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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Endless Problems

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wan looked at Lu Qingyu alertly. She fastened her seat belt and said, “I’m going to Sheng Yuan Group’s head office.”

The purpose of her mentioning Sheng Yuan Group was to remind Lu Qingyu that she was Su Heng’s granddaughter and if he were to act rashly, he was asking for trouble. On the other hand, Su Wan indeed wanted to look for her grandfather to get a clear explanation.

However, Lu Qingyu’s focus was not on her words. He stared at Su Wan’s moving lips and his throat tightened.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes swept across the beautiful line of her chin, her snowy white neck, and her slender body wrapped by her fitting blouse.

Why was this woman so reserved? Lu Qingyu sighed. In the past, the women who got into his front seat were flirtatious and seductive. They would wear low cut blouses, trying to catch his attention.

Su Wan’s cousin sister, Su Yurou was one such example. She had an innocent face but behind one’s back…

During high school, Lu Qingyu’s friend had introduced him to a hidden bar and he had met Su Yurou there.

At that time, Su Yurou, who had a sweet and innocent appearance, wore a tight-fitting crop top and short skirt and was dancing a hot dance. She was totally different from her obedient temperament at school.

When Su Yurou saw Lu Qingyu, she was surprised and seductively bent over, showing her cleavage. Lu Qingyu naturally accepted the pretty woman’s invitation and that night, both of them developed a ‘story’.

That night, Su Yurou was courageous and wild. So, Lu Qingyu had taken some pictures of her to keep as souvenir.

Oh, of course, Su Yurou had no idea as she was asleep. These photographs were still saved in his computer hard disk.

He didn’t know why Gu Zihang would give up on Su Wan and take a fancy to Su Yurou. Su Yurou was a woman who would overstep the bounds. He was afraid that after marriage, Gu Zihang wouldn’t even know if she were to have an affair with someone else.

Lu Qingyu had gone far into thoughts and he was in a daze. He was obviously not listening to Su Wan.

Su Wan frowned and reminded him in a louder voice, “Master Lu, are you listening? I said I would like to go to Sheng Yuan Group’s head office.”

Lu Qingyu, who was immersed in the past memory, then turned and smilingly said, “Sit tight!”

Then, he started the car engine and with his hand held tightly on the steering wheel, he stepped on the accelerator.

As it started too fast, coupled with the condition of the hill, the Infiniti shook a little.

The swift and violent hill wind hit on Su Wan causing her hair to fly messily. Su Wan couldn’t open her eyes and her body swayed along with the car.

When she regained her senses, Su Wan held onto the seat tightly, afraid that she would be thrown out of the car!

Crazy guy! This was absurd!

If not for the stability of the Infiniti and if it had been another sports car of a lower quality, she was afraid that the car would’ve overturned and they would’ve both lost their lives!

Su Wan glared at Lu Qingyu angrily but he was focused on his driving and did not pay attention to Su Wan’s furious glare. He looked confident and happy, as if the steering wheel in his hands was his lifetime’s faith.

Judging from his adept control of the steering wheel, it was not his first time gambling with his life. He was treating the dangerous hill road like an F1 car racing track!

Just at that moment, they came to a dangerous corner but Lu Qingyu did not slow the car down. Instead, he turned the steering wheel and performed a dangerous cornering!

This kind of deadly speed made Su Wan’s heart shoot up her throat. Damn, she didn’t expect Lu Qingyu to be a person who would dare risk his life for fun.

If he had not controlled the steering wheel well at that corner, both of them would have fallen off from the hill!

The violent hill wind howled across from above, making Su Wan’s heart rise and fall intensely. She had not had crazy experience like this before. Su Wan slowly calmed herself down. She had gotten into the robber’s car, so what could she do?

When they were on the city streets, Su Wan realized this man was defying the law and regulations. He was showing off his skills in the bustling city, overtaking each car in front of him without caring about the traffic.

He was drifting at a crazy speed and did not obey the traffic rules.

If it were not for his strong family background, he would have been arrested.

After passing another set of traffic lights, Su Wan finally saw the tall building with the words ‘Sheng Yuan Group’ atop. She let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she was going to be free.

She was able to endure till now because of her good state of mind. If it had been other girls, they would have vomited in the car.

However, even though she was in a good state of mind, she didn’t want to remain in Lu Qingyu’s car for another second. Only masochists would be willing to play with their lives with him.

Before Su Wan could regain her balance, her body sharply jerked forward when Lu Qingyu stepped on the brake abruptly.

Su Wan knew that Lu Qingyu was making fun of her.

Lu Qingyu pulled the hand brake and turned his head toward Su Wan with interest. Su Wan had a calm look. Her face was still dewy and natural, not showing any discomfort.

In the past, he had brought some women along as he raced his car but could not enjoy it as they would shriek and beg him to stop before he could go beyond a few hundred meters. This woman’s response was too cool.

Su Wan supressed her anger and tidied her hair. She smiled coldly as she removed her seat belt. “Thank you, Master Lu, for driving me here free of charge. Could you please return me my purse?”

Upon hearing Su Wan’s request, Lu Qingyu raised his brows but gave her an irrelevant answer.

“Su Wan, you told me the other day that you’re afraid to sit in the front seat when the car is on a hill road, but it looks like you adapt pretty well.”

“You’re right, but it wasn’t an enjoyable ride for me and for your car.”

Lu Qingyu was definitely the type who had money but had nowhere to spend it on or was simply too bored. Any high-quality car would lose its performance if handled in such a manner.

“So what?” Lu Qingyu examined Su Wan with genuine interest in his amorous eyes. He smiled while he opened a box. He took out the purse from the box and shoved it to Su Wan. Then, he loftily exclaimed, “As long as I like it!”

This crazy opinionated guy…

Su Wan was delighted when she saw her purse. She paid no attention to Lu Qingyu’s conversation and took her purse.

Then, Su Wan opened the car door and walk out without even saying goodbye to Lu Qingyu.

This woman was ruthless! Lu Qingyu sighed in his heart while touching his jaw.

He was a young achiever and had been to many places, what kind of women had he not seen?

However, Su Wan was one who easily aroused his interest.

Human nature is mean. The more one does not spare a glance for him, the more he wanted to place her in his arms, to bully her, to hear her pleads, and to see her crawl under his feet.

To be out of Lu Qingyu’s sight, Su Wan rapidly cut through the dense crowd towards the tall building on the opposite.

Suddenly, Su Wan bumped into a solid chest.

“Can’t you see where you’re going?”

A cold magnetic voice of a man was heard. Every word was clear and pleasant to the ears, just like the sounds of nature.