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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 214 - Su Wan Was Innocently Blamed

Chapter 214: Su Wan Was Innocently Blamed

Su Yurou stared at the shut door pitifully with an empty and confused expression.

Bitterness crept into her eyes and at that instant, tears rolled down her cheeks.

In her blurred vision, Su Yurou seemed to have seen the man in black shirt still standing in front of her.

He looked down at her from above gracefully but his face was cold and hard as a rock. His sarcastic smile made Su Yurou extremely sad!

He even told her that she was not even one-tenth of Su Wan!

Intense jealousy rushed into Su Yurou’s eyes instantly. Her heart broke suddenly and she could only stare blankly.

Su Wan!

Suddenly, a fierce anger flashed through Su Yurou’s eyes and remained there, difficult to be rid of. Her pretty face was now filled with a treacherous air.

That b*tch Su Wan must have used dirty tricks to bewitch Gu Zihang into treating her like this.

That’s right, that must be it!

If not, why else would Gu Zihang have looked at Su Wan’s high school picture on the computer several days ago?

Su Wan had most probably slipped out to talk to Gu Zihang behind her back, hadn’t she?

Su Wan, that b*tch!

Su Yurou bit her lips tightly. Soon, there was a strong smell of rust on her lips but she didn’t feel it. Instead, she bit her lips harder.

She hated it, really hated it!

Su Yurou knew she had wronged Gu Zihang in many ways. So, when Gu Zihang said he wanted a divorce, she had not much resentment toward him. Instead, she shifted all her negative emotions towards Su Wan.

Gu Zihang’s behavior only made Su Yurou more jealous of Su Wan.

What right did Su Wan have to lead a smooth life. Since she had Jiang Xuecheng’s doting, why did Su Wan still cause Gu Zihang to divorce her?

Su Yurou’s nerves were tense. She pursed her lips and the hatred in her eyes could not be concealed.

Liu Jun, who was by the side, saw Su Yurou’s scowl and was frightened. He had never expected a beautiful girl like Su Yurou to have such a hostile expression.

“Yurou, I know you’re unhappy, but…”

Su Yurou turned around and a slap landed on Liu Jun’s face.

Su Yurou glared at Liu Jun fiercely. At the moment, when she saw the feminine man, she was not at all nostalgic but instead full of disgust.

“Didn’t I ask you to get out? What are you still doing here?”

As she spoke, she straightened her clothing and left, slamming the door as she went out.

She hailed a taxi to Yirenfang beauty salon. She took her cherry red Cayenne and drove back to the Gu residence immediately.

However, never had Su Yurou expected to be blocked by the security guard at the main entrance of the Gu residence.

“You can’t go in.”

Su Yurou was stunned. With Gu Zihang’s arrogant personality, how would he tell everyone about her messing around outside?

After all, this incident not only embarrassed her, it was a humiliation to Gu Zihang and even to the entire Gu family and Su family.

No matter how much Gu Zihang hated her, he would suppress this piece of news for the sake of the Gu family and his own reputation!

Su Yurou’s brows straightened and glared at the security guard angrily. “I’m the young madam of the Gu family. How dare you block me?”

The male security guard looked at Su Yurou in disdain and pushed her away.

“Young madam? I’m looking at a shrew now. Take a look at your Weibo. The rumors about you are spreading wide and fast, yet you still have the cheek to say you’re the young madam of the Gu family?”

Weibo? Rumors of her spreading wide and fast?

Su Yurou was taken aback. Then, there was indescribable gloominess on her face.

That instant, Su Yurou was utterly defeated. Finally, she understood that she and Gu Zihang had no room for retreat.

If the news of her messing around outside was not disseminated, Gu Zihang would not have divorced her immediately to protect his reputation.

If he did not plan to divorce her so quickly, Su Yurou would have had more opportunities to persuade Gu Zihang to not divorce her. Even if Gu Zihang did not want to forgive her, as long as she could bear his child, Gu Zihang would not be able to get rid of her in the future.

However, everything had been ruined now!

Suddenly, Su Yurou’s heart hurt. She took two steps backward painfully and pleaded to the security guard, “Please let me see Zihang. I have something to tell him…”

“Go, go, go, you’re not welcomed here!”

Su Yurou knew she couldn’t get anything done here. So, she finally drove her Cayenne back to her parents’ house.

Because Su Wan had taken back the ownership of Jing Yuan, Su Yurou’s parents were no longer living at Cloud Shadow Villa but had bought another house instead.

Out of Su Yurou’s expectation, before she entered, she heard her father, Su Jiankai, in a torrent of abuse about Gu Zihang’s intention to divorce her.

Su Yurou pursed her lips. She walked into the house with a look of guilt and shame, “Father, it’s my fault.”

Su Jiankai’s eyes swept across Su Yurou’s teary face and couldn’t bear to reprimand her.

“Yurou, you’ve indeed crossed the line this time but Zihang is too much! He threw the divorce agreement directly at me. I’m very angry!”

Su Yurou bit her lips tightly. Her emotions were very complicated at the moment.

She spoke angrily, “Zihang doesn’t actually wish to divorce me. Surely someone has instigated him to ask for a divorce! That’s right. It must be that b*tch Su Wan!”


Su Wan, who had been scolded by Su Yurou thousands of times, did not know what had happened to Su Yurou at the moment.

Today was Saturday. Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng had left S City early in the morning to A City to visit Su Wan’s grandparents.

Xie Changfeng and Lin Xuan were very happy when they saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng. They prepared two sumptuous meals for the little couple and invited them to stay back for a night at A City.

However, as Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng had to go to the airport the next afternoon, they had to decline the seniors’ invitation.

When Xie Changfeng and Lin Xuan heard that they had to leave, they felt reluctant. Su Wan had to promise to stay a few nights the next time they visited A City before the old folks would let them go.

When Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng returned to Fontainebleau, it was about nine at night.

Because Jiang Xuecheng was a clean freak, Su Wan let him take his shower first.

Su Wan sat in the living hall and swiped her phone when suddenly, ‘Today’s News’ popped up on the browser.

The headline read: ‘The Young Madam of Gu Group Suspected To Be Having a Secret Affair with Male Beautician. Feeling Angry, Master Gu Asked the Lawyer to Draft a Divorce Agreement!’