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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 166 - The Shocking Bad News

Chapter 166: The Shocking Bad News

What Su Wan had just revealed was a big blow to Mrs. Lin!

Mrs. Lin’s body shook. If not for the sharp eyed and agile Mr. Lin who caught hold of her, she would have collapsed to the ground!

Never had she thought that the good son-in-law, who had just called her ‘mother’ and promised her he would treat Fei’er well, would be such a shameless man!

Mrs. Lin’s body was trembling and unstable. She kept looking at Li Peng. Although she was gasping for air, a trace of hope still remained on her face.

“Son-in-law, tell me, was what Wan said just now true?”

Mrs. Lin’s voice was anxious and filled with disbelief.

Suddenly, Li Peng dared not look into her eyes. He shut his eyes and tears fell on his handsome face.

As a chauvinistic man, he had always thought crying was the most useless behavior but facing Mrs. Lin’s earnest look, he was in tears.

“Mother, I’ve done Fei’er and your whole family wrong.”

Li Peng’s apology had indirectly confirmed Su Wan’s earlier words. Mrs. Lin choked and felt her heart was cut by a blunt knife once again.

“Don’t call me mother! You don’t deserve it!”

Mrs. Lin’s wrinkled eyes were overflowing with tears. She pointed at Li Peng unsteadily. After uttering that sentence, she felt as if she had lost all her strength.

Mr. Lin glared at Li Peng coldly and his eyes were ruthless.

“We handed our daughter to you because we trusted you but you, look what you’ve done!”

Li Peng shut his eyes painfully. After a bitter laugh, he silently accepted Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s reprimanding.

On the other hand, although Li Peng’s parents couldn’t bear watching their son being scolded, they could only remain silent and sigh in such circumstances. They did not know what else to say.

Li Peng’s parents had never thought their son would mess with Yang Xiaobing and make her pregnant!

Now, Lin Fei’er was still lying in the operating theater, uncertain of her life because of Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing. How could Mr. and Mrs. Lin not be angry?

Yang Xiaobing who was silent all this while couldn’t bear to see Li Peng suffer. She stood up with her sad face and eyes full of tears.

“Uncle, Aunty, please don’t scold Brother Peng. It’s my fault. If you wish to scold someone, just scold me.”

The wait was painful and unbearable. At the sight of the weak and aggrieved Yang Xiaobing, Mr. and Mrs. Lin were even angrier.

They thought of their poor daughter, unsure of her condition. Mr. Lin raised his hand high and wanted to give this shameless girl a slap.

However, just before Mr. Lin’s hand could land on her cheek, Li Peng stood in front of Yang Xiaobing and blocked the slap. He had almost caused Mr. and Mrs. Lin to fume with rage!

Just when the atmosphere outside the operating theater was in a state of tension, the red light of the operating theater flicked off. Everyone’s heart skipped a beat and they stopped arguing.

When they saw the doctor in a white coat coming out, they left their seats and crowded around the doctor.

“Doctor, how’s my daughter?”

“Doctor, is the patient out of danger?”

As an emergency doctor, he was obviously used to such scene. He raised his hands, signaling for everyone to keep quiet. Then, he pulled off his surgical mask, revealing his tired face.

“Please keep calm. Who is Lin Fei’er’s family?”

Just when Mr. and Mrs. Lin wanted to claim that they were Lin Fei’er’s parents, Li Peng beat them to it with surge of emotions.

“I’m Lin Fei’er’s husband.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lin darted Li Peng a glance. Although they knew Li Peng’s current anxiousness was genuine, they were still unhappy.

A sign of relief and compassion flashed through the doctor’s eyes. He looked around at each man and woman who were present and thought Lin Fei’er’s family would most probably all be here today.

“Although the patient is not conscious now, she is out of danger. As her injury is serious, she might be unconscious for three to four days.”

Upon hearing what the doctor said, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Only Yang Xiaobing clenched her fists tightly, her beautiful eyes dark and unpredictable.

When Su Wan saw the sympathy on the doctor’s face, her heart skipped and couldn’t help asking, “Doctor, are there other problems you have not informed us of…”

With a heavy heart, the doctor nodded. His brows knitted slightly and he sighed. “There’s bad news and I hope you can keep calm.”

Mrs. Lin gaped and felt darkness befalling and the sky falling.

“What bad news? How’s my daughter’s injury?”

Li Peng’s mind kept running and there was a bitter smile on his face. He probed, “Is Fei’er’s baby not saved?”

It was such a serious car accident. When he ran to Lin Fei’er’s side, he saw blood on her calves. The probability of her child being saved was quite small…

Hence, Li Peng was mentally prepared for the baby not to be saved. Compared to the baby, Lin Fei’er was more important.

He and Lin Fei’er were still young. As long as Lin Fei’er could forgive him, both of them could have many more adorable children.

“What? Fei’er is pregnant?”

Hearing what Li Peng said, both Mr. and Mrs. Lin were shocked. They did not know that Lin Fei’er had come for a pregnancy test today!

The doctor did not know the grudges among the patient’s family members. He looked pitifully at Mr. and Mrs. Lin and then patted Li Peng’s shoulders gently.

“I’m sorry, we have tried our best to save the patient. Unfortunately, the child could not be saved and there has been injury to the patient’s uterus. I’m afraid it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again in the future…”

The doctor’s words were like a lightning bolt hitting on the head of everyone there!

Su Wan’s handbag dropped to the ground. Her mind exploded like a bomb.

Mrs. Lin looked around helplessly and a flood of tears gushed down her cheeks. She absentmindedly repeated, “Impossible, how could it be so? My daughter is still so young, how could she not be able to bear a child in the future…”

Li Peng stared blankly too. He sat down lifelessly.

He had thought for a long time just now and decided that it was okay if the child could not be saved. The important thing now was to coax Lin Fei’er to forgive him and to accept him again as he truly loved Lin Fei’er. Both of them would have children in the future…

But now…

The atmosphere outside the operating theater was miserable. Only Yang Xiaobing was secretly covering her mouth, afraid that she would laugh out loud.

The heavens were helping her indeed!

Lin Fei’er’s child was gone and she could never bear another one in the future!