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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 194 - Although It Was The Same Face

Chapter 194: Although It Was The Same Face

From its name, one would know A Dream of Yearning was a romance movie. So, when Su Wan entered the hall of the cinema, she found that those who had come to watch this movie were mostly young couples.

After the lights dimmed, the screen in front lit up gradually.

When the male lead, Zheng Feng, appeared, the whole cinema seemed to have lit up. Su Wan heard the little girls beside her squealing with their mouths covered as they didn’t dare scream too loudly.

Su Wan recalled how Li Shan, the director of Nirvana of Phoenix, had approached her and asked if she was interested in becoming an actress during Beitong’s celebration banquet.

If she had really chosen to go into showbiz, would a group of people scream when they saw her in the future?

Su Wan nudged Jiang Xuecheng’s arms and with a tone as if thinking about life, she asked, “Xuecheng, when I declined director Li Shan’s offer during Beitong’s celebration banquet, did I miss a good opportunity to get to the top of my life?”

Jiang Xuecheng smilingly stretched out his arm and wrapped it around Su Wan’s shoulders as his fingers felt the touch of Su Wan’s beautiful hair.

“Don’t even think about it.”

The entertainment industry was a place people could easily be negatively influenced and get lost in. He was afraid that Su Wan would enter good but come out as a different person.

Su Wan wrinkled her nose. “I just said it casually.”

After their banter, they finally turned their focus on the movie.

Zheng Feng’s acting was indeed good and there was a special melancholy in his eyes, making one wish to brush away the sorrow between his eyebrows.

After ten minutes, Su Wan felt that the scriptwriter’s idea was strange.

The male lead was an owner of an antique shop. He bought an old silver ring by chance and if he were to wear it at night, he would travel to an ancient era without historical records.

The woman whom the male lead loved would only appear in his dreams. She was the daughter of the prime minister in that dynasty. As the future wife of the crowned prince, she had fallen in love with the hero of the story.

No wonder this movie was called A Dream of Yearning. Su Wan still remembered the caption on the poster: ‘I will always dream of you…’

As A Dream of Yearning was a romance movie, there were naturally intimate scenes.

Moreover, this movie used the scene of a mountain closed by snow where both the female lead and the male lead were trapped in the cave of the mountain. To save the male lead, the female lead had to use her body to keep him warm.

Su Wan’s lips trembled a little and looked down immediately.

Jiang Xuecheng saw her bashful look and came nearer to her ear intentionally. “You’re not an elementary school student, you don’t have to be so nervous, do you?”

When Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng’s ridicule, she turned to her side and just as she was about to say something, she saw Jiang Xuecheng pointing to the front.

What surprised Su Wan was a couple kissing. Both of them looked young and were still in their school uniforms. They were most probably high school students.

Children nowadays were bold. This was the cinema!

Su Wan sighed in her heart. The plot in the movie had gradually developed to the later stage of the story. Su Wan stared at the screen attentively and had no mood to chat with Jiang Xuecheng.

After going through life and death, the man and the woman became more and more attached to each other and kindred in spirit.

Seeing that the female lead’s marriage to the crown prince was approaching, the male lead finally decided to elope with her.

When both of them ran in the middle of the night, the servant of the female lead found out that they had run away. After the elopement was exposed, the prime minister was extremely angry and he sent his troops to chase after them.

The male and female lead were forced to the edge of a cliff. Behind them, countless soldiers had caught up and covetously looked at them.

When the audience saw this scene, their heart raced. They wanted to know how the story would develop and whether the male and female lead could be saved.

In the end, the male lead awoke in the midst of his dream!

He tried to enter his dream once more but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t enter his dream!

Su Wan’s eyelids shook. She heard some girls around her talking, saying that they wished they could save the female lead on behalf of the male lead. However, the male lead could not enter his dreams for the next ten days.

Half a month passed and when the male lead finally re-entered his dream, he was shocked to hear that the female lead had committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.

The wind on the cliff was rustling while the torrent under the cliff was surging.

After the prime minister sent his men to investigate, nothing could be found. For the female lead was a sinner and her body couldn’t be found, only a nameless monument was built for her.

Many girls in the front row cried, and with tears in their eyes, scolded the scriptwriter for being so cruel.

Su Wan did not cry as easily as the girls in the cinema. She felt the male and female lead were not likely to be together from the beginning as they were both from different worlds. The female lead was the daughter of the prime minister and the future wife of the crowned prince. She couldn’t do as she pleased.

The male lead searched for the female lead for half a year and finally confirmed that she had really died.

When he returned to the real world, the male lead buried the old silver ring in despair and from then on, he became an ordinary man and continued running his antique shop.

One afternoon, just when the male lead was about to close his shop, a woman entered. At that moment, the male lead saw her face and it was exactly the same as the female lead’s.

The male lead was so excited that he couldn’t control himself. Tears appeared in his eyes but that woman merely looked at him hesitantly as she smiled and asked, “Have we met?”

Just when everyone thought the scriptwriter would explain the woman’s identity, the movie ended, leaving endless space for imagination.

Some sobbed while others sighed.

After watching the movie, it was almost nine at night. Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng got up their car and headed straight back to Fontainebleau.

Su Wan sat on the couch and was still immersed in the movie plot, unable to extricate herself from it.

She looked at Jiang Xuecheng who was beside her. This man’s face was cold and obviously did not immerse himself into the movie.

Su Wan sighed and decided to ask Jiang Xuecheng a question. “Xuecheng, do you think it would be a good ending if the male lead and the woman who walked into his shop ended up together?

Even if they looked alike, was she really the woman he loved…?

Jiang Xuecheng turned around. The bright light that fell in his dark eyes were faint, enchanting people who looked at them.

“It can be considered. The woman and the prime minister’s daughter might be the same person. One was her past life and the other her present life.”

Su Wan’s brows trembled slightly. She looked a little spaced out, obviously unable to let go.

If it were really the past and present lives, why would a reincarnated person bear feelings of the past when he or she does not have the complicated memories of the previous life?

Jiang Xuecheng rubbed Su Wan’s head and teased her. “This is only a fictional movie, why are you so serious?”

Su Wan stared blankly as she nodded. She still felt uncomfortable with the ending of the movie.

Looking at Su Wan’s uneasiness, Jiang Xuecheng peeled a grape and sent it to Su Wan’s mouth.

Su Wan was still immersed in her thoughts. She opened her mouth and as a result, accidentally kissed Jiang Xuecheng’s fingers.

Sensing what she had done, Su Wan’s cheeks became burning hot!