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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Putting The Blame On The Victim

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If it were the day before yesterday, she would not have been able to pay the fare, but today was completely different. Su Wan shook the purse in her hands. “Of course, don’t worry.”

Although Su Wan gave her word, the taxi driver dared not be careless. He took her on a fifteen-minute ride and immediately sent her back to the original place.

Su Wan did not mind minor things like this. She smilingly paid the fare and walked toward the building with the words of ‘Sheng Yuan Group’ atop.

Because of her previous encounter, Su Wan was extraordinarily careful now. She opened her eyes and ears alertly, afraid she would bump into him again.

When she arrived at the ground floor of Sheng Yuan’s office, she went to the washroom to tidy herself before walking to the front desk to declare her intention.

Su Wan smiled while informing politely, “Hi, I’d like to meet Mr. Su, the chairman. Could you please inform him?”

The lady at the front desk looked at Su Wan impatiently. Mr. Su would not usually accept visitors without an appointment.

This girl was either ignorant or had an ulterior motive. She was pretty. Huh, so some young girls nowadays use their looks to claim ties of kinship with someone of a higher social position, but why didn’t they consider the man’s age?

The lady at the front desk put on a fake smile. “He’s not in.”

How could it be?

Su Wan was puzzled. Looking at the lady’s look of disdain, she knew she had been misunderstood. So, she started explaining.

“I’m Mr. Su’s granddaughter. I have a purpose to look for him and am not here to swindle.”

“Who doesn’t know Mr. Su has two granddaughters. One is Miss Su Yurou, who always comes here, and the other is receiving treatment abroad. Miss, please use another excuse. Furthermore, you need to make an appointment before seeing Mr. Su.”

Why did these words sound familiar…?

Su Wan smiled bitterly. She took out her resident identity card from her purse and shoved to the lady at the front desk. “I’m Su Wan. This is my resident identity card.”

The lady at the front desk skimmed through Su Wan’s resident identity card but her attitude remained the same. “There are many fake identity cards nowadays.”

Su Wan was helpless. She took out her mobile phone and prayed that she could get through to her grandfather this time.

Just as Su Wan started keying in the number, the elevator door on her right opened and the elderly man with gray hair tucked tidily behind his ears who walked out of the elevator was Su Heng.

Su Wan’s eyes brightened. She quickly dashed forward and shouted clearly, “Grandfather!”

Su Heng looked up and was shocked. Then, very quickly, his face became stern. “Wan?! Why are you here? Do you know how worried we were the other day when you ran out just like that…?

The lady at the front desk saw the scene and the phone in her hand shook. God, that young lady was really Su Wan? Had she had offended her? Would she be fired?

However, Su Wan was too busy to pay attention to the lady at the front desk. She lowered her head after hearing what Su Heng had said.

After that, she looked Su Heng in the eye and with courage, requested, “Grandfather, I’ve something to tell you. Can we go to your office?”

He seldom saw Su Wan looking so serious. Su Heng had seen this granddaughter of his grow since she was young and understood clearly that if Su Wan insisted on something, no one could stop her.

Su Heng sighed. He shoved some documents to his secretary and gave some orders. Then, he waved at Su Wan and said, “Follow me.”

Su Wan caught up to Su Heng’s pace and entered the elevator with him.

The space in the elevator was not big but it was more than enough to fit Su Wan and Su Heng. Due to the incident the day before yesterday, there was a gap between Su Heng and Su Wan. Both were equally silent, waiting for the elevator to reach the twenty-fifth floor.

Before stepping into the chairman’s office, Su Wan saw a middle-aged man sitting on the couch, sipping a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

It was her elder uncle, Su Jiankai.

Su Wan’s heart sank. She had wanted to have a private talk with grandfather today but didn’t expect her elder uncle to be here.

When he heard the sound of footsteps, Su Jiankai looked up and saw Su Wan. He was taken aback. “Wan, why are you here?”

“Hi, Uncle…”

Su Wan nodded slightly and greeted him politely before entering the office. She would have the basic manners but hoped that uncle and his family would not be too extreme.

Su Jiankai looked at Su Wan and Su Heng suspiciously. He quickly placed the cup of Blue Mountain coffee on the table and stared at Su Heng.

“Father, did Wan come to talk about Gu Zihang?”

When Su Wan was about to explain, Su Jiankai looked at her coldly. The contempt in his eyes was obvious.

“Gu Zihang and Yurou love one another. You won’t interfere in this relationship, would you? They will be engaged next month, so why are you still being stubborn? Yurou is your older sister, do you want to be the third party?”

Su Wan’s face was pale. Never had she expected to be labeled as a woman who had come to pester them even before she could open her mouth to talk about serious matters.

Huh, so her uncle and his family knew about her engagement with Gu Zihang. It was because of the accident that they lacked a formal engagement party.

She had not expected that after three years, they had not become the witness but had instead put the blame on her while they were to be blamed!

Su Wan swallowed the explanation she was going to voice out. Anyway, she had not planned to give the couple her blessing.

“Uncle, in your eyes, Su Yurou took the opportunity to get in between me and Gu Zihang, so isn’t she the third party?”

Su Heng darted a glance at Su Wan and disapproved of her choice of words. “Wan, you are still someone younger, how could you call Yurou by her name…?”

Hit on his sore spot, Su Jiankai became furious. “You did not see Gu Zihang for three years while you were abroad. Isn’t it a break up? Your sis and Gu Zihang getting together is something normal.”

Su Wan laughed and didn’t want to be entangled in this topic anymore. Today, she came for something more important.

Su Wan looked at Su Hang, “Grandfather, could you please tell me why my parents’ Sheng Ran has been amalgamated with Uncle’s Heng Yuan all of a sudden? Why didn’t all of you discuss with me?”

The sudden mentioning of this caused a change in Su Heng and Su Jiankai’s looks, especially Su Jiankai, who faintly showed his nervousness but managed to hide it very quickly.

To prevent Su Heng from voicing out, Su Jiankai took the lead. “Wan, did you know that after you went abroad and after your parents died, Sheng Ran’s share prices dropped tremendously and the company was in a huge financial deficit? If not for the amalgamation with Heng Yuan, I’m afraid the name wouldn’t even appear in Jiuzhou anymore!”

How could Su Wan not catch Su Jiankai’s bad intentions? She was not that stupid to be deceived so easily.

Su Wan answered resolutely, “Impossible! I went to Dong Chen Country in May and my parents passed away in February. In February, the share price was indeed unstable, but under Grandfather’s and the Gu family’s help, its stability returned. How could the share price have fallen drastically again in May?”