She dashed toward him madly as she cried out, “Zihang, wait for me, Zihang!”

Because they was no one around, Gu Zihang did not walk away. He looked at Su Yurou from above with a cold look, just like Hell Shura.

“What right do you have to call me like this?”

Su Yurou staggered toward the railing. She knew Gu Zihang detested her but she had no choice. She had to live.

“Zihang, I beg you to save me. I know you can easily get that amount of money.”

Su Yurou hugged Gu Zihang’s legs tightly. Tears filled her beautiful eyes and she looked sad and humble, making the hearts of those who saw her soften.

“Zihang, we were once husband and wife and I loved you so much. You wouldn’t bear to see me in this state, would you?”

Unfortunately, Gu Zihang had seen a lot of Su Yurou’s current look. His handsome cheeks were covered by a thin layer of frost, especially when he heard the sentence ‘we were once husband and wife’.

Huh, husband and wife!

What a joke!

If Su Yurou had once treated him as her husband, why would she leave such a big stain on his life?

Gu Zihang was covered with a layer of haze. He stared at Su Yurou sarcastically and slowly bend down to hold her chin.

“Look at the way you look now, a clown. How can you be Wan’s match?”

The man’s merciless words entered Su Yurou’s ears and she stared at him blankly. It was as if her heart had been seized by a huge invisible hand. It hurt!

Her Zihang was a gentle person. How could he treat her like this?

Su Yurou’s eyes narrowed and she trembled vigorously. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at Gu Zihang.

“Get out!”

This was a decisive sentence. Gu Zihang broke Su Yurou’s grip on his legs and turned to leave without a single bit of wistfulness.

Su Yurou’s eyes were instantly filled with tears. She kept looking at the stern man’s back, and gloom and anger surged in her heart like a tide.

Her heart hurt so much, as if it had been slashed by a knife.

No, no, no, her Gu Zihang would not treat her like this. It must’ve been Su Wan who used dirty tactics to charm and confuse Gu Zihang.

At that moment, whatever ill treatment by Gu Zihang had turned directly into Su Yurou’s strong hatred and enmity towards Su Wan.

She couldn’t take this!

She was originally the elder young missy of Sheng Yuan Group who was the focus of attention of millions of people. She had led an easy and luxurious life but since Su Wan’s return, she had fallen from the cloud to the dust.

Su Yurou clenched her fists tightly. She dug her red finger nails into her palm and didn’t realize when the skin broke.

Now, Su Yurou’s eyes were not as gentle as water the way she would usually look. What was left was the hatred as sharp as a venomous snake!

She wanted Su Wan to be ruined and as good as dead!

Just when Su Yurou was spacing out, a greasy old voice suddenly sounded from behind.

“Ah, why are you on the ground, Ms. Su? Are your legs injured? Let me help you up…”

Before Su Yurou could raise her head to look at him, she felt wrinkled hands grabbing her shoulders and lifting her up.

Su Yurou turned around and saw a tall and huge man.

He was in his fifties. He was fat and his narrow eyes were fixed on the scene below Su Yurou’s V neckline.

Being stared at so directly, Su Yurou felt as if she was not wearing anything and was unable to escape.

Su Yurou trembled vigorously and controlled her urge to run away. She bowed slightly at the man.

“Thank…you, thank you Master Lei.”

Even when Su Yurou’s father, Su Jiankai, was at his prime time in Sheng Yuan, she dared not offend this powerful man.

Although Master Lei was in his fifties, he was indeed a person who was exceptionally vigorous in his work. In the past, he had been involved in underground gunfire business and various illegal things.

In recent years, although he had tried to clean up his background, he couldn’t get rid of his past.

Master Lei was bisexual and a sadist. In the past, countless of men and women had been tortured by him, including celebrities.

“Ms. Su, you seem to be afraid of me. I’m exceptionally gentle, what is there to be afraid of?”

Master Lei’s hand moved from Su Yurou’s shoulders and along her fair back before landing on her waist.

Master Lei’s voice was calm with a sense of teasing. It was like a venomous snake making its way into Su Yurou’s ears.

Su Yurou trembled. Her teeth chattered and she forced a gentle smile on her face.

“How could it be…I was simply feeling numb after sitting too long on the ground.”

Master Lei laughed softly and wrapped his arm around Su Yurou’s slender waist, “Really? Why don’t I give you a massage?”

Su Yurou took a step back. Instantly, Master Lei’s face showed obvious displeasure.

Su Yurou was really terrified. She lowered her hand and dared not look into Master Lei’s eyes as she muttered, “Master Lei, I have something else to do, so I’ll leave first. Goodbye, Master Lei…”

Master Lei sneered coldly behind Su Yurou.

“Ms. Su, aren’t you short of money? What if I say I can help you solve your problem? Should you have something to say?”

Su Yurou stopped immediately.