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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 174 - Get Out!

Chapter 174: Get Out!

Lin Fei’er brushed Li Peng’s hand away. She forced herself to control her desire to cry and firmly withdrew her hands from Li Peng.

“You don’t have to say more. It’s useless to speak further.”

Li Peng was alarmed and panicky. He shook his head again in disbelief and stretched his hand wanting to touch Lin Fei’er’s face.

Lin Fei’er turned to her side to dodge from Li Peng’s touch.

Li Peng’s hand froze in mid-air. His lips moved and there was an unprecedented fear in his heart.

He knew clearly at that moment he was going to lose Lin Fei’er.

However, Li Peng couldn’t take it. His tears fell onto Lin Fei’er’s hand. He lowered his head to kiss the tears on Lin Fei’er’s hand. His genuine gesture was like a devotee.

“Fei’er, I know, I know you love me, right? You love me…”

His eyes were blank and felt his heart had a hundred holes and a thousand scars, as if bitten by ants.

Lin Fei’er looked at Li Peng who had lay down on her like a panicky child. His slightly wet eyes were complicated.

She pursed her lips and her tone of voice was cold and harsh. Her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Compared to loving you, I hate you more now. Li Peng, we can’t continue like before. You’re the one who chose Yang Xiaobing and caused this result.”

Li Peng shook his head quickly. His body kept trembling and there was longing and sadness in his eyes.

“I really did not choose Yang Xiaobing! Fei’er, it’s okay for you to hate me. We’ll be better in the future. Fei’er, please don’t leave me.”

Lin Fei’er forced herself to look away. She closed her eyes and forced her tears back.

“Li Peng, please go. I don’t wish to see you anymore. That’s all we have to talk about. If you’re unwilling to divorce me, I’ll ask my lawyer to take legal action. You know best what the court will decide as you derailed first.”

Back when they were together, they had not thought their ending would be this cruel and helpless.

Li Peng wanted to continue convincing Lin Fei’er but hearing her cold and harsh tone, he knew he couldn’t change her mind.

They were husband and wife and he had not expected them to go to court one day.

Li Peng’s lips trembled, as if trying to say something. Su Wan saw that Lin Fei’er was tired and immediately stared at Li Peng coldly.

“Fei’er has said it clearly. Do you still want to hold her back? Senior Li, please leave. Fei’er is now a patient and she needs to rest.”

It turned out that he had lost his right to watch over Lin Fei’er.

Li Peng turned around feeling extremely uneasy. His distressed look was like a homeless dog’s.

That’s right, wasn’t he a homeless dog?

Lin Fei’er didn’t want him anymore and she said she hated him and wanted to divorce.

Li Peng took a deep breath and just when he was about to go out of the ward, Su Wan frowned and reminded him.

“Take your things away.”

Stupefied, Li Peng turned around. He carried the pure white lilies from the floor. Su Wan then added, “Take the thermal food jar out too.”

Li Peng looked at the thermal food jar and explained, “This is not mine. This is from Xiaobing. She boiled some black chicken soup the entire morning to provide Fei’er’s body with some nourishment after her miscarriage.”

This sentence made Lin Fei’er’s face turn ghastly pale. She was like the remnant lotus which had been hit by the rain, full of gloom.

Su Wan had not thought Li Peng would say such words to hurt Lin Fei’er before he left. With heartache, she glanced at Lin Fei’er’s pale face.

She coldly darted a look at Li Peng and her eyes were as sharp as a cold knife, “Bring Yang Xiaobing’s things out of this place! Don’t dirty Fei’er’s place!”

Li Peng realized what he had just unintentionally said had hurt Lin Fei’er so much.

“Sorry, Fei’er, I didn’t say it intentionally. Xiaobing was just being kind…”

He wanted to explain but what he said was like a knife stabbing into Lin Fei’er’s heart, making Lin Fei’er feel worse.

Lin Fei’er looked steadily at Li Peng in disappointment.

It turned out that this man whom she had once loved, undoubtedly knowing she had just lost her child and could never be a mother, was insensitive enough to mention her scar!

Moreover, Li Peng knew she now detested Yang Xiaobing but what he said proved his love and protection toward Yang Xiaobing.

Lin Fei’er looked down and when she looked at Li Peng again, there was something in her eyes which was completely broken.

Her lips curved up slightly and she had not heard such cold voice from herself before.

“Get out!”

Only because she had once loved could she be completely disappointed. Now, only hatred was left.

Li Peng raised his head and couldn’t believe what he had heard. That moment, it was as if he heard the entire sky falling down!

Even when Lin Fei’er asked for a divorce just a while ago, she did not use that look of disgust to look at him!

The light in Li Peng’s eyes changed and his whole body shook. He almost couldn’t support his own weight.

The guilt in him got the upper hand and he firmly believed Lin Fei’er loved him. He felt Lin Fei’er was now angry and after about two days, Lin Fei’er would change her mind if he were to coax her again.

Moreover, didn’t Lin Fei’er’s parents support them to continue to be together?

Lin Fei’er was a filial girl. She wouldn’t defy her parents, would she?

With unrealistic expectations and heavy feet, Li Peng walked out of the ward.

Yang Xiaobing, who had been sitting on the long chair, heard the sound of door opening and raised her head immediately.

Her attention was very sharp. When she saw Li Peng’s decadent look as well as the untouched bouquet of flowers and thermal food jar, she knew Li Peng and Lin Fei’er parted in discord.

Yang Xiaobing pretended she didn’t know anything. She blinked innocently.

“Brother Peng, you’re out? How’s Sis Fei’er? She must be happy to see you?”

Li Peng glanced at Yang Xiaobing who cared for him and warmth arose in his heart but very quickly, he shook his head.

“Fei’er still refused to forgive me. She even said…” Li Peng paused and intense distress appeared between his brows, “she wants a divorce…”

That woman had asked for a divorce!

Yang Xiaobing was surprised and happy. She had initially thought Lin Fei’er would cling to Li Peng obstinately but never had she thought that she would decide to let go!

Although Yang Xiaobing was overjoyed, she only showed a consoling smile, “Brother Peng, Sis Fei’er spoke out of anger. It’ll be better in a day or two.”

Li Peng nodded. When he thought of Lin Fei’er’s resolute look, he couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Was Fei’er really speaking out of anger?