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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Meeting Lu Qingyu Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Now, she felt sick whenever she saw Su Yurou’s soft and weak face. “Why are you following me?”

Su Yurou ignored Su Wan’s cold face. Her awkwardness from being disproved morphed into a grin.

“Don’t you want to go in and have a look?”

This was her room, so why was Su Yurou’s expression so strange?

She couldn’t guess what Su Yurou was up to. She shot her a glance and silently pushed the room door open.

What welcomed her was the sight of a red wallpaper that was irritating to the eyes. It was so different from her original sky blue colored decoration.

Su Wan’s vision shifted lower and she caught sight of a large, exquisite photo frame on top of the bed frame.

The photo in the frame displayed a couple hugging intimately and the couple was none other than Su Yurou and Gu Zihang!

Su Wan’s expression changed. She glared at Su Yurou and demanded, “Why is a photo of you and Gu Zihang in my room?”

Su Yurou was very satisfied with Su Wan’s expression. She grinned and got near to Su Wan’s ear as she twittered.

“Aww, Wan, I’ve forgotten to tell you. My first time with Zihang happened in this room, on this bed. Are you happy with this answer?”

Su Wan’s fingers trembled uncontrollably. She felt territorial. The thought of Gu Zihang and Su Yurou doing that horrible thing in her room made Su Wan feel like throwing up!

Su Wan forced herself to keep calm and to control her urge to throw this woman down the staircase.

“My parents bought Jing Yuan. Su Yurou, how could you snatch my room and stay here?”

Even if Su Yurou was staying here temporarily, there were many guest rooms in Jing Yuan, so why did Su Yurou pick her room?

Su Yurou smiled with her hand covering her mouth, as if she had heard something beyond comprehension.

“Why not? Your room has the best lighting and ventilation. Grandfather is the current owner of Jing Yuan and he’s allowed me to stay. Actually, our whole family is staying here now! Wan, you don’t have a reason to question me!”

Su Yurou’s laughter became more charming as she saw Su Wan’s face darken.

“Haha, Wan, I know you’re jealous of me for having a perfect man like Zihang. I’ll be Zihang’s wife and you’re only a pitiful ex!”

Jealous of you?

The moment she knew Gu Zihang and Su Yurou did that horrible thing in her room, the thought of them made Su Wan nauseous and her previous reluctance to let Gu Zihang go had disappeared.

“Excuse me.”

Su Wan smiled coldly and walked pass Su Yurou. The sound of Su Yurou’s sweet voice kept ringing in her ears. Su Wan was afraid she would throw her down the stairs uncontrollably.

It looked like she should go straight to the office to look for her grandfather!

Jing Yuan was the property her parent had bought and she had lived here for eighteen years. The sentimental attachment had been deeply carved in her bones. She didn’t want this place to be conquered by the white lotus and her family.

On the other hand, Su Yurou and her mother, Shen Wei, saw Su Wan leaving. They thought that they had won the battle and their faces lit up with happiness.

Stepping out of the vintage wrought iron gate, Su Wan couldn’t restrain herself from taking a look at the words ‘Jing Yuan’ atop the mansion.

Su Wan held her palms tightly together. Be it the inheritance of Sheng Ran or Jing Yuan, both were her mementos. She wouldn’t allow Su Yurou to take them away from her!

Laden with anxiety, Su Wan walked down the hill slowly. Suddenly, a sapphire blue Infiniti drove past her.

The car looked familiar…

Ah, wasn’t this Lu Qingyu’s car? Could it be that someone else in Cloud Shadow Villa owned the same car in the exact same color?

Lu Qingyu was known for waking up late. During high school, he had been criticized by the assistant principal in public.

Su Wan admired the strict assistant principal but unfortunately, due to Lu Qingyu’s father’s position as the chairman of the school, the assistant principal had been dismissed very quickly. They had given a random reason for his dismissal.

It was only a little past eight in the morning then, so the sentimental guy was probably still in some girl’s room.

Su Wan thought as she walked. Never had she expected the sapphire blue Infiniti to turn around and appear in front of her.

Su Wan was shocked. Then, she saw the car window being lowered. “Hi Su Wan, I haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

Looking at the charming and devilish handsome face, Su Wan could only sigh at her bad luck for meeting him again.

She touched the edge of her forehead. Then, she saw some love bites on his neck. It looked like he had a fun night before he returned…

“Master Lu, I’ve not heard such an inferior conversation starter. If I remember correctly, hadn’t we just met the day before yesterday?”

Lu Qingyu was in a good mood and paid no attention to Su Wan’s sarcasm. He got down from the car and his thin lips curved into an alluring smirk.

“A single day apart from a beautiful lady seems like three years to me.”

After the encounter with Su Yurou and her mother, Su Wan was not in good mood. So, Lu Qingyu’s flirtatious words only increased her loathing.

“Master Lu, if you want to pursue a girl, just stretch your hand out and there will be a big bunch. Don’t waste your time on me.”

Lu Qingyu narrowed his amorous eyes and started to complain.

“Su Wan, you’ve hurt my heart. If you are jealous of the girls who like me, just tell me directly. Or perhaps you have not let go of Gu Zihang?”

Su Wan didn’t want to waste her time on a man who was narcissistic and fickle in love.

“I’m sorry, Master Lu, I’ve something on. Please don’t be in my way.”

Lu Qingyu got back into his car. Su Wan thought that he had finally come around and let out a sigh of relief. She was about to stay far away from Lu Qingyu.

However, the man stretched his hand out and dragged Su Wan into the front seat!

Su Wan was alarmed and angry at the same time. She was now in dire straits. Her parents who had been protecting her were no longer around and she had lost her fiancé, but Lu Qingyu was being such a bully. Who did he take Su Wan for?


Su Wan glared at Lu Qingyu furiously. Just as she was about to get down from the car, Lu Qingyu’s voice came floating to her ears.

“Don’t you want your purse? Don’t you want your resident identity card? It would be difficult to apply for a replacement.”

Lu Qingyu was calm and unhurried while he said that. Su Wan’s legs froze and couldn’t move.

So, she didn’t drop her purse on the road the other day, but had done so in Lu Qingyu’s car instead.

Su Wan’s face darkened. As she had a favor to ask for, she forced a smile. “Please return my purse and resident identity card. Thank you.”

Lu Qingyu whistled as he saw Su Wan get back into the car. “No rush, didn’t you say you have something on? Where do you want to go? I’ll send you there and when we arrive, I’ll pass them back to you.”

Was it that simple?

Su Wan shot Lu Qingyu a glance and she had a feeling this smiling fox did not have good intentions.