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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Avoiding Creditors

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ouch, it hurts!

Su Wan massaged her head and subconsciously looked up. She saw sheets of paper all over, almost blurring her vision.

Among the sheets of paper, a near perfect handsome face appeared.

When Su Wan saw the face clearly, she was extremely terrified. Why was Jiang Xuecheng here? Why did she bump into him?

In that moment, Su Wan had almost forgotten that she was in S City’s most bustling business hub.

God, why did she have to meet with someone she feared? Compared to Lu Qingyu, she was more afraid to see this man, Jiang Xuecheng.

After all, Su Wan couldn’t forget what she had done to this man the previous night.

Su Wan smiled awkwardly and while Jiang Xuecheng looked at her coldly, she helped to pick up the paper on the ground.

Su Wan tidied the stack of paper and peeped at the one on the very top. She saw that it was a business agreement and the value had many zeroes in it. Such a huge amount would take one’s breath away.

Su Wan touched her hair and because she had a guilty conscience, she shoved the stack of paper to him while looking down. “I did not watch where I was going. I’m sorry I bumped into you. Here, I’ve picked these up for you.”

Jiang Xuecheng took the agreement from her. His eyebrows and eyes were so deep no one could guess what he was thinking. The sight of it sent Su Wan into a flurry of fear. She thought of taking her leave if he had nothing to say.

In the end, Jiang Xuecheng beat her to it and forced Su Wan’s words back into her mouth.

“I would rather have you explain to me about yesterday.”

Su Wan had thought about just laughing it off but the scene of her holding onto his most sensitive part tightly flashed through her mind. If she did not recall wrongly, she was sitting on his waist. The scene was embarrassing.

‘God, please take my life, how could that drunken woman be me?’

Jiang Xuecheng’s face turned even more indifferent when Su Wan remained silent. His sharp eyes were like the winter wind, almost freezing Su Wan.

The aura of this man was terrifying!

Just by standing still, he was like a king inspecting her boundaries, making one submit to him.

Su Wan’s face was unhappy. She lamented, “As you know, I was drunk last night and I was a first-time drinker. So…I’m sorry, Jiang Xuecheng. Could you please forgive me?”

“Forgive you?”

Jiang Xuecheng smirked. The emphasis of his last word sent Su Wan on tenterhooks. She was afraid Jiang Xuecheng that would laugh at her naivety.

The answer he gave was beyond her expectation. “Sure.”

His faint and cold voice was like the breeze in spring caressing her cheeks. Su Wan was so touched she felt like crying.

However, Su Wan, who was acting like she had received a general pardon, could only rejoice for less than two seconds before she heard Jiang Xuecheng say, “If you could be responsible for me, nothing is a problem.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was flat and totally unconcerned, as if discussing today’s weather with her, but the content had frightened Su Wan till she felt she was going to get a heart attack.

Be responsible for him?

She had only heard about women wanting men to be responsible, when had this turned the other way around?

A surge of emotions welled up in Su Wan. She held onto Jiang Xuecheng’s wrist and said, “Jiang Xuecheng, don’t go too far. I’ll admit it’s my fault, but it didn’t result in any bad consequences, did it? Can’t you give me a lighter punishment?”

Jiang Xuecheng grabbed Su Wan’s hand in return, his dark eyes staring at her, rendering her unable to look directly into his eyes. His icy cold breath that he alone possessed surrounded Su Wan’s body, making her feel very uncomfortable.

“Nothing bad happening has nothing to do with you, it was only because I have good self-control.”

Su Wan caught what he meant pretty quickly. Her face changed and she blushed.

It looked like this woman knew how to feel embarrassed and had not reached the extent of being hopeless.

Jiang Xuecheng let go of Su Wan’s hand, satisfied. His devilish voice rang in Su Wan’s ears.

“Since you are not willing to be responsible for me, I’ll reluctantly be responsible for you as I’ve seen your whole body.”

What did he mean when he said he would be responsible for her?

As Jiang Xuecheng’s scorching hot breath brushed Su Wan’s face, Su Wan shivered and sensed that this man was not joking.

At that crucial moment, the quick-witted Su Wan thought of an idea. She looked far away and happily waved her hand while shouting loudly, “Grandfather, I’m here!”

When he saw Su Wan smiling, Jiang Xuecheng turned around, puzzled.

Just then, Su Wan bolted away, hailed a taxi, and was out of Jiang Xuecheng’s sight.

Su Wan walked on the street and a headache came attacking her. Nobody would want to mess with a person like Jiang Xuecheng, no matter who.

The Jiang ancestors were involved in politics. With just one wave of his hand, his grandfather could send shivers down Jiuzhou’s politicians’ spines. When it came to his father’s generation, the Jiang family started setting foot in the business world, building the foundation for the current Di Chen Group.

However, the person who had brought Di Chen Group to its magnificent peak was Jiang Xuecheng.

This man was only twenty-seven years old but was a natural business king. He had led Di Chen in marching forward step-by-step despite being doubted by many, and had set a bar no one could surpass.

Now, the only thing that people would probably denounce was a weakness that could not even be considered one—he had never had a girlfriend for the past twenty-seven years. His secretaries were all men and the media regarded him as a man who disliked women.

However, this man wanted to be responsible for her!

If this news were to spread, the media of the entire Jiuzhou country would be surprised that this young master had taken a fancy to a woman.

When Jiang Xuecheng turned around, he sensed something wrong. When he turned his head again, the woman had run quickly like a fierce flood or savage beasts to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

Su Wan got onto the taxi and was panting. Then, she waved at Jiang Xuecheng in a show off manner from the car window. Jiang Xuecheng, on the other hand, took the agreement and quietly looked at Su Wan as she left. He did not chase after her.

Huh, she could run but he would be able to find her. He said he would be responsible for Su Wan and that would not change. Let this woman be happy for a while.

The minute Su Wan got up the car, she quickly informed the driver, “Could you please drive one round and drop me back here?”

The driver was speechless. He had been driving the taxi for many years and had not come across such a request from any of his passengers…

However, who wouldn’t want money? The driver smilingly stepped on the accelerator and asked, “Miss, are you avoiding someone?”

Su Wan wiped off the sweat on her forehead and replied, “You’re smart, I’m avoiding my creditor.”

She was indeed at fault but she did not do it on purpose. That man was too petty…

“Can you afford to pay the fare?”

When he heard the word creditor, the driver shot a glance at Su Wan. This girl was pretty and well-dressed.

However, one should not judge the book by its cover. If she was thinking to take a ride without paying, that would definitely not be possible!